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BRUTALITY REIGNS FEST(SEVARED RECS)  - Animals Killing People,Visceral Disgorge,Abnormailty,Pig Rectum….) 350Kc

CATHEDRAL“Our God has landed“Earache DVD collection with all promo clips and  live set from 1992!!450Kc

CRIPPLE BASTARDS“Blackmails and assholism“killer double DVD collection of italián grindcoree!!!450Kc

CULT OF LUNA“Fire was born“promo videos, interview + live session from London!!450Kc

DEEDS OF FLESH“Live in Montreal“killier life DVD of one the best death metal from USA!!!400Kc

DEICIDE“When London Burns“old skull satanic death metal with killer DVD from London gig!!!Earache recs DVD!!350Kc

DEVOURMENT“DVD 2,5“new  edition of  sekond DVD + bonus two performances from NY and Central Illinois Metalfest“ killer  production , Comatose repase!!350Kc

DEVOURMENT“DVD 2“ killer new DVD of this most sickest band from USA!!KIller production!!!400Kc

DEVOURMENT“Official DVD“ for fans of this extreme band is here DVD!!!!!!400Kc

ENEMY SOIL“Smashes the state live“killer  grind power violence with live  sessions and live from studio!!350Kc

FUCK…I´M DEAD“gore grind trash attack live“killer double DVD of aussie gore grinders on NO ESCAPE recs!!300Kc

GIANTS OF GRIND(Birdflesh,Bathtub Shitter,Mindflair,Entrails Massacre,Skrupel,FUBAR,Autoritar,Sanitys Dan,Hellblazer,Bizarre X,vynese..“killer fast core/grind!300Kc

GIANTS OF GRIND II(Antigama,Mesrine,Suppository,Jigsore Terror,Fubar,Dysmorfic…) killer fast/HC grindcore comp DVD!!300Kc

HATE ETERNAL“The Perilous Figur“killer DVD of this cult death metal with 5 videoclips and super live  from London!!EARACHE!!!450Kc

IMPETIGO“Defilling the Stage“cult grind core  band with last live session!!350Kc

INHUMATE“AT war with..“killer grindcore from France on DVD with extrém show!280songs!!!!400Kc

LE SCRAWL“Full Fronta Nudity“killer grind experimental from German on Morbic recs!!350Kc

LIVIDITY/WACO JESUS split live DVD from Germany!!killer release!!Morbid recs!!450Kc

NAPALM DEATH“The DVD“promo clips, + 3xlive!!!Killer releases with 6clips and more live!!!!500Kc

OBSCENE EXTREME 2003(comp DVD with Ahumado,Dead Inf.,FUBAR,Ingrowing,Meatknife,NCC,Neurophatia,Fleshless….!!).350Kc

OBSCENE  EXTREME 2004(Rompeprop,Birdflesh,Pigsty,General Surgery……) DVD 350Kc

OBSCENE EXTREME 2005(Blood Duste,Ingrowing,Pathologicum,RGTE,Haemorrhage,Dead,Avulsed,Collision,Leng Tche,Kronos,Caedere,Disfear…“killer double DVD 350Kc

PUTRID PILE“Live at Obscene Extreme“ killer  live  session of  this US brutal band!!350Kc

ROTTEN SOUND“Murderlive“killer live session of  this cult  finnish grind core attack!!400Kc

SKINLESS“Skinflick“new DVD of this cult death/grinders on Relapse!!Clips and live!!!!400Kc

The BERZERKER“The Principleas of practicles..“over 4 hours of extreeme footage of this aussie hyper speed grindcore!!Earache recs!!!!400Kc

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN“Miss Machina DVD“ killer band on Relapse DVD titul!!400Kc

UNDINISM“Live at the Green room 01.05.04“killer DVD  DUMBshow of this Australan grindcore  band!!!!200Kc











HELLYUM“Fantaziare“killer undimensional death metal of PIGSTY, Hypnos, Melancholly Pessimism members on digipack!!250Kc/10euro

GRUNT“Codex Bizarre“new  full  album of portuguese sick perverse gore grind with new sound !!SICK250Kč/10euro

BUTCHER MD“Traces of Blood“new band of Erwin of LDOH/KOTS/SMES project – sick gore ala LDOH 250Kč/10euro

LYMPHATIC PHLEGM/SMES split CD – killer gore grind vs cyber  gore , old BLP repressed release!!SIckos are back!!! 250Kč/10euro

CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION“Death to Pigs“killer japanese buldozer gore grind commando with last full LP on CD version!!!!250Kč/10euro

GUTALAX“Sticking Collection“collection of all unreleasesd, splits and live set sof CZ tupa gore grinders as full CD!!250Kč/10euro

2 MINUTA DREKA“Porno Bizarro“ultra sick italian gore grind legend with new  full CD in the vein of Impetigo!!Full album CD!!250Kč/10euro

KOTS“Stitched up the splits“kilem compilation of all demos, unreleased songs and split materials of dutch cyber gore grinders““Full lenght CD!!250Kč/10euro

HAEMORRHAGIC DIARRHOEA“Disallowed Sensation“polish gore grind bombarders with new full lenght CD!!250Kč/10euro

PTAO“Ptaoism“CZ old school grind/noise masters with new full album!!!! _Noise fans – buy or die!!!! 250kč/10euro

MINDFUL OF PRIPYAT“…and deeper, i will drown in doom“killer italian fast grind core in the vein of sweden RGTE,NASUM…250Kč/10euro

BLOOD/IMPETIGO split CD – cult split EP on CD version with bonuses , classis grind core from 1990 years…250Kč/10euro

ENEMA SHOWER“She asked for it“buldozering extreme porno gore grind from Slovakia in the vein of Sperm of Mankind, CBT…..250Kč/10euro

SMOTHERED BOWELS“Thorax Driller“killer  russian extreme gore grind with slam elements!!SIck!!250Kč/10euro

ANALKHOLIC“After Party – Shit stinks“killer gore  death massacre with slam parts from New Caledonia!!! SICK!!!250Kc/10euro

VILE DISGUST“Love all the Pigs“killer hungarian slamming gore grind ala CBT with first full CD!! CD250Kc/10euro

SLUP“Dramotorgie“killer new CZ tupa tupa gore grind band with sekond full killer CD!!!GOREEEEEEE!!!250Kc

FLESH DISGORGED“A Pulchritudious Macabre“killer Singapure slam gore  death metal , full CD!!!250Kc

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL“Larvas“ killer new full CD of portuguese death/grinders with collection of new songs and bonus  sonsgs!!CD250Kc/10euro

DESTRUCTIVE EXPLOSION OF ANAL GARLAND“Tour de Anal“CZ bulldozer gore grind with new  killer tracks!! CD250Kc/10euro

FECALIZER“Zombie Mankind Extermination“killer mexican horror gore grind core with new tracks CD250Kc/10euro

JIG-AI“Rising Sun Carnage“killer extréme buldozer gore grind with new 22 trax!! CD vision = 10euro, DIGIPACK = 12EURO

HIGH PURITY“Z euforie vězení“killer CZ fast  furious grind core band with their second full CD !! CD250Kc/10euro

CUTTERRED FLESH“Dying in Pieces“3rd full album of CZ deathn  metal cult in the vein of Cannibal Corpse!! CD250Kc/10euro

SPERM OF MANKIND“Godzilla“debut album of slovak extreme groovy gore grind ala CBT,Hymen Holocaust.. CD250Kc/10euro

FECAL BODY INCORPORATED“Pathogenesis“re-released first fullCD of bulgarian extreme gore grind CD250Kc/10euro

ENTRENCHED INGURGITATION“Genesis of Heterogenous“debut album of US psychopathic slamming brutal gore grind CD250Kc/10euro

EARDELETE“Devilogy“ killer third full CD of CZ buldozering death/grind killers!! CD250Kc/10euro

DEAF & DUMB“Evildarkrooted..Total Dumb“killer old CZ grind core band back with all relases + new 2013  tracks!! CD250Kc/10euro

GRINNED“Grin and Bear it“ireland grind core band with ex-Mincing Fury bass player new  band!! full CD250Kc/10euro

AGGRESSIVE TYRANTS“Narcosurrealismus“kilem new  full CD of gore manils with bonus collection older songs!! full CD250Kc/10euro

BRADI CEREBRI ECTOMIA“Supreme Heterozis“belarus young gore grind inferno attack on BLP!!! new  full CD250Kc/10euro

FEKAL BODY INCORPORATED“Brown Love“bulgarian extreme bulldozering gore grind ala CBT,JIG-AI,LDOH….SICK,SICK… new  full CD250Kc/10euro

GREEDHALE“No One in the Roght Mind“czech old school grind core legendary member of  Devasthator!! with new  full CD250Kc/10euro

SEPTICOPYEMIA“Supreme Art for Genital Carnage“ russian buldozer gore grind commando with new  full CD!! 250CZK/10euro

MDK“Into the Pussy Morgue“ buldozering extreme gore grind from Brasil with third full CD 250CZK/10euro

GO-ZEN“Hitoshizuku“japanese answer of JIG-AI, sick buldozering extreme gore grind, full CD 250CZK/10euro

BOWEL FUCK“Manbearpig“extreme buldozer CD grindcore band ala RGTE,GAF…full CD250CZK/10euro

STOMA“The Glorification of Sexual Depravation“dutch sick gore grind are back!!full CD250CZK/10euro

BUT“Call for Nemesis“CZ grind core ala old Napalm Death with first full CD250CZK/10euro

EROTIC GORE CUNT“Sick songs for infected people“german extreme buldozering  gore  grind  with  first full CD 250CZK/10euro

INGROWING“Heads or Tails“new killer song sof this CZ grind core legend. Limited new MCD+“Aetherpartus“digipack in special sleeve for 250CZK/10euro

HYMEN HOLOCAUST“ mors nos separaverit“dutch hyper gore grind with fourth CD. The best CD  of this one man project!!!250Kc/10euro

TIBOSITY“Sweet home carbonara“Spain extreme gore grind project of Pesta Pornica members!!SICK!!250Kc/10euro

ALIENATION MENTAL“Same“ new full CD of czech grind core legend – this is the last CD  forever of this cult band!!250Kc/10euro

GUTALAX“Shit Beast“extreme groovy gore grind inthe veinof Ahumado Granujo,Rompeprop…CD is only limited 500pcs!!250Kc/10euro

AMOCLEN“Cymbalta“czech pure grind core  with touch of HC. REally cool music!! …CD is only limited 500pcs!!250Kc/10euro

GRUNT“Scrotal Recall“new portuguese bondage gore grinders with first full CD eith 25 gore hits! Sick release like Rompeprop!!250Kc/10euro

AGGRESSIVE TYRANTS“Kauzy plne  krve a  spermatu“CZ  funny gore  grinders  in the  vein of  early Hermaphrodit!!200Kc

NCC“28 minutes of silence….“old  skull gore grind band from CZ  with thein  first  mastered first demo and  lot of  EP,unreleases bonuses!!!200Kc/8euro

BLOODY DIARRHOEA“Tenesmus“killer  extreme gore  grind  band from CZ  with thein  full CD!!200Kc(8euro)

PIGSTY“Planet of the Pigs“ CD+DVD digipack limited 500 copies edition with remastering sound and  great DVD  bonus with all shows, clips, inties!!280Kc

ROMPEPROP“Gargle Cummics“new full CD  of  dutch gore  grind  masters!!Sick and  very  unhuman as  always!!!250Kc

UTOPIE“Instinct  for  Existence“german ultra  sick gore  grind  again in stock, limited  reedition!!!250Kc

AHUMADO GRANUJO/UTOPIA split  CD(CZ  ultra  sick  gore  grind vs CZ  grind  core) limited  repress again in stock!!!!250Kc

TORSOFUCK/LYMPHATIC PHLEGM split  CD of  finland sick gore  grind  vs  patho gore  grind  from Brasil,limited  repress!!!250Kc

STOMA“Scat Afficionados“dutch  extreme  gore  grind  again in stock!!!!SICK!!!!250Kc

CARNE/FUCKSAW split  CD of  mexican gore  grinders  with US cyber  gore  grind as fuck!!!250Kc/10euro

PISSTOLERO“Pisturbed“ CZ  buldozer  extreme  gore  grind  commando  ala  CBT with tons  of  funny  infuences!!!250Kc/10euro

PIGSTY“Planet of the Pigs“US  limited edition of  new  full CD  this  CZ  grind core  pigs  masters!!!!Last  copies!!250Kc

INGROWING“Aetherpartus“new killer MCD/Digi MCD of cult czech grindcore  legends with Juergen/Alienation Mental drummer!!150/200Kc

SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE“The Undislodgable Nugget Scenario“sick aussie extreme gore grind with grindcore parts!!!SICK!!200Kc

SPINELESS FUCKERS“Pitvy Puppies“new gore grind project of Mincng Fury members with pig vokills and gore grind ala Grionibard,CBT…..200Kc

FLAGITIOUS IDIOSYNCRACY IN THE DELAPIDATION“Same“ four japan girls  play fucking extreme grind core!UUAARRGGHH!!!Really skiller!!!200Kc

JIG-AI“Katana Orgy“second full CD of one of the best gore grind bands from CZ!!Sick 20 new buldozering songs!!!200Kc/250Kc digipack

DESTRUCTIVE EXPLOSION OF ANAL GARLAND“Cutterclit“second full CD of CZ extreme buldozering machina ala JIG-AI,CBT,LDOH!!!200Kc

SPLATTERED MERMAIDS“Stench of Blood“ sweden brutal death/grind with Deranged members!!Sick,Blood, brutal!!CD 200Kc

BULLWORTH“Day By Day“ killer death metal  with PROPAIN,SCD,GRAVE members!!Old school death ala Grave,Loudblast..!!CD 200Kc

IMPETIGO“All we need is cheez“cult rare demo  of this US horroe grind gore band back on repressed CD!!2

AHUMADO GRANUJO“Splatter-Tekk“really best gore grind CD is back on repress limited edition!!500copy only!!!200Kc

STICKOXYDAL“Obstetrical Collection“kilelr new CD of thsi belarus gore grind youngers!!200Kc

STOMA/SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH split CD(holland gore grind masters vs US gore death/grind with their attack songs!!)200Kc

PIGSTY“Living Dead Stars“kilelr new MCD of czech pig grind stars!!!YOu can listen 6 new songs with multimedia session!!150Kc

SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION“Inventory of Fixtures“kilelr new Cd of this French gore grinders!!Really sick work  with politoval contexts!!!!Soon shirts and long sleeves!!CD200Kc/digipack250Kc

TU CARNE“Culto a la Muerte“spain second full CD of horror gore grinders with sound like Brujeria with unhuman vokills!!!200Kc

PLASMA“Creeping,Crushing Crawling“ extreme buldozer gore grind from Germany on first CD!!!Really sock for CBT fans!!!200Kc

SPERMSWAMP“Extreme Cream“really sick extreme tekkno gore grind from Canada out on BLP!!Really unhuman release!!!!!200Kc

ROMPEPROP“Menstrual  Stomphulk“killer first MCD of this cult Holland gore grind bombo!!REally sick release??Most wanted!!!200Kc

DESTRUCTIVE EXLPOSION OF ANAL GARLAND“Sealing off the..“killer extréme gore grind in the vein of GUT,LDOH, from members of JIG-AI!!200Kc

S.M.E.S.“Gory, gory …“new full CD of this holland tekkno gore grind deviant!REally extréme stuff for extréme people!!200Kc

MINCING FURY..“7“killer new full CD of this czech death/grinders with thein own sound and mix grindcore/gore, death !!Multimedia disk with killer artwork!!200Kc

JIG-AI“Same“ killer full CD of Czech extréme buldozering goregrind in the vein of CUM,GUT,DEAD INFECTION………Famous japan thematic!!!200Kc

PIGSTY“Re:return“repress of this killer „Return“CD with bonus all songs from split CD with cativeiro, 3unreleased songs and one killer videoklip!!!New cover, really sick work!!200Kc

STICKOXYDAL“The Perverted Positron of Interiére“new BLP full CD with extréme goregrind in the vein of Utopie,CUM, RGTE….Fans of Utopie will enjoy this CD!!200Kc

EXHALE“Festerfiction“first full CD of this czech grinders!!Something like NASUM, CEPHALIC CARNAGE,RGTE……drummer from Gride!!!Killer new band!!!Ex members of Bizarre Embalming!!200Kc

BLOOD DUSTER“Menstrual Soup“ kille shape disc  of this aussie gore grind masters with demo from 1991 year!!!!This pig destroyer band on SHAPE DISC!!!200Kc



ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY“The Anomalies of Artificial Origin“killer death metal on ULR300CZK 

UNBREAKABLE HATRED“RUINS“killer death metal on Unique Leader!!300CZK

GOROD“A Maze of Recycled Creeds“kilem death metal album on ULR!!300CZK  

ARKAIK“Lucid Dawn“death metal attack from Unique Leader!!300CZK

MORTIFICATION“Break the Curse 1990-2010“killer death grinding madness on new  golden reissue on ROXX recs with bonus DVD from 1990 in Melbourne!!SICK!!350CZK

TEMPORARY INSANITY – TRIBUTE TO DELIVERANCE (comp CD with many band splay Deliverance  songs!!Double CD!!250KC

EMBRYO GENESIS“Dissecting of Abomination“killer indonesian brutal death!!250Kc  

REDUCED“Gradually Executed“ killer indonesian brutal death!!250Kc

SABAOTH“Unholy Divinity“indonesian brutal death metal with satanic influences!!250Kc 

DEATH VOMIT“Forging a Legacy“ killer indonesian brutal death!!250Kc

CEREBRAL TURMOIL“Neural Net Meltdown“killer death metal on Amputated Vein!250Kc   

SUNTORN“Symbiotic Polarity“ killer death metal on Amputated Vein!250Kc

MUCUPURULENT“Sicko Babies and more babies“killer german grind core legendary band on reissue CD with many bonuses!!Out on Necroharmonic recs!!300CZK

DERKETA“Goddess of Death“killer old school death metal on Necroharmonic recs!!250Kc   

DR.SHRINKEN“Grotesque Wedlock“killer old school death metal on Necroharmonic recs!!250Kc

ROTTREVORE“Disembodied“kilem US death metal cult back in stock, Necroharmonic!!250CZK 

PHLEGM“Consumed by the Dead“kilem old school death metal on double CD collection !!!300CZK

SYPHILIC“Hereatt Heen Trance“new full album of michigan brutal death commando!!250Kc  

CHRIST DENIED“Drink..drink the Blood“spain brutal death metal with collectionCD!!250Kc

BIRTH THROUGH GORE“The Culmination Conquest“killer brutal death on Sevared!!250Kc 

REPULSIVE DISSECTION“Church of the five Precious Wound“death metal killers on Sevared!250Kc

MEDIC VOMITING PUS“Same“killer brutal slam death metal with both demos collection!!250CZK 

CHURCH OF THE DEAD“Stay out of my Grave“finnish satanic death/punk maniacs!!Killer!!250CZK

CARNAGIA“Dysply of Hate“ colombian brutal death metal attack!!Sick…250CZK   

SUBTERROR“Antropomortum“kilem crusty death metal for fans of early Bolt Thrower mix with Disrupt!!250Kc

OFFAL“Macabre Rampages and Splatter Savages“putrid old school horror death!!250Kc  

SARCASTIC“Macabre Human Mutilation/Corps in Decomposition“brazil splatter gore death/grind!!250Kc

FLESH GRINDER“Libido Corporis“killer sick ultra gore grind madness back in stock!!250Kc

AGATHOCLES“Mince the Bastards“BRTN radio studios, BBC radio studios,DM studios from jakarta on limited box included sticker,woven patch, silver and gold printed cover foil, slip textille printed case !!350CZK  

SKELETON OF GOD“Urine Garden“killer death metal legendary album on reissue DIGIPACK format!!Few copies  only!!250Kc

BLASPHEMIAN“Ocularis Infernum“colombian satanic death metal cult!!!250Kc 

DEPRESSION“die Dunkle Dimension“killer new  full CD of german death metal gods!!Splatter Zombie recs…250CZK

NEURO-VISCERAL EXHUMATION“Mass Murder Festival“killer brasilian gore grind on reissue  with new  cover and remastered!!Eclectic recs revue!!250Kc

NEURO-VISCERAL EXHUMATION“The Human Society wals more gore“killer brasilian gore grind on reissue  with new  cover and remastered!!Eclectic recs revue!!250Kc

PAGANIZER“20 years in a terminal trip“killer compilation double CD of this cult death metal gods on Cyclone Empire records!!!300CZK

PARACOCCIDIOIDOMICOSISPROCTITISARC…/PARASITE split CD  - killer mexican gore grind bastards are back with new songs on this split CD!!!SICK as always!!!250Kc

THE KILLING ADDICTION“Broken Down Morales“killer brutal death on NTYE recs!!250Kc

SERRABULHO“Star Whores“spain tupa gore grind with new  full album!!250Kc

VULNUS“Vessels of Thoe“kilem full album of slam death on New Standard Elite…300CZK 

CLITORAPE“Gyneacological Apocalypse“killer gore slam death on Splatter zombie!!250Kc

OGOTAY“Dead Godś Prophet“polish brutal death ala Gorguts, Immolation – dark and  brutal!!250KC 

NORYLSK“Catholic Dictatorship“polish bruatl grind core ala RGTE, Dead Infection….250Kc

PYRRHON“Growth without end“technical death metal ala Messhugah,Atheist,Gorguts!!MCD 200CZK

SPHERE“Mindless Mass“death metal bomb from Poland on Deformeathing recs, digipack!!250CZK

EPITOME“Theorotical“killer new full album of polish grind core§§§SICK!!!250Kc  

TRAUMATOMY“Monolith of Absolute Suffering“killer slam death metal on Morbid Generation!!250Kc

D.E.F.A.M.E.“Reidents and Guest of the Rectum“sick gore groovy grind!!!250Kc  

GOREMBIKA“Wrong Honey“grind punk death beat roll masakr from Russia on More Hate!!McD!!150kc

EDUCATED SCUMůThe Chaos Complete“killer explosive grindcore ala Napalm Death!!250Kc 

NERVOUS IMPULSE“Enough for Dementia“sick brutal death metal on More Hate!!250Kc

VORTEX OF ENDLESS WAR“Same“indonesian brutality on full CD!!KIller death metal!!250Kc 

THE DARK PRISON MASSACRE“A Blood Clot Ejaculation“sick perverse indonesian brutality!250Kc

HUQUEYMSAW“Goatfuck Havoc Slaughter Hell“killer south korea black/trash attack!!250Kc 

GONGURI/SITHTER split CD south korean doom/death metal on one CD!!250CZK


AGORAPHOBIA“Filthy Noise Romance – demo 2015 – one man gore grind noise bandfrom South Korea!!150Kc

IMPALED NAZARENE“Road to the Octagon“black metal cult!!300CZK

IMPALED NAZARENE“Ugra Karma + bonuses“black metal gos!!300CZK   IMMORTAL“Panzer Division“killer old school black metal on Osmose!!300CZK

IMPIETY“Kaos Command“killer black metal legend on Osmose prod….300CZK

EPICARDIECTOMY“Abhorent Stench..“killer cult album on DIGI version!!300CZK 

CEREBRAL EFFUSION“Violence in Motion“killer brutal death/grind release back in stock!!250CZK

VAGINAL DIARRHOEA“Well fuck me dead“killer gore grind album back in stock!!250CZK 

DISGRUNTLEDANTHROPOPHAGI“Rampage of Misanthropic Purge“killer brutal death metal !!250CZK



EBENATH/DEFECAL OF GERBE/VULVULATOR/TREMOR 4 way CD full of gore grind massacres and inhuman melodies:::Few copies!!250Kc

GUTALAX“Shit Happens“new full CD of CZ shit grind dement manils!!RRR 250CZK 

BOWEL EVACUATION“Fecal Fetishist“german sick porno gore grind !!SICK!!250Kc

ENJOY MY BITCH“The Story of a Bitch“killer mexican gore grind assault!!!250Kc

GUTALAX“Shit Happens“new full CD of CZ shit grind dement manils!!RRR 250CZK

ENJOY MY BITCH“The Story of a Bitch“killer mexican gore grind assault!!!250Kc

KRAANIUM“Chronicles of Perversion“uuaarrgghh, new full CD of slam gods!!Comatose!!250CZK 

PRION“Uncertain Process“killer new death metal full CD + DVD bonus!!Comatose!!300CZK

DYSENTERY“Fragments“kilem new full album of death metal gods on Comatose!!250Kc 

ANATOMICAL PLASTINATION“Removal the dead flesh“mexican ultra gore tupa grind on pro-fi CD-r!!Few copies!150CZK

MENSTRUOPHAGIST "Lollipocracy" - CD - Menstruophagist's first full length is out! Death-grind benevolent madness and meteoric supa-dupa 250CZK

PULVERIZED NECROBRAINS / PATISSERIE - "Pernicious Pathological Performances" - CDR - Mortician-inspired Goregrind from US VS cat-loving, deranged 150CZK
CANNIBAL RITES / RESTOS HUMANOS - "Necromantic Ritual" - CDR - Putrid old style Death Metal in the vein of early Death, Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, 150CZK
LARYNGECTOMIZED / POSTMORTEM NEUROFETISH BIONECROSIS / INSECTIVORE - "3-Way Split" - CDR - From the deepest, slimiest pits of the  150CZK
GANGRENE DISCHARGE - A Collection Of Trauma - CDR - This release compiles everything GD released in 2014, plus some bonus tracks. Expect no less that =150CZK
INTESTINAL DISGORGE - Lurking in the Void Between Dreams - CDR - This is the phisical release of the third EP Intestinal Disgorge dedicated to H. P. Lovecraft and his creations. 21 tracks of harsh, twisted, cut-up noisegrind will obliterate your body and soul. Prepare to meet Azathot and his nuclear chaos! = 150CZK

CEREBRAL EFFUSION“Uncertain Process“kilem death metal bombardments on Comatose back in stock!!250Kc

NO MORE ROOMS IN HELL“Same“killer slam death metal on Morbid Generation!!250CZK 

VOMITOUS MASS“Sufferings from Defleshment“killer slam death metal on Morbidf Generation!!250CZK

SAPROBIONTIC“Benath the Abyss“killer MCD of slamming brutality on Morbid Generation!!200CZK

SMES/PURULENT WORNJIZZ split CD of cyber gore grind bands on LHOTR recs!!!250CZK

MYRKUR“M“killer north black metal on Relapse!!Digipack limited version!300CZK   

MYRKUR“Same“killer north black metal on Relapse!!Digipack limited version!300CZK

REPULSION“Horrified“double CD of cult grind core legend on Relapse!!300CZK  

RAZOR“Shotgun Justice“killer trash metal legend on reissue , Relapse!!300CZK

RAZOR“Violent Restitution“killer trash metal legend on reissue , Relapse!!300CZK   

RAZOR“Open Hostility“killer trash metal legend on reissue , Relapse!!300CZK

GRUESOME“Savage Land“killer death metal ala DEATH on Relapse!!300CZK    

GRAVE“You´ll never see…“killer old school death metal back in stock, fe copies!!300CZK

MARUTA“Remain Dystopian“killer grind core violence on Relapse!!300CZK 

AGATHOCLES/DISORDER split CD of mince core gods v sold school punk on Power i tup!!250Kc

CONGENITAL ANOMALIES“Human Embryonic Mutilation“CZ brutal death metal!!250CZK 

MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION“Cannibalistic Gore of Grotesque“death metal on Bloodcurling!!250CZK

EASE OF DISGUST“Chaos“russian death core with slam riffs!!250CZK   

CARNIVOROUS VORACITY“The Impious Doctrine“killer spain brutal death metal maniacs!!Amputated!!250CZK

TRUCULENCY“Memetic Pandemic“intense death metal brutality on Amputated!!250CZK 

CRANIOTOMY“Overgorged Flesh flies dying slowly“slovak brutal death metal gods on Amputated!!250CZK

CREPITATION“The Violence of the Slams“slaming brutality on Amputated!!250CZK 

ENMITY“Vomit Forth Intestinal Excrement“sick brutal death metal back with many bonuses!!Amputated!250CZK

CARNAL DIAFRAGMA/FECALIZER split CD of two grind core bombardments!!!250CZK

DISINFECT“Screams of Pleasure“german brutal death metal attack!!SICK!!250Kc 

DIMINISHED“Gegurgitating Rotten Semen“kilem gore  death metal onnSevared recs!!250Kc

CRYPT INFECTION“Disentanglement“sick death metal attack on Sevared recs!!250Kc  

SICK MORGUE“Wings of the Desolated Morgue“sick brutal death metal on Sevared!!250Kc

PARRICIDE“Crude“polish grind core legend with new full CD!!250Kc     

FACEFUCK“Throes of Lament“sick brutal death metal attack on Rotten Music!!250Kc

GASTROREXIS/INFECTOLOGY split CD of two  hyper blasting death metal gods!!250Kc 

DIRTY INFAMOUS“Die on pure adrenaline“indonesian sick brutal death metal on repress!!250Kc

TENGGOROKAN“Execution of Death“indonesian brutal death metal!!SICK!!250Kc  

KOMPONEN NERAKA“The Reighn Catastrophe“indonesian brutal death metal !!DEATH!!250Kc

MURTAD“Extirpate the Remaining Breath“indonesian brutal death metal sickness!!250Kc 

DEPRAVED MURDER“Remnants of Depravity“sick asian brutal death metal on WAAR recs250Kc

COLAPSO“Mortales“death metal band on Hybrid Music , fantastic death metal!!250Kc 

SYPHILITIC ABORTION“Surgery Malice…smelly memories“ultra gore grind attack on CD-r, 150Kc

MAGGUTS“Sentenced to Fire“grinding brutal death metal on Redrum recs!!250Kc   

DEADEN“Feast on the flesh of the Dead“old school death metal attack on United Guttural!!250Kc

SPLATTERHOUSE“The House that dead built“horror grind core old school band!!250Kc  


Parasitic Ejaculation, Traumatomy, Gorepot, Intestinal Alien Reflux “Four Formidable Forms” 4 way CD ful lof slam death metal bands!!SICK!!Only few copies!!250Kc

ROTTING REPUGNANCY“Path of the Diminished“fucking sick brutal death on Sevared!250Kc 

CATASTHROPIC EVOLUTION“The Origin“ultra sick brutal death metal on Sevared!!250Kc  

HUMAN NIHILITY“Last stage of abuse“Dying Fetus fans style music!!SICK!!250Kc 

ETERNAL TORMENT“Descent into Madness“aussie brutal bowel shoot with amazing music!!250Kc

BOWEL EVACUATION“Fecal Fetishist“german sick porno gore grind !!SICK!!250Kc

KRONOS“Arisen new era“killer brutal death metal on Unique Leader!!300CZK  

CONTINUUM“The Hypothesis“killer modern death metal on Unique Leader recs!!300CZK

WRVTH“Same“killer technical death metal on Unique Leader!!300CZK    

ESCHATON“Sentinel Apocalypse“killer death metal attack on Unique Leader recs!!Few copies!!300CZK

NITHING“Fetid Reek of Interminablle Existence“brutal death metal on NSE recs,MCD..250Kc 

INIQUITOUS DEEDS“Incessant Hallucinations“NSE brutal death metal attack!!300CZK

EMBODIED TORMENT“Liturgy of Ritual Execution“brutal death metal ala Brodequin on NSE!!300CZK 

GORGASM“Destined to Violate“sick gory death metal from US on NSE!!300CZK

INCIVILITY REGURGITATED“Origin of Macabre Extermination“slam inferno for Kraanium fans!!250Kc  

OMNNIPOTENT HYSTERIA“Forged in the Ember…“brutal death metal!!250Kc

PERFIDIOUS“Cursing the Nazarene“italian death metal ala Incantation…MCD,200CZK 

PIT OF TOXIC SLIME“Thin Line between Arrogance ..“slaming oriented brutal death metal!!250CZK

COATHANGER ABORTION“Observations of Humanity“killer death metal on Comatose!!250Kc 

BURST BOWEL“Repelled Gift“brutal death metal on Coyote records!!250CZK

BARBARITY“Crush of Hypocritical Morality“russian brutal death metal on Coyote!!250Kc 

RIPPING FLESH“Episodes of Chaotic Extinction“brutal colombian death metal on Coyote recs!!250Kc

GORGED BILE“Absterged from Hominal Patzterns“russian PYAEMIA style band on Coyote!!250Kc 

INTESTINAL LACERATION“Species of Putrid Minds“peruan brutal death metal on Coyote!!250Kc

INHUMAN DEPRAVITY“Nocturnal Carnage by the Kholy..“turech brutal death ala Dying Fetus!250Kc 

OMNIVOROUS“Age of Maelstrom“brutal death metal on Brutal Mind. Ala Suffo MCD 200CZK

DROP“Savage Revenge“brutal death metal on Brutal Mind from Asia!!MCD 200CZK 

DRAIN OF IMPURITY“Into the Cold Crypts of dead Planet“brutal death metal on More Hate recs!!250Kc

BLACK SHADOWS“Hells Retribution to..“killer black metal attack on More hate recs!250Kc  

BLACK SHADOWS“Against the God…“killer black metal attack on More hate recs!250Kc

BESTIAL DEFORM“Together we will destroy the Word“death metal attack!!250Kc   

MOONGATES GUARDIAN“In the beginning..“epic medieval black metal on More Hate recs!!250Kc

SCOLOPENDRIA CINGULATA“Kuoltuu Kaikan Kohetah“black metal on More Hate!!250Kc 

INTRAVENOUS CONTAMINATION“Drowned in Human Fluid“brutal death metal on Rising Neme..250Kc

ORAL FISTFUCK“Spiritual Sickening“kilem brutal death on Rising Nemesis!!250Kc  

MAGGOT COLONY“Spewing the violated souls“Taiwan brutal death commando with new MCD!!200Kc

AMPUTATED GENITALS“Human Meat Gluttony“killer gore  death metal back in stock!!250KC  

AMPUTATED GENITALS“Family Bllodbath“killer gore  death metal back in stock!!250KC

CANTA GRIND“Tu infancia no sere Ital“south american grind core legend!!250kc 

PRO SEPTICO“Foca Septico“brutal death from south america, great production!!250Kc

RAPED BY PIGS“Contamination of Whore“killer peruvian slam death metal!!First demo!!200Kc 

INFERIS“In teh Path of Malignant Spirits“chilean death metal album!! Killer!!250Kc

GUTTED ALIVE“Consumed by Carnage“ US brutal slab death metal on CDN recs!!250Kc  

SLAMOPHILIAC“Display of Horrific Perversion“brutal death metal on CDN recs, new  CD!!250Kc

POTHEAD“Jointification“deabut album of brutal gore grind/rap!!!250Kc   

FALSE PREGNANCY“Dance your meat off!!“estonian groovy gore grind on Nailjar recs!!SICK!!!250Kc

CANNIBAL ACCIDENT“Omnivorous“finnish sick grind core with gore influences!!250kc 

FESTERFUCK“An Audio recollection of…“gore laden spaztic death metal on Nailjar recs!!250Kc

FXVX“Ephoophany“one man shit machine from Wisconsin, sickest gore grind/deqath!!250Kc

ANTIGAMA“The Insolent“killer polish grind core  attacke on new  digi on Selfmadegod!!250Kc

CAITH SITH/VISCERA split CD/DVD – Auge plus re-cyclos – shocking cathrsis into the essencial discovery!!200CZK 

ASHEN“THis Word is not ours“Taiwan brutal sick death grind, digi!!250Kc

JEHACKTET“Ehec(tet)“upaupa gore grind ala Rompeprop,CBT from Berlin!!200CZK 

SCREWROT“Deranged Genesis“ultra guttural death metal ala Brodequin…Morbid Generation!!250Kc

5 STABBED 4 CORPSES“Gambling for Gore“german samba gore grind !!!SICK!!250Kc  

HUMAN CORDYCEPS“Eternal Ascendancy“killer US slaming brutality on Morbid Generation, MCD..200CZK

EMBRYECTOMY“Promo 2014“ Morbig Generation UG series, slam death mafia!!200Kc 

SICKENING“The Beyond“brutal death metal attack from Amputated Vein recs!!250CZK

MORTALLY INFECTED“Towards the Apocalypse“brutal death metal on SNM recs!!250Kc 

CUMBEAST“Groovy Massacre“brutal death metal on Pathologically Explicit recs!!250Kc

DISLOYAL“Godless“technical death metal on Ghastly music , killer death!!!250Kc  

OMNOID“Womb of Infirmity“killer aussie brutal death metal on Ghastly music!!250CZK

DECIMATED HUMANS“To provoke Genocide“slam brutal death metal!!250Kc  

PARASITIC EJACULATION“Echoes of Depravity“killer brutal death metal attack on Amputated Vein!!250CZK

DEVOUR THE UNBORN“Meconium Pestilent Abomination“brutal death metal on Amputated Vein!!250CZK 

KAASSCHAAT“Punanidectomy“killer dutch gore grind ala Rompeprop!!250CZK

TU CARNE/The CREATURES FROM THE TOMB split  CD of  horror groovy gore grind bands!!250Kc 

DECONVERSION“Incertitude of Existence“brutal death metal on Amputated Vein!250Kc

DISFIGUREMENT“Privilege of the sickest..“brutal death metal!!250kc   

 DISFIGURED“Antology of Dementia“old school brutal death metal band on reissue!!Few copies left!!250Kc

INDETERMINABLE“Symbols that Dissapeared“killer brutal death metal back in stock!!250kc 

DEADLY SINS“Transcedental Decapitation“brutal death metal on Pathologically Explicit!!250CZK

PANDEMONIUM“Devilri-extended edition“killer satanic death metal from poland!!250CZK   

PANDEMONIUM“Bodies will rise from the grand live“killer satanic death metal from poland!!250CZK

PANDEMONIUM“The Ancient Catatonia“killer satanic death metal from poland!!250CZK    

DISPHERE“Shinra Tensei“brutal death metal attack!!SIck!!250Kc


PARENTAL ADVISORY“Soundtrack of an upcoming apokalypse“brutal death on Ghastly!!250Kc 

AGATHOCLES“Superiority Overdose“killer ful album of mince core legend!!250Kc

LIMB FOR A LIMB“Aberration Complete“hungarian brutal death/grind on Terranis!!250Kc 

PAEDIATRICIAN“Deformed Premature“killer brutal death metal from Hungary!!250Kc

KRAMPÜS“Mental Holocaust“hungary brutal death metal gods!!LAST COPY!!250Kc 

KRAMPÜS“Graveyards Blowjob“hungary brutal death/grind massacre on Terranis recs!!250Kc

AGE OF AGONY“Machinery of Hatred“death metal legend back in stock!!250Kc  

AGE OF AGONY“Death Metal Artillery“killer death metal legend on CD!!Few copies!!250Kc

MASS BURIAL“Soul´s Necrosis“death metal gods on Pathologically Explicit recs!!OLD SCHOOL!!250Kc 

HUMAN FLESH IN PUTREFACTION – 4way digipack CD – INGROWN,CANNIBE,DILS,M.D.K. extreme gore grind masters on one digipack!! ONly few copies!!300CZK

SKELETAL REMAINS“Condemned to Misery“kilem US old school death metal..FDA rekotz!!300Kc 

OMEGA SOUL“Void“killer metal in the vein of KYUSS, RED FANG… on FDA rekotz…300CZK 

FATALIST“The Depths of Inhumanity“killer death metal ala Entombed on FDA rekotz!!Killer!!300Kc 

DISCREATION“Procreation of the Wretched“old school death metal on FDA rekotz!!RULE!!300Kc

REVOLTING“Vissages of the Unspeakable“killer sweden death metal cult on FDA!!300Kc  

GRUESOME STUFF RELISH“Die Zmobie Die“spain horror grinders with compilation CD!!250Kc 

IMPALED NAZARENE“Tol Cormpt norz,norz,norz“finnish black metal!!Osmose!!300CZK 

IMPALED NAZARENE“Suomi Finland Perkele + Motorpenis“black metal legend on osmose digi..300CZK

MASTERŚ HAMMER“The Jilemnice Occultist“CZ black metal legend on Osmose prod!!300CZK 

ENSLAVED“Eld“black metal legend on Osmose!!300CZK

ENSLAVED“Blodhemn“black metal legend on Osmose!!300CZK   

ENSLAVED“Mardraum“black metal legend on Osmose!!300CZK

ENSLAVED“Frost“black metal legend on Osmose!!300CZK   

MARDUK“Panzer Division“killer black metal album on Osmose recs!!!300CZK

ANOREXIA NERVOSA“New Obscurantis Order“black metal legend!!Osmose!!300CZK  

ANOREXIA NERVOSA“Drudenhaus“black metal legend!!Osmose!!300CZK

IMMORTAL“Damned in Black“killer black metal legend on Osmose!!300CZK 

IMMORTAL“Blizzard Beast“killer black metal legend on Osmose!!300CZK

IMMORTAL“Battles in the North“killer black metal legend on Osmose!!300CZK   

IMMORTAL“Pure Holocaust“killer black metal legend on Osmose!!300CZK

IMMORTAL“At the Heart of Winter“killer black metal legend on Osmose!!300CZK 

RAZOR RAPE“Orgy in Guts“killer sweden gore grind manils with new full CD!!250CZK

MARDUK“Plague Angel“black metal cult legend with this masterpiece!!300CZK  

GORGOROTH“True Norwegian Black Metal“killer album of this norwegin manils!!300CZK

DISMEMBER“Dismember“killer album of classic death metal!!300CZK    

DARK FUNERAL“Angelus Exuro pro Eternus“black metal legion attacke!!One COPY!!300CZK

GRAVE“DominionVII“killer old school death metal album!!300CZK    

BEHEMOTH“The Apostasy“blackened death metal from Poland, last copy!!300CZK

SHITFUCKINGSHIT“Life of Excess“killer grind core attack from Italy!!Finaly out!!250CZK

GRUESOME STUFF RELISH“Die Zmobie Die“spain horror grinders with compilation CD!!250Kc 

KOTS/NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM split CD of cyber gore grind vs grind!!250Kc

FECALIZER“The Walking Dead Invasion“new MCD of mexican horror grinders!!200Kc 

OXIDIZED RAZOR/F.B.I. split CD of extreme gore grind bands with new  killer tracks!!SICK!!250Kc

BIZARRE EJACULATION/PUSSY TORPEDO split CD-r of cyber gore grind bands !!CD-R 150kc

YATTAI“Fast Music means Love“killer fastrind core from France!!250Kc

EXPOSE YOUR HATE“Indoctrination of Hate“fast grind core on Black Hole!!250kc 

FACADA“Nadir“killer fast grind core for fans Napalm Death,Terrorizer bands on Black Hole recs!!250Kc

THE BLCAK COFFINS“Dead Sky Sepulchre“brasilian death metal mix with punk,grind essences with many guests like Marissa Martinez from Repulsion!!! SIck and dirty music!!250Kc


TRAUMATOMY/EMBRYECTOMY/CEREBRAL PARALYSIS 3way split CD of brutal slam death metal bands on Morbid Generation recs!!!SICK!!!250Kc

NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE“Old Shack Stories“slaming rednecks guttural attack!!250Kc 

IDIOTS PARADE“Idiotsgraphy 2005-2013“killer compilation of slovak grind core  band !!!Bones Brigade!!250Kc

WEAK ASIDE“The Next Offense“kilem german death metal soldiers!!!300Kc   

DISCREATION“Procreation of the Wretched“killer old school death metal on FDA rekotz!!RULE!!300Kc

REVOLTING“Vissages of the Unspeakable“killer sweden death metal cult on FDA!!300Kc  

BIRDGFLESH/P.L.F. split CD with new killer rednecs grind core vs fast  grind core terrorists!!250Kc

GENERICHRIST“House of all repute“old school death metal on Area Death prod!!250Kc

GENERICHRIST“Strangulation of a Twisted Mind“old school death metal on Area Death prod!!250Kc

VULCANO“Bloody Vengenace“trashing madness for Speultura fans!!!250Kc 

NUNSLAUGHTER“Open the Gates“killer 3CD box compilation of all unreleased, live, demos and many othe r releases!!400Kc

DEVAST“Into Decimated Brutality“brutal death metal on Gore House!!250Kc 

HYMEN HOLOCAUST“Kissed by the Dead..“killer new ful album of dutch gore grind legend…250Kc

ACEPTIC GOITRE“The Graduation Frenzy“sick brutal death/grind on Rotten music!!250Kc 

ACEPTIC GOITRE/THE ANAL TREATMENT XX-perience split CD of death grind vs gore grind!!250Kc

HORRENDOUS REBIRTH“Devouring Chaos“sick brutal death metal on Rotten music!250Kc  

INFINITE DEFILEMENT“Destroyer of all things“brutal death metal on Rotten Music!!SICK!!250Kc


SICKCUNT“Kicoz“brutal death/grind core from Russia back in stock last copy!!250Kc 

ABORTION“The Truth Hurts“Slovana grind core legend ala ND, last copy of this cult!!200Kc

AGATHOCLES/CANNIBE split CD of mince core gods vs gore grinders!!250Kc 

ANALEPSY“Dehumanization by Supremacy“portuguesse slaming brutal death metal on Vomit Your Shirts!!250Kc

CANNIBE/PRO SEPTICO/PUTREFUCK/PSYCOPATIA/MUTILATED JUDGE/SCROTOVARIOUS/OLOCAUSTO – 7way split Cd of pure  grind core/noise and  gore grind bands!!250Kc

PIGTAILS/ANAL FISTFUCKERS/REKTAL FETUS/GONORRHEA 4way split Cd of extreme porno gore grind bastrads on one disc!!!SICK for really sick people!!250Kc

MACABRE DEMISE“Homicidal Parasities“brutal slam death metal attack !!250Kc 

GENITAL GRINDER“Abducation“ italian brutal death/grind ala Aborted,Severe Torture,Cryptopsy..250Kc

FESTERING RECTO/GANGRENOUS SLIME split pro CD-r of sludge gore grind !!150Kc

PSYCHOPATHY“Insanity of Human Flesh“thailand ultra brutal death metal on Sick Chainsaw!!250Kc

DEFEATED SANITY“Collected Demolition“sick brutal death metal collection CD  with full DVD bonus!!300Kc 

A GOOD DAY FOR KILLING“Dementia of the Killers“thailand ultra sick brutal death!!250K

TOTMENTRESS“Trashing Disorder“killer trash metal attack on Sick Chainsaw!!250Kc 

PARANOIA“Kapolset“indonesian brutal grind core  demo on 3“MCD!!Few copies only…100Kc

BLOODSCRIBE“Prologue to the Apocalypse“sick ultra death metal on digi, Gore house!250Kc

IMBRUED BLEMISHMENT“Demo 2015“siamese groovy brutal death metal new band with demo !!150Kc

ORGANISM“Cybernetic“killer death metal on Defying Danger recs on digi!!200Kc  

HIDEOUS REBIRTH“Completely Devoured“sick ultra death metal on Gore House recs, digi!!!250Kc

DARK THRONE“Transilvanian Hunger“old school black metal gods on digi..300Kc 

DARK THRONE“Preparing for War“old school black metal gods on digi..300Kc 

DARK THRONE“A Blaze in the northern Sky“killer old school black metal gods!!300Kc  

GRAVE DESECRATOR“Sign of Doom“killer south american black metal gods on digipack edition!!300Kc

MÖRK HIMMEL“Ostří černé kosy zní“killer CZ death metal attack on CD version!!250Kc 

CANNABIES“Sativa Syn“killer indonesian brutal death metal with slam parts!!!250Kc

SAGRADO“Bastardized by the Decrepit Whorebeast“killer brutal death metal new album!!250Kc 

BOWEL STEW“Debridement“killer brutal gore  death metal attack on Pathologically Explicit!!250Kc

NAUSEA“The Suffering Continues“killer grind core legend with all demos from 91-94!!!250Kc 

ANCIENT RITES/UNCANNY split CD of two kilem black metal gods with old demos as split CD !!300kc

MYSTIFIER“Wicca“killer old school black metal legend front south america!!LAST COPY!300Kc  

MYSTIFIER“Goetia“killer old school black metal legend front south america!!LAST COPY!300Kc

SKULL“Beer,Metal,Spikes“old school black metal ala ROOT from south america!!300Kc   

SKULL“Collection of Crniums-the worst of Skull“old school black metal ala ROOT from south america!!300Kc

AURORA BOREALIS“Time,Unveiled“death metal with black parts, last copies!!100Kc 

INCINERATE“Eradicating Terrestrial Species“killer brutal death metal new full album on Comatose!!250Kc

SEPTICAL GORGE“Scourge of the Formless Breed“killer italian brutal death metal on Comatose!250Kc 

DECIMATION“Anthem sof an Empyreal…“killer death metal on Comatose!!250Kc

BLEEDING DISPLAY“Deviance“killer brutal slam death metal attack on Sevared!!!250Kc 

NERVECELL“Psychogenocide“killer brutal death metal on Unique Leader!!250Kc  

LUST OF DECAY“Infesting the Exhumed“ultra sick US gore  death metal attack on Comatose back in stock!!250Kc

EXECRATED“Condemnation to Eternal Punishment“killer sick brutal death metal on Anopsys..250Kc 

SPLATTERED“Guttural Species“ultra sick inhuman death metal onInherit Suffering!!250Kc

MAGGOT COLONY“Perpetuating the Viral Infestation“ultra sick death metal on Inherit Suffering!!250Kc 


HUMAN INFECTION“Curvatures in Time“sick brutal death metal attack on Blasthead!!250Kc 

PERVERSION“Pillars of the Enligtened“brutal death metal attack on Blasthead recs!!250Kc

NERVOUS IMPULSE“Time to Panic“murderous brutal inhuman death metal on Blastheads!!250Kc 

TYRANNY ENTHRONED“Our great undoing“blackened death metal on Blastheads recs!!250Kc

HATE DIVISION“Order of the Enslaved“brutal death metal attack on Blasthead recs…250Kc 

 xDOPERUNNERx“Same“US killer fast  grind core inferno!!Blastheads!!250Kc

DISASTROUS“Aftermath of the Apocalypse“sick guttural brutal death from Phillipines!!250Kc 

FESTERING REMAINS“The Destruction of Sanity“ultra sick brutal death metal on Sevared!!250Kc

CANNIBALISTIC INFANCY/MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION/INTERMINABLE CORRUPTIONS 3way CD of ultra sick guttural slaming death metal on Sevared  recs!!!Few copies!!250Kc

PURULENT“Gravitos Pathological Factor“killer compilation of this cult colombian gore  guttural death metal with all their releases + unreleased songs and live sessions!!!Double CD on Sevared!!300Kc

INCINERATING PROPHECIES“Depravity Incarnate“colombian guttural death on Sevared..250Kc

SLAVES OF THE UNDERWORLD“Same“kilem sick brutal death metal on Sevared!!250Kc

BLASKHYRT“Ideological Carnage“italian technical death metal ala Suffo, Psycroptic!!250Kc 

CAEDERE“The Lost Conveyance“dutch furious death metal with many touches of othe r style!!Sevared!!250Kc

CASTRENSIS“Hierarchies“new band from Denmark of guttural death metal!!Sevared!250Kc 

BITTERNESS“Resurexodus“killer german trash metal attack ala Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust!!250Kc

BITTERNESS“The Final Declaration..“german trash metal attack ala Municipal Waste, Toxic Hol!250Kc 

BITTERNESS“Genociety“german trash metal attack ala Municipal Waste, Toxic!!250Kc

KALI YUGA“Wrath of Durga“Slaves to the Subliminal“german death metal ala Amon Amarth,Kataklysm!!250kc

KALI YUGA“Wrath of Durga“german death metal ala Kataklysm..GUC recs!!250Kc

UPPERCUT“Reanimation of Hate“killer female trash metal attack on GUC..250Kc        

WARSPITHE“Confrontation Course“Goteborg death metal sekond full album on GUC!!250Kc

DEMOGORGON“Where is He..?“satanic anti christianita death metal from Poland!!250Kc  

DEMIGOD/NECROPSY split CD of cult death metal gods with vinyl releases on CD!!300Kc  

PESTILENCE“Malleus Maleficarum“killer death metal cult back in stock..few copies!!!300Kc

CRADLE OF FILTH“Vempire or Dark Faerytales..“killer bleck metal on digi version!!LAST COPY!!300Kc

MALIGNANT GERM INFESTATION“Into the Asylum of the Sexuality Deranged“killer sick groovy gore grind double CD compilation with sexy songs and perverse lyrics…. 300Kc

PARASITIC EXTIRPARTION“Putrid Crown“sick US brutal death metal on Sevared!MCD 200Kc 

PUTREFY“Knelt before the Sarcophagus of Humanity“old school death metal ala Suffo on Sevared!250kc

ROTTING REPUGNANCY“Path of the Diminished“fucking sick brutal death on Sevared!250Kc 

UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION“Idiosyncratic Chaos“killer new MCD of this crushing death metal!!200Kc

CATASTHROPIC EVOLUTION“The Origin“ultra sick brutal death metal on Sevared!!250Kc  


KATALEPSY“Music sof Evilution“digipack of russian death metal gods 300Kc 

DARK THRONE“Soulside Journey“killer album of this norvegian black metal gods on digipack!!ONE LAST COPY!!300Kc

URGEHAL“Goatcraft Torment“ultra pure black metal gods on CD!!Agonia recs300Kc  

URGEHAL“Atomkinder“ultra pure black metal gods on CD!!Agonia recs300Kc

URGEHAL“Through thick fog till death“ultra pure black metal gods on DIGIPACK!!Agonia recs300Kc

DECLINE OF THE I“Inhibition“great post black metal attack ala Burzum mix with Neurosis!!300kc

THUNDERBOLT“Apocalyptic Doom“excelent polish black metal inferno on Agonia!!!300Kc 

INFERNAL WAR“Redesecration“polish black metal inferno for Angelcorpse fans!!Agonia recs..300Kc

INFERNAL WAR“Copflagrator“ polish black metal inferno for Angelcorpse fans!!Agonia recs..300Kc  

ABORYM“Dirty“industrial electronic extreme metal of Emperor and Hour of Penance guys!!250Kc

BLOODSWORN“All Hyllest Till Satan“killer norvegian black metal cult on CD Agonia!!300Kc 

HEXENTANZ“Nekrocrafte“US occult ritualistic black metal legend on digipack of AGONIA!!300Kc

THORNSPAWN“Sanctified by Satan´s Blood“killer US black metal legend on AGONIA“!!300Kc  

ROOT“Viginti Quinque Annis in Scaena“killer cz cult black masters on CD+DVD collection digi!!400Kc

NOCTURNAL BREED“Napalm Nights“killer norvegian trash metal ala Aura Noir!!Digi..300Kc 

NOCTURNAL BREED“Fields of Rot“kilem norvegian trash metal attack ana Inferno and Toxic Hol..300Kc

SVARTSYN“Black Testament“sweden cult black metal legend on Agonia !!300Kc

HIRAX“The New Age of Terror“killer trash metal cult band wiht new release on Selfmadegod…250Kc

THE DEAD COATS/ICON OF EVIL split CD of two cult  horror death metal cults!!250Kc 

DEPARTMENT OF CORREWCTION/STRONG INTENTION split CD of grind core band with N.D. mamb..250Kc

VIOLENT DEVOTIES“Within the Great and Venom“killer death/grind massacre!!250Kc  

TYRANNY ENTHRONED“Born of hate“killer blackened death metal for fans of Behemoth,Hate..250Kc

VOID CREATION“Deadnology“killer trash/death alaDew Scented,Obituary…CD250Kc  

MONUMENTOMB“Ritual Exhumation“killer old school death metal ala Bolt Thrower,Nihilist…250Kc

MACABRE DEMISE“Homicidal Parasities“german death/grind ala Dying Fetus,Devo..250Kc 

KARNAK“The Cult of Death“old school death metal attack with new MCD!!200Kc

INVERTED“The Age of Harvest“italian death metal ala Morbid Angel, Septic Flesh..250Kc 

INFECTED CHAOS“The Wake of Ares“old school death ala Dismember,Demonical….GREAT!!250kc

CEMETERY DUST“To rull them all“austria trash metal band ala Kreator,Coroner…250kc  

ACTIVE STENOSIS“Succumbed to Infection“greek buldozering extreme gore grind in the vein of LDOH, old REGURGITATE…SICK!!!Best gore grind in last time!!!!250Kc

VOMITO“Vomitology“killer brasil old  school gore grind with collection of all releases on once CD!!Killer fast brutal gore grind, BLP did in the past some split eps too!!!Don´t hesitate and buy it!!250Kc

KADAVERFICKER“Necrokoke is Love“sick german necrokore band with new full album!!250Kc 

SIKFUK/E.F.R.O. split CD of gore porn grind slam styles on US vs CANADA gods on one CD!!!250Kc

BBARBAPAPPA BUTCHERY“Neverending Hostility“hateful french one man gore grind full CD!!150Kc 

SHITFUCKINGSHIT/SERPILLERE split CD-r with bizame gore grind vs bad ass grind!CD-r150Kc

V.P.O.A.A.W.A.M.C./BIZARRE EJACULATION/CANNIBE/WOMBSTOMP 4 way split CD-r with bizame gore grind!!150Kc  

LARDON“Alternative Pig Pleasure“pure pork grind core album CD-r!!150Kc

D.I.L.S./BBARBAPAPPA BUTCHERY/CIPOTOK 3way split CD-r with kilem gore grinds!!150Kc  

PIT OF CARNAGE“The Beginning of the End“kilem denmark brutal death metal attack!!250Kc

ANAL SUPERSONIC SEX/BINAASH/FLAVOURED BRAIN/DOG FACED CORPSE 4way CD-r with – gore grind vs iraq brutal death/grind vs death metal from Nepal and french gore grind!!CD-r150Kc

SLAMOPHILIAC“Aborted into Absolute Inexistence“sick slam inferno CD!!250Kc  

SPILLING ENTRAILS“Humanity´s Final Hour“more balst sick slam attack on CDN recs!!250Kc

NECROEXOPHILIA“Frantic Vision sof Xenogod“brutal slam attack from Slamophiliac members!250Kc 

FLESHCRAFT“Human Error“trashing blackened death metal from CDN recs!!250Kc

ENDING TYRANNY“Perpetual Greed“killer canadian death core attack on CDN!!250Kc

EXHUMED“Gore Metal-A Necrospective 1998-2015“double CD of this cult gore grind legend with one disc komplete remastered and sekond disc original in pall filthy glory sound!!Relapse!!300Kc

SLIME WAVE – GORE GRIND SERIES comp CD of Realpse cutl EP split version with Inhume, Rot,Machetazo,SCD,Throat Plunger,XXX Maniak, Cripple Bastards, Bathtub Shitter…GREAT!!250Kc

RHPP/SCUMFUCK/PIG TAILS/ATF 4way split CD of perverse gore grind bands on one disk!!250Kc

NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666/2MINUTA DREKA split CD of two  gore  grind bands!!SICK!!250KC 

THIS COMP KILLS FASCIST  comp CD with pure  grind core bands like:Kill the Client,Brutal truth,Magrudergrind,Total Fucking Destruction,Maruta, Insect Warfare and others, Relapse!!250kc

POLISH AND BRASILIAN ASSAULT comp CDs in one box edition and price as one CD300Kc 

INFECTOLOGY“Origin of Pathological Extermination“brutal slam death on Anopsys!!250Kc  

SADISTIC BUTCHERING“Sculptor of Flesh“sick slam death metal on Anopsys recs!!250Kc

OCCISION“Defying Limit sof Existence“killer brutal death metal on Anopsys“!250Kc  

MORTICIAN“Final Bloodbath“killer full album on limited DIGIPACK version!Few copies!300Kc   

FUNERAL RAPE“Sperm Overdose“killer italian gore perverse death/grind!!250Kc 

CHAINSAW SURGERY“Necrocannibalistic Perversion“kilem dutch gore  death metal!!!250Kc   

NEEDFUL THINGS“Dead Point“CZ kilem  grindcore first full CD!!!ONE COPY!!!250Kc

ESSENCE OF DATUM“Evedi the Horizon“russian brutal death metal attack !Killer death!!250Kc

IMPALED NAZARENE“Vigorous and Liberating Death“finnish sado black metal!!300Kc 

IMPALED NAZARENE“Pro Patria Finlandia“killer finish black metal legen don digipack edition!!300Kc

IMPALED NAZARENE“Manifest“ killer finish black metal legen don digipack edition!!300Kc 

EXTREME NOISE TERROR/DRILLER KILLER split MCd of two crust core legend !!250Kc

ENSLAVED“Mardraum –Beyond the Within“killer black metal legend back in stock!!300Kc 

UPSET NOISE“Nothing more to be said/Growing pain+Live in holland“ italian HC/punk legend on limited 200pcs box with CDs+DVD on FOAD recs!!Really old school!!!450Kc

AGATHOCLES/SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS split CD of two  old school band on one CD with new songs from both bands on Selfmadegod recs!!!KIller old school!!!!250Kc

DEIVOS“Theodicy“polish death metal cult with new  full album on Selfmadegod“250Kc  

KRIGBLAST“Power till Demise“kilem melodic ťarcho punk with Phobia and FINAL CONFLICT!!250Kc

TERRORIZER“Before the Downfall“killer double digipack with massive two booklets with many never seen Picture, unreleased songs, lives and rehearsals!!!Limited!!F.O.A.D. recs!!!Killer BOX!!450Kč

RIPPING ORGANS/PORNOCAUST split CD of dance porn gore grind core with new songs!!250Kc  

DEATHOPHOBIA“Caesearan Section“japanese gore metalin the vein of Exhumed…Sick!!250Kc

DELUSIONAL PARASITOSIS“Ingurgitating Intestinal Rot“sick gore death metal on NSE recs!!300Kc  

EXCIORIATION“Excoriation“New Standard Elite brutal death metal full CD!!300Kc

EUPHEGENIA“Telexisting Depravity“sick death metal on New Standard Elite!!300Kc  

CEREBRAL EFFUSION“Idolatry of the Unethical“brutal death metal on New Standard Elite!!300Kc

DISENTOMB“Misery“killer new  death metal act on New Standard Elite!300Kc 

GUTFUCK“Brutal Castration“brutal german slam metal for Katalepsy fans!!250Kc  

MORBID CRUCIFIXION“Decaying Human Flesh“kilem satanic slam with guttural vokills on Morbid Gen..250Kc

BRUTAL SPHINCTER“Dirty Jazz Bondage Club“gore grind on Rottenroll!!250Kc 

ARCHITECT OF DISSONANCE“Realm of the Deviant Throne“german gore  slam insanity on Rottenrol!!250Kc

ABSCESSION“Grave Offerings“killer sweden death metal inferno, Rottenrol!!250Kc   

EASTFRISIAN TERROR“Eastfrisi Apokalypse“origin german brutal death/grind on Rottenroll!!250Kc

ULCEROUS PHLEGM“Phlegm as a last Consequence“killer old school death/grind legend back with their collection of all EPs, demos and lives… SICK for  UG oldies!!250Kc

YACOPSAE/RAZOR split CD of german grinders v sold school punk devils fro 77ths… !!!250Kc  

EMBALMING THEATRE“No grind for old men“new  grind core songs from Swiss grinders!!250Kc

EXULCERATION/EMBALMING THEATRE split CD of two  killer  grind core  ands!!250Kc          

CLITEATER“Cliteaten back to life“killer grind core  commando back with new  CD!!250Kc 

ENTRENCH“Violent Procreation“cult sweden old school trash metal gods with new  full CD!!250Kc

LIVIDITY“…till only the Sick..“cult US gore death metal album back in stock..250Kc 

BURZUM“Den Store Smlingen“cult black  - collection of all eps(Et hvitt lys..,Feeble Screams, Spell of Destruction,Svarte Dauen, Once Emperor…), great collection !!Few copies..300Kc

CARBONIZED“Demo Collection“old school grind core legend with collection of demos – „Au-To Dafe“89, „Recarbonized“90, „No Canonization“90, „Demo 3“ 91 – killer CD!!Few copies!!300Kč

NIHILIST/ENTOMBED split collection CD with all demos („Premature Necropsy“, „Only Shreds Remain“, „Drowned“, „Radiation Sickness“, „But life ges on“, „Live bootleg EP“ death metal 300Kc

CARNAGE“Live Stockholm 4-11-89“old school live session on CD!!Few copies!!250Kc 

CRADLE OF FILTH“The Princes sof Darkness“black metal legend with live sessions from 1997 and 1999!200Kc

UNLEASHED“…And the Laughter has died“old school death metal demo collection („Utter Dark“90, „Revenge“90, „The Dark One“90, „Revenge Tour-live demo“91), killer cult!!300Kc

PYPHOMGERTUM/DAWN split CD – mexican vs sweden death metal legend on one disc!!250Kc  

RAPTURE“Infernal Manifest“mexican dark blackened satanic death metal attack!!250Kc

AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR“Terror,Incest and Death“sweden old school dirty raw trash/black metal !!250Kc

RIPCORD“Fast´n´Furious“complette demo sof  this fast  trashing hardcore!!LAST CD!!300Kc

LIVING DEATH“Vengeance of Hell“killer old school trash metal attack!!Last copies…300Kc

TÖXIKDEATH“Speed Metal Hell“killer trash metal gods on CD!!LAST COPY!!300Kc 

CEREBRAL INCUBATION“Asphyxiating on Excrement“sick slam brutal death metal!!250Kc 

GODLESS TRUTH“Too late to stop my hate“new MCD of this cult CZ death metal band!!200Kc

PENIS LEECH“Proliferation of Malignancy“italian slam gods with full CD!!250Kc    

DEFLESHUARY“From feast ro filth“killer US brutal death metal on Sevared recs!250Kc

UROGENITAL MACROPHAGE“Perversion and Sickness Destroy the Human Race“sick slamming from Chile250Kc 

FETAL DECAY“You have no choice“brutal death metal on Coyote!!250Kc

FESTERGUTS“Heritage of Putrescent“originál brutal death metal with symfonie influences!!250Kc

INFESTED BLOOD“The Master sof Grotesque“russian brutal death metal gods!!250Kc    

INFESTED BLOOD“Tribute to Apocalypse“russian brutal death metal gods!!250Kc

VARATHRON“Untrodden Corridors of Hades“killer black metal from Greece on Digipack!!300Kc  

ENTHRONED“Sovereigns“killer black metal legend with new  album on digipack!!Agonia!!300Kc

MASTERS HAMMER“The Jilemnicky Occultist“killer CZ black metal legend!!!300Kc  

NEGLIGENT COLLATERAL COLLAPSE“ReprocessSegment..“new full Cd of this  gore grinders from czech with 19 new songs on Obscene prod!!!Really great new dimension of gore250kc                                          

LYKATHEA AFLAME“Elvenefris“killer CZ death metal cult on repress double CD!!280Kc 300Kč

PHLEBOTOMIZED“Immense Inense Suspense/Skycontact“killer dutch death metal legend , digi double300Kc 

DOCTOR AND THE CRIPENS“Fired from the Circus“UK legend HC/punk !!!250Kc

MAYHEM/MORBID split CD of killer black metal legend!!Fe copies!!300Kc    

ABYSMAL DAWN“Obsolescence“killer death metal attack on Relapse recs!!300Kc

DEFACED“Forging the Sanctuary“swiss death metal ala Kataklysm on Rising Nemesis on DIGI!!300Kc 

ACRANIUS“Dishonor“brutal death metal on Rising Nemesis!!SIck!!!250Kc

STILLBIRTH“Global Error“german death metal inferno on Rising Nemesis recs!!250Kc  

PROFANITY“Hatred Hell within“brutal death metal EP on Rising Nemesis recs!!200Kc

MAXIMIZE BESTIALITY“Extraterrestrial Skolexomorphic Infestation“german sick slam death metal with grind core  elements on Rising Nemesis recs!!250Kč

EXTINCTIONIST“Portals of Extraterrestrial Invasions“sick slam death metal on Rissing Nemesis!!250Kc

PHALLOPLASTY“Systematic Mutilation“sick perverse slam brutal death metal!!250Kc

PUKAT HARIMAU“Suspicious“indonesian fucking  grind core/death 22 tracks!!250Kc  

PUTRIFICATION“Intolerance“russian brutal death commando on More Hate recs!!250Kc

CONTAMINATED“Your Ashes are nothing“ukrain brutal death metal attack!!250Kc  

PUS LACTATION“Kletka dlja Mozka“russian ultra brutal death metal attack !!SICK!!250Kc

INTERMINABLE“Nameless and Dead“ultra brutal death metal attack!!250Kc      

NECROHERESY“Devine Betrayal!“slovak old school death metal attack on Satarial  recs!!200Kc

RUSSIAN DEATH METAL  comp CD with:Aborted Fetus,Zoebeast,Putrification,Proteus,Bloodshed,Indeterminable,Afterburner,Detesting,Gmork,Miscreant,Warder,Dead Point and others!!250Kc

INTO THE CAVE“Sex and Lust“brasilian black metal commando on Rotten Foetus recs!!250Kc

FLAYED DISCIPLE“Death Hammer“british trashing  commando with death metal influences!!250Kc 

IĹL EAT YOUR FACE“Hot Brain Terror“grind core attack from Ireland!!Sick!!250Kc

THE FROST/MASSEMORD/VALDUR 3 way split CD of pure fucking  black metal from US!!250Kc

SWINE OVERLORD“Parables of Umbral Transcendence“sick death metal on Gore House!!250Kc 

CUFF“Transcent Suffering through the Ergosphere“killer unhuman sick death metal on Gore House!250Kc

STAGES OF DECOMPOSITION“Pile sof Rotting Flesh“sick slam death metal on Gore House recs!!250Kc 

PARTY CANNON“Partied in Half“slamming brutal death metal on Gore House recs!!250Kc

CANNIBE/KADAVERFICKER split CD – two  hyper gore grind new tracks on CD!!!250Kc  

PLAGUE RAGES“Atos de Retaliacao“killer brasilian grind core attacke with female singer!!250Kc

MASHER“Destroy music now and ever“brasilian old school grind noise masters with the whole production on collection double CDs!!!SICK RELEASE for SICK PEOPLE!!300Kc

SHITFUN/BIXERA split CD – two  brasilian grind core vs gore grind bands on one disc!!!Rotten Foetus!250Kc

THE KILL“Kill them all“killer new  full CD of aussie grind core masters on OE prod!!250Kc    

BITCH INFECTION“Tales from the …“killer  german porno gore grind with new full album!!250Kc  

ČAD“Tazky kov“killer slovak ripcore attack with new  full album on OE!!FAST!!250Kc  

MASS IDOLATRY“Impure“new italian furious grind core with sweden death metal influences!!250Kc

MEDIC VOMITING PUS“Thoracoabdominal Viscerectomy“brutal death metal on Amputated..digi300Kc 

SHATTERED EYES“To the Atrocious Path..“killer brutal death metal on Amputated Vein…250Kc

RELICS OF HUMANITY“Ominously Reigning Upon..“killer brutal death metal on Amputated!!250Kc 

BACK DOOR TO ASYLUM“Cerberus Millenia“russian brutal death on Amputated..250Kc

FLESHBOMB“Reincarnation in Abomination“sick russian death metal on Amputated!!250Kc 

POSTCOITAL ULCERATION“Continuation of Defective Existence“sick brutal death on Amputated!!250Kc

CEREBRAL EXTINCTION“Inhuman Theory of Chaos“sick death metal on Amputated!250Kc 

VEIYADRA“Gehenna“brutal death metal act on Amputated Vein recs!!250Kc

ROTTEN IN GORE“The Pleasure of Devouring Dying..“killer brutal death metal ,Amputated!250Kc 

KYOJIN DAIGYAKUSATSU“Muhaka“texas slamming   death metal on Amputated Vein!!250Kc  

DISENTOMB“Sunken Chambers of Nephilim“killer brutal death metal on Amputated..250Kc 

VISCERAL DISGORGE“Incesting Putirdity“killer brutal death metal attack on Amputated!250Kc

RANCID FLESH“The Sick art…some lessons of Pathology“killer brasilian sick gore grind!!250Kc 

BLOODTRUTH“Obedience“killer death metal on Unique Leader recs!!300Kc

SCATOLOGIC MADNESS POSSESSION/ENDOSCOPYC HEMORRHAGE/LETHAL SENSE 3way split gore grind CD from Brasil with pure gore grind new  songs!!!SICK!!!250Kc

PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR“SAME“killer first  full CD on repress again in stock!!250Kc  

DIPHTERIA“Claustrophobic“digipack of Pragues grind core attackers on L´Infantile recs!!250Kc

DIPHTERIA“Kdo nasype ptáčkům“killer CZ death metal with new  songs!!200Kc   

DIPHTERIA“Same“killer cz death metal new  CD!!250Kc

NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU“Com o Brasil..nao ha duem..“64songs dealing with Soccer game sof 2014 World cup, each song scream about each fotbal team!!!Killer album!!200Kc

NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU“Eu prometo..“59songs dealing with all sick politicians promises, INSANE!!Colored cover, colored CD – limited to 100pcs!!200Kc

NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU“Hvys Noiset Tar Crust“noise with Burzum black metal, cover songs, noise, grind!!!!Limited and hand numbered 100copies edition!!200Kc

NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU“Det Noise Engrind Var“better qualitty song sof Burzum tracks in Brasilian grind core  direction of noise master sof NYAB!!Hand numbered 100pcs!200Kc

NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU“Are you ready for Noise?“killer full album of brasilian grind core masters, just few last copies in stock!!250Kc

NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU“Retrato do Brasil“77songs CD-r profesional, colored cover and CD—r!!Sick grind pure  holocaust attack from Brasil!!200Kc

NERORGASMO“S/T“killer double CD+DVD box with massive booklets for nall fans of italian punk bastards with all remastered releases (cukt tapes and Eps)!!Out on F.O.A.D. recs!!400Kc

REVEL IN FLESH“Death Kult Legions“killer new  full CD of sweden death band on Cyclone Empire!!300Kc 

SATURNUS“Saturn in Ascension“melodic doom metal on Cyclone Empire recs…300Kc

ORIGIN“Omnipresent“killer death metal new full album on Agonia recs!!Digi,300Kč 

CENTINEX“Redeeming Filth“killer sweden cult death metal attack on digipacks on Agonia recs!!300Kč

INFERNO“Black Devotion“killer black metal on Agonia recs, digi!!300Kč  

INFERNO“Omniabscence filled by his greatness“cult black metal attack on Agonia recs, DIGIpack 300Kč

ROOT“Heritage of Satan“killer full album of CZ black metal on Agonia recs!!300Kc  

WITH ALL MY HATE“Deed of Voracity“sick slam death metal on Morbid Generation!!250Kc 

INTERNAL DEVOUR“Aborted and Slaughtered“ultra sick slam death metal on Morbid Generation!250Kc

SLAMENTATION“Crawling through the Morgue“sick slam death gore attack on Morbid Gener..250Kc

VIRULENT VASECTOMY“A Rehabilitation Centre for..“sick gore  slam massacre CD-r 150Kc  

DEHUMANIZATION“Meat Exposition“sick ultra brutal death metal on Morbig Generation!!CD250Kc

AGATHOCLES“It is what it is“killer new full album of mince core legend17 new tracks..250Kc 

AGATHOCLES“From Grey …to black“full album from 200-2004 with cyber grind core songs!!250Kc

AGATHOCLES“Full on in Nippon“killer live session from japan with DVD bonus!!SIck!!CD+DVD300Kc 

FATAL NUNCHAKU/BOB BARKER split CD fast powerviolence vs fast HC/grind onone CD200Kc

OBITUARY“Inked in Blood“killer new full CD of US legend on Relapse!!Really great work!!330Kc 

IMMORTAL“Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism“killer black metal attack!!300Kc  

LIVING DEATH“Vengeance of Hell“killer old school trash metal attack!!Last copies…300Kc

MARDUK“Opus Nocturne“killer black metal legendary album in stock!!300Kc 

MARDUK“Heaven shall burn…“ killer black metal legendary album in stock!!300Kc 

MARDUK“Serpent Sermon“ killer black metal legendary album in stock!!300Kc 

MORBID/MAYHEM split CD of two killer black metal legends, back in stock again, just few copies!!300Kc

OLD MANS CHILD“Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion“killer old school  black metal!!300Kc 

ROOT“Hell Symphony“killer old school CZ black metal attack, few copies!!300Kc

BATHORY“Bathory“sick north black metal legend back in stock!!!300Kc  

POSSESSED“Beast of the Apocalypse“killer megafan edition with live sessions and videoclips!!Rare  CD!!300Kc

ASPHYX“Deathhammer“killer death metal legendary  full album back in stock!!300Kc  

MORTA SKULD“Through the Eye of Death“killer old school death metal attack on Relapse!!300Kc

PORTAL“For all that is damned to vanish“killer  sweden death metal band full album!300Kc 

PORTAL/OUR DREADFUL SPHERE split CD of two death metal killer bands on one disk!!300Kc

CRETIN“Stranger“killer sick fast grind core new album on Relapse!!300Kc

PATHOLOGY“Incision of Perverse Debauchery“ brutal guttural death metal on digipack!300Kc 

NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666“Same“killer new full CD of german sick cyber pornogore grind!!250Kc  

BÖSEDEATH“Impaled from the Left“killer brutal death metal with slam elements!!250Kc 

ANNIHILATED“XIII Steps to Ruination“killer death metal attack on Unique Leader rec!!300Kc

HIDEOUS DIVINITY“Cobra Verde“ killer death metal attack on Unique Leader rec!!300Kc  

ACRANIA“Totalitarian Dystopia“ killer death metal attack on Unique Leader rec!!300Kc

GORGASM“Masticate to Dominate“ killer death metal attack on Unique Leader rec!!300Kc   

DECIMATION“Reign of Ungodly Creation“killer death metal inferno on Comatose music!!250Kc

SEPTICAL GORGE“Scourge of Formless Breed“sick death metal on Comatose recs!!250Kc  

REGURGITATION“Clitoraldectomy“killer gore  death  metal attack on Comatose music::250Kc

BLACK SKIES BURN“To Punish and Enslave“UK power grind core  attack madness!!250Kc 

CEREBRAL CRUSHER/FECAL ADDICTION split CD of groovy gore grind from Mexico and Costa Rica250Kc

TRIBUTE TO BLOOD(Anal Grind,Bowel Stew,Cannibe,Ebenath,Lividity,Mixomatosis,Rancid Flesh,Stickoxydal,Twisted Truth,Holocausto Cannibal, Pulmonary Fibrosis and many other bands!!250Kc

MINCER/FECAL BODY INCORPORATED/MENSTRUAL COCKTAIL/CANNIBE 4way split CD of  extréme gore grind bandswith new 26 extreme songs on one disk!!250Kc

TRIBUTE TO BRUTAL TRUTH – comp CD with Difenacum,Pornocaust,Brutal Freak,F.U.C.K.,Final Cunt,Bukowski,Pro Septico,Vaginal Kebab and many other play B.T. songs !!!SIck!!!250Kc

TRIBUTE TO DEAD INFECTION-comp CD with Haemorrhage,GSR,Apoplexy,Holocausto Cannibal,Pulmonary Fibrosis,Fecalizer,Serrabulho,PxExNxEx,M onigo,Vaginal Kebab and many other !!!250Kc

TRIBUTE TO VOMITORY-comp CD with Aposento,Pro Septico,Devouring,Mind Holocaust,Inexorable Chaos,Decaying Flesh,Mass Burial, Residual Minds and  many other play death metal!!250Kc


SUDDEN RAGE“Blind Trust“killer new CD of this death/grind on Coyote recs!!250Kc

DISACT“Statecrusher“brutal death metal act on Coyote recs!!2014 CD!!250Kc 

DR.GORE“Viscera“killer new  full Cd of slam brutal death metal act on Coyote recs!!250Kc

DISVIRGINIZAGORE“Desvircuartizando Genitals…..“sick brutal death metal on Coyote!!250Kc 

VAGINAL JUICE“Extensive Purulent Necrotic Process“sick gore grind from ukraine !!SICK!!!250Kc

DISFIGUREMENT OF FLESH“Herbarium with Grotesque Malformations“killer new full CD of Ossian slam brutal death metal on their own label!!KILLER RELEASE!!250Kc

DISFIGUREMENT OF FLESH“Psychotonic Abnormal..“sick brutal death metal(Sevared!!)250Kc 

ARROGANZ“Tod and Teufel“killer german death metal gods on FDA rekotz!!250Kc

DESERTED FEAR“Kingdom of Worms“killer old school death metal on FDA rekotz!250Kc 

HARM“Cadaver Christi“killer bombastic  death metal on FDA rekotz , few copies!!250Kc

GOLEM“Eternity-The Weeping Horizons/The 2nd Moon“killer old school german death metal back with thein collection of all releases on limited double CD on FDA rekotz!!300Kc

CONSIDERED DEAD“Mentally Tortured“sick old school death metal on FDA rekotz!!250Kc 

THORNAFIRE“Magnaa“killer chilean death metal attack on FDA rekotz!!250Kc

KEITZER“The Last Defence“german brutal death metal attack on FDA rekotz!!250Kc 

BOVINE“The Sun never sets on the British Empire“killer sludge rock/death metal on FDA recs ala Qeens of the..250Kc

GRAVEYARD OF SOULS“Shadows of Life“pure death metal inferno on FDA rekotz!!250Kc 

DEHUMAN REIGN“Destructive Intent“sick old school death metal attack on FDA rekotz!!250Kc

WOUND“Inhale the Void“killer death metal bombarders on FDA rekotz!!250Kc  

VONÖÖM“Punkrockterrorists“sick punky grind core attack on FDA rekotz!!200Kc

VILEFUCK“What Lies Ahead is really Dead“sick grind core  attack on FDA rekotz!!200Kc 

MASOCHIST“Siamese Sado-Masochist“sick gore grind from Asia , really perverse!!!250Kc

BREEDING THE SICK SPECIES comp CD(Cardiac Necropsy,Extreme Decay,Nagation…grind core !!!250Kc

ANAL FISTFUCKERS“Scat Porn Maniacs“really porn gore grind full of shits, sperm…250Kc 

HYPNOTIC“Taken of the sea“bombastic death metal attack on Splatter Zombie recs!!250Kc

VADER“Black to the Blind+live session“polis hold school death metal double CD on HHR!!300Kc  

VADER“Reborn in Chaos“polishc old school death metal release on HHR back in stock..250Kc

BIRFLESH“The Farmer´s Wrath“killer sweden grind core farmers on CD!!250Kc   

CRYPTOPSY“Blasphemy Made Flesh“killer old school fast death metal legend on HHR recs!!300Kc

COFFINS“Ancient Torture“killer japanese old school death metal on double CD!!300Kc 

MISERY INDEX“Pulling out the Nails“killer US death/grind core compilation releases on double CD!!300Kc

VILE“Rare tracks 1996-2004“killer US death metal legend with rare unreleased songs!!300Kc 

BORKNAGAR“Same“killer black metal legend on Hammerheart recs CD!!300Kc

SEVERE TORTURE“From Blood to Care“ killer two  full albumos on one double CD collection!!300Kc 

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MITHOTYN“Carved in Stome- the Discography“killer 3CD of sweden blackened death metal legend under the name Cerberus…Hammerhaert recs parade!!!!!350Kc last copy!!

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BEHERIT“At the Devils Studio 1990“killer black metal legend back in stock!!300Kc

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MASTER“Pieces“killer collection of the best songs from 1984-2000!!!Really CULT!!300Kc, just one copy!!!

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PURULENT JACUZZI“Combat 19“new 2014 promo CD with 4 new  killer tracks!!150Kc

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DEGENERHATE“Chronicles of the Apocalypse“italian fast  grind core in the vein of old school grind noise band ala Anal Cunt, with fantastic sound!!250Kc

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NORTT“Gudsforladt“killer depressive black/doom metal on Cyclone Empire!!300Kc

DECEMBER FLOWERS“When all life ens..“melodic death metal on Cyclone Empire!300Kc 

MYTHOLOGICAL COLD TOWERS“Immemorial“epic doom black death metal onCyclone Empire300Kc

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DARKNESS BY OATH“Fear Yourself melodic death metal on Cyclone Empire!

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VOMITING CORPSES“Coma:The Spheres of Innocence“killer Us death metal ala Cannibal Corpse, Deicide…Really great CD!!250Kc

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DEFECATE ORGANS“Beyond the Shattered Cortex“killer death metal on PER MCD!200Kc 

IN THOUSAND LAKES“Martyrs of Evolution“melodic 90´s death metal on Pathologically Explicit!!MCD 200Kc

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LIMBO“Panon 666“gop grind from Ukraine on kilem MCD!!200Kc

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HAEMOPHAGUS“Atrocious“italian splatter horro gore death/grind,Razorback recs!250Kc  

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DEATH VOMIT“Gutted by Horrors“death metal ala Cancer, Carbonized on Xtreem 250Kc  

EXMORTIS“Resurrection…Book of the Dead“death metal ala Death,Possessed,Slayer..Xtreem 250Kc

EMETH“Aethyr“killer brutal death metal ala Suffo, Aborted..on Xtreem 250Kc       

GOREZONE“Brutalities of modern domination“killer brutal death metal ala Devourment, Disgorge on Xtreem 250Kc

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HOUR OF PENANCE“Pagaentry for Martys“death metal attack ala Deeds..on Xtreem recs!!250Kc

NECROPSY“Psychopath Next Door“killer death metal ala Funebre, Purtenance on Xtreem 250Kc 

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TRASCEDENTAL“Nothingness“death metal ala Death,Pestilence,Gorguts…on Xtreem recs!!250kc

UNDERGANG“Til Doden os Skiller“killer death metal ala Grave, Entombed..Xtreem 250Kc   

UNDERGANG“Indhentet af Doden“ killer death metal ala Grave, Entombed..Xtreem 250Kc

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ANDRALLS“Andralls“trash metal ala Sepultura,Slayer on Xtreem recs!!250Kc

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DANTALION“All Roads Lead to Death“black metal ala Watain, Shinnig.on Xtreem250Kc 

FROZEN DAWN“Those of the Cursed Light“black/death ala Necrophobic,Watain…on Xtreem recs!!250Kc

ERED“Goatworshipping Metal“killer black metal attack on Grotesque!!250Kc  

ERUPTION“Tenses Collide“trash metal attack ala Kreator,Testament,Exodus on Xtreem records250Kc

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NEXUS 6“A Strange Habitat“black metal ala Emperor on Xtreem recs!!250Kc   

OMISSION“Trash metal is Violence“killer trash metal ala Kreator,Sadus,Sodom,Destruction..Xtreem recs!250Kc

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REDIMONI“Standing before the end of Time“trash metal ala Hellwitch, Destruction, Sodom..Xtreem 250Kc

SVIPDAGR“Black verses“killer black metal ala Darkthrone, Immortal,Bathory on Xtreem250Kc 

SPELLCRAFT“Yersinis Pestis“black metal ala Satyricon,Dissection,Mörk Gryning on Xtreem!250Kc

THE HERETIC“Gospels songs in E mirror“black metal ala Arcturus,Covenant..on Xtreem 250Kc 

VIDRES A LA SANG“Endins“dark death metal ala Aeternus,Behmoth…on Xtreem recs!250Kc

WINTERWOLF“Cycle of the Werewolf“death metal ala Entombed, Demilich..on Xtreem 250Kc  

WRONG“Pessimistic Outcomes“black metal ala TAAKE,Satyricon.. on Xtreem records..250Kc

ILLOGICIST“The Unconsciousness of Living“killer Willowtip kind of grind!!250Kc  

IRON REAGAN“The Tyrrany of Will“kilem trashing inferno of Municipal Waste members on Relapse!!300Kc

MALEVOLENT CREATION“The Will to Kill/Warkult“killer albums on limited double CD!!350Kc 

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DEKAPITATOR“We will destroy…you will obey“killer trash metal cult on Relapse recs!!!300Kc

MITHOTYN“Carved in Stone“killer melodic black metal with compilation of all releases on limited 3CD box with all thein materials!!!Hammer Heart recs!!300Kc

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PSYCROPTIC“The Scepter of the Ancients“kilem  death metal attack back in stock!!300Kc

RINGS OF SATURNUS“Lugal Kl En“killer  technical death metal on Unique Leader with new  full CD300Kc 

BLOODTRUTH“Obedience“killer death metal attack on Unique Leader recs!!300Kc

DEFLESHED AND GUTTED“S/T“ killer slaming brutal death metal TXDM for SICK fans!!250Kc

THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING“Slow Death by Grinding“killer today already old school aussie gore grind with thein legendary album on NO ESCPAE recs back in stock!!300Kc

THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING“Invention:Destruction“killer today already old school aussie gore grind with thein legendary album on NO ESCPAE recs back in stock!!300Kc

GORGASM“Destined to Violate“killer new full CD of US band with 13 new song sof pure Gorgasm!!300Kc 

LACERATION“Severing the Divine Iniquity“full album on New Standard Elite!!300Kc

DISENTOMB“Misery“killer new  death metal act on New Standard Elite!300Kc 

ABHORRENT CASTIGNATION“Throne of Existential Abandonment“ killer death metal act on New Standard Elite!300Kc

ASPHYXIATE“Self Transform from Decayed Flesh“ killer death metal act on New Standard Elite!300Kc 

ABHORRATION“s/t“ killer new  death metal act on New Standard Elite!300Kc

GORE INFAMOUS“Cadaver in Methodical Overture“ killer death metal on New Standard EliteMCD!250Kc 

SEMINAL EMBALMMENT“Stackled and  Sodomized“New Standard Elite massacre !!300Kc

SECRETED ENTITY“Horrifying Hallucinations of Ungodly Activities“ killer new  death metal act on New Standard Elite!300Kc 

SCATORGY“S/T“sick death metal on New Standard Elite!!300Kc

PATHOLOGICAL SADISM“Humaqn Centipede“killer slaming brutal death metal from Thailand200Kc

LUMPUR“Skema Pembalasam Sempurna“indonesian killer death emtal on NSE recs!!MCD250Kc 

LAHAR/EXORCIZPHOBIA split CD of two CZ trash metal gods ala Municipal Waste!!250Kc

LAHAR“Umění Strachu“killer  CZ trash metal bombarders on CD version!!250Kc 

MORDBRAND“Unmake“killer sweden death metal on Doomentia recs, new  MCD of the killers!!200Kc

INTERMENT/BRUTALLY DECEASED split CD of  death metal bands ala sweden death killers!!250Kc 

BRUTALLY DECEASED“Black Infernal Vortex“killer CZ death metal ala sweden cults!!Digi250Kc

ZOMBIFICATION“Process Through Infestation“killer death metal on Doomentia digi!!250Kc 

MASTER“Collection of Souls“killer CZ death metal attck on digipack version!!Doomentia!!250Kc

BARBATOS“Rocking Metal Motherfucker“killer trashing black metal attack!!250Kc   

DEATH ANGELS“Noite Negra“killer  trashing inferno attack on AreaDeath recs!!250Kc – just one  COPY!!!

PENTAGRAM CHILE“The Malefice“killer chilean death metal cult  attcak on Cyclone Empire recs!!300Kc 

MOUNTAIN THRONE“Stormcoven“killer death metal attacke on Cyclone Empire!!300Kc

DECEMBER FLOWERS“When all life ens…“killer death metal onCyclone Empire!!300Kc

MYTHOLOGICAL COLD TOWERS“I´m Memorial“dark death metal on Cyclone Empire!!300Kc

VULGAROYAL BLOODHILL/SULSA split MCD – two hyper gore grind bands on new label from SOUTH KOREA!!Killer release from both bands!! 200Kc

CHRISTFUCK/CAVE HAVE ROD  split MCD of two killer gore grind bands on new label from SOUTH KOREA!!Killer release from both bands!! 200Kc

CORPSEFUCKING ART“Quel Cimitero Accanto..“killer new full Cd of italian death!!250Kc  

7 H.Target“0:00 Apocalypse“killer new slam death metal on Sevared!!250Kc

DECAYING IMPURITY“Malignant Ressurection of the Fallen Souls“killer new  death metal act!!250Kc 

ANDROMORPHUS REXALIA“Cosmic Collision Into Filth..“killer death metal on Sevared!250Kc

SPLATTERED ENTRAILS“Undercooked Intrauterine Delicacies“killer slam death metal!250Kc 

OMINOUS GATEKEEPER“Six miles down the well“killer death metal act on Sevared!250Kc

REINFECTION“Peace through Killing“rare polich death metal on Sevared!!250Kc   

EXTIRPARTING THE INFECTED“Rebornin Putrefaction“sick ultra slam death metal!!250Kc  

VERMINOUS“Depraved Institution“killer death metal on Sevared recs!!!Sick!!250Kc

PLASMOPTYSIS“Breeds of the Malevolence“killer indonesian death metal!!250Kc

RITUAL FLESH“Splatter Grind Abortion“rhytmic brutal gore death/grind from Chile !!250Kc 

GUINEAPIG“Bacteria“groovy gore grind italian band ala CBT!!!Totally amazing for CBT fans!!250Kc

PAROXYSMAL BUTCHERING“Human Smasher“killer death catasthropic death metal attack!!250Kc 


HARMONY FAULT“Savage Horror Dementia“sick brasilian ultra gore Death/grind  full CD!!250Kc


HIERARCHICAL PUNISHMENT“The Humanity walks this way“brasilian pure grind core!!250Kc  

MATA BORRAO“Assim Já DiziaAugusto…“killer fast brasilian grind core  attack on full CD!!250Kc

GHOSTRIDER“The Return of the Ghost“italian black trash metal on FOAD recs!!KIller  CDD!!250Kc

DEVANGELIC“Resurrection Denied“italian brutal death metal on Comatose!!!250Kc   

BLOODSOAKED“Religious Apocalypse“killer new CD of US brutal death metal on Comatose!250Kc

SEPTICAL GORGE“Erase the Insignificant“italian brutal death metal commando,Comatose!250Kc 

TWICH OF THE DEATH NERVE“A New Code of Morality“UK brutal death metal on Comatose!250Kc

EZOPHAGOTHOMIA“Oratory from the Burning Coffins“kilem new  slam brutality !!!250Kc  

SLAUGHTERDAY“Ravenous“new killer MCD of this dark death metal on FDA rekotz!250Kc 

ENDING QUEST“The Summoning“killer sweden death metal ala Grave,Entombed…FDA rekotz!!300Kc

RUDE“Soul Recall“killer death metal ala old Pestilence on FDA rekotz!!GREAT!!300Kc   

HARM“Cadaver Christi“rotten death metal from USA on FDA rekotz!!Killer old school!!300Kc

DECAPITATED CHRIST“Arcane Impurity Ceremonies“blackened death metal ala Morbid Angel,Immolation, Possessed and  Bolt Thrower on FDA rekotz!9 new hammering  songs !!!300Kc

DEROGATORY“Above all else“ killer  old school death metal on FDA Rekotz!!300Kc   

SLAUGHTERDAY“Nightmare Vortex“ killer  old school death metal on FDA Rekotz!!300Kc

SULPHUR AEON“Swallowed By the Ocean´s Tide“killer german death metal ala Behemoth!!FDA!!300Kc   

MORFIN“Inoculation“ killer  old school death metal on FDA Rekotz!!300Kc            

DEROGATORY“Above all else“killer death metal attack on FDA rekotz!!Killer old school death metal!!300Kc

NASUM“Exhale/Inhale“killer sweden grind core  attack on Relapse recs!!300Kc

NASUM“Human 2,0“ killer sweden grind core  attack on Relapse recs!!300Kc   

NASUM“Helvete“ killer sweden grind core  attack on Relapse recs!!300Kc

DEATH“Leprosy“killer old school  death metal act on repress double CD on Relapse with bonus CD including live session from Germany in 1993. Killer double CD!!450Kc

DEATH“Spiritual Healing“ killer old school  death metal act on repress double CD on Relapse with bonus CD including demo sessions . Killer double CD!!450Kc

DEATH“Human“killer old school  death metal act on repress double CD on Relapse with bonus CD including live session from Germany in 1993. Killer double CD!!450Kc

DEATH“Vivus“ killer old school  death metal act on repress double CD on Relapse with bonus CD including two killer live sessions . Killer double CD!!450Kc

KILL THE CLIENT“Set for Extinction“killer  fast power grind core on Relapse recs!!300Kc  

KILL THE CLIENT“Cleptocracy“ killer  fast power grind core on Relapse recs!!

DYING FETUS“History Repeats..“killer full CD with cover songs (Napalm Death,Bolt Thrower,Dehumanized,Broken Hope,Pestilence,Cannibal Corpse……!!Sick Cd on Relapse recs!!300Kc

DYING FETUS“Reign Supreme“killer last full Cd of  US grind core on Relapse recs!!300Kc 

REGURGITATE“Sickening Bliss“killer sweden gore grind legend with last full CD on Relapse!!300Kc

REPULSION“Horrified“killer grind core old school on double CD with many bonuses!Relapse!330Kc 

LENG TCHÉ“Hypomanic“full CD of  grind core  ODS on Season of Mist recs!!SICK!!300Kc

DECAPITATED“Carnival is Forever“kilem polish death metal legend!!Nuclear Blast!!300Kc 

AT THE GATES“Suicidal Final Art“cult album on digipack with bonuses video tracks!!Peaceville!!300Kc

SEVERE TORTURE“Slaughtered“killer full CD of  dutch butchers from 2010 on Season of Mist!300Kc 

SKIT SYSTEM“Enkel Resa Till Rännstenen“killer sweden D-beat crust grind onHHR!!300Kc

LOCK UP“Necropolis Transparent“killer old school grind core with Napaln Death members!300Kc

 NECROPHOBIC“Bloodhymns“killer sweden death metal cult legend on HHR!!300Kc

NECROPHOBIC“The Nocturnal Silence“killer sweden death metal cult legend on HHR!!300Kc      

NECROPHOBIC“Satanic Blasphemies“killer sweden death metal cult legend on HHR!!300Kc

NECROPHOBIC“Spawned By Evil“killer sweden death metal cult legend on HHR!!300Kc      

NECROPHOBIC“The Third Antichrist“killer sweden death metal cult legend on HHR!!300Kc

NECROPHOBIC“Darkside“killer sweden death metal cult legend on HHR!!300Kc

FECALIZER/MIXOMATOSIS split CD – new  killer gore grind songs from bothe bands!!!250Kc

INTO SICKNESS“Reasons to Grind Vol.II“killer mexican gore  death/grind core on full CD!!250Kc 

UNLIGHT“The Katalyst of the Katharsis“killer blackened death metal attack- War Anthems recs!!250Kc

GROT“I have no mouth and i must scream“killer grind  core release on HHR!!250Kc  

WORMED“Quasinneutrality“killer spain technical death metal in best  qualitty!Rules!!300Kc

WORMED“Exodromos“ killer spain technical death metal in best  qualitty!Rules!!300Kc 

WORMED“Planispherium“ killer spain technical death metal in best  qualitty!Rules!!300Kc

INFANTICIDE“Misconception of Hope“kilem  sweden grind core ala Nasum on Willowtip!!300Kc  

DEFEATED SANITY“Passages into Deformity“technical brutality on Willowtip, CD+DVD bonus!!320Kc

MALIGNANCY“Inhuman Grotesqueries“killer unhuman death slam on Willowtip recs!!300Kc 

PHOBIA“22 random acts of Violence“killer  grind core  attack on Willowtip recs!!300Kc

PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT“FromCrotch to Crown“kilem new  bombastic full CD after 6 years!!Old school death metal with modern technical riffs and  brutality on Willowtip recs!!300kc

NAUSEA“Condemned to the Systém“new full CD the new borders of  grind core on Willowtip!Mix old Terrorizer, Repulsion , Nails music and  new  killer unreleased songs on one disc!!!300Kc

FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE“Mafia“monstrous technical death metal with new MCD on Willowtip recs!!250Kc 

FINAL EXIT“Another (S)hit sof old vinyls“killer japanese fast  grind  noise attack on OE release!!250Kc

FEAR OF GOD“Burladingen Steinen Fribourg“killer 89 remastered noise/grind  songs on CD!!250Kc 

DOOM“Fuck Peacville“killer crust grind core legend with new  remastered CD on digi format!300Kc

MALEVOLENT CREATION“In Cold Blood“killer old school death metal on CD, last copy!300Kc  

MALEVOLENT CREATION“Eternal“killer old school death metal on CD, last copy!300Kc

MALEVOLENT CREATION“The Fina Art of Murder old school death metal on CD, last copy!300Kc

NECRODEATH“Into the Macabre“old school italian trash metal combo on repress CD/DVDbox on FOAD recs!300Kc

NECRODEATH and SCHIZMO“Mondocane“italian trash metal attack!250Kc digi

ZOMBIFIED“Carnage Slaughter and Death“kilem  death metal attack on Cyclone Empire!!300Kc 

PUTERAEON“The Esoteric Order“killer death metal legend on digipacks on Cyclone Empire!!300Kc

FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING“The Art of Coming Apart“death metal bombs on Cyclone Empire!!digi!!300Kc 

DARKENESS BY OATH“Near Death Experience“killer death metal on Cyclone Empire!300Kc

PUTERAEON“Cult Cthulhu“killer death metal on Cyclone Empire recs!300Kc 

PUTERAEON“The Crawling Chaos“killer death metal on Cyclone Empire recs!!300Kc

CANCER“Death shall rise“old school UK death metal  on repress Cyclone Empire!!300Kc 

CANCER“To the Gory End“old school UK death metal bombardments on repress Cyclone Empire!!300Kc

CANCER“the sin sof Mankind“old school UK death metal bombardments on repress Cyclone Empire!!300Kc

HADES“If a first you don´t succeed“US killer trash speed metal on Cyclone Empire recs300Kc

HADES“Resisting Success“ US killer trash speed metal on Cyclone Empire recs300Kc  

HADES“Live on Location“ US killer trash speed metal on Cyclone Empire recs300Kc

AGATHOCLES/CANNIBE split Cd of grind core bands  with older unreleased songs!250kc 

 EXPLODING THE CRANIAL“Colonize Machine Killer of Morals“indonesian brutal death metal!!250kc

DECOMPOSED“Desecrating the Divine“killer indonesian brutal death metal!!250Kc    

BRAIN ASS“Primordial uncouth“indonesian death metal attack on last copies CDs!!250Kc

DELIRIUM MENTAL“Imajinasi Tak Bertuhan“killer indonesian brutal death metal!!250Kc  

DEPRAVITY SAVAGE“Merancang Neraka“killer indonesian death metal attack!250Kc

DIGGING UP“Dissemintaed Inapparent Infection“indonesian brutal death metal attack!250kc  

VENOMED“Removal“indonesian death metal attack on few copies!!Sick!250Kc

NEAR DEATH CONDITION“Evolving Towards Extinction“killer death metal on Unique Leader!300Kc 

BENEATH“The Barren Throne“ killer death metal on Unique Leader!300Kc 

INANIMATE EXISTENCE“A Neverending Cycle of Atonement“ killer death metal on Unique Leader!300Kc 

PILLORY“Evolutionary Miscarriage“ killer death metal on Unique Leader!300Kc 

OMNIHILITY“Deathslapes of the Subconsscious“ killer death metal on Unique Leader!300Kc   

FALLUJAH“The Flesh Prevails“ killer death metal on Unique Leader!300Kc  

ALTERBEAST“Immortal“ killer death metal on Unique Leader!300Kc  

SOREPTION“Deterioration of Minds“ killer death metal on Unique Leader!300Kc  

DISGORGE“Parralels of Infinity Torture“killer Us death metal on Unique Leader!!!300Kc 

ANAL VOLCANO“!No Puedo Vivir Sin Eso!“killer japanese gore grind band ala JIG-AI on first MCD!200Kc

DISGORGE“Gorelics“killer collection of all tapes, eps.. of mexican gore grinders!!250Kc 

DISGORGE“Live in Germany“killer live show on Cd with amazing  sound!!!250Kc

SROTOCTOMY“From Torture to Putrefaction“killer gore slam death on Gore House !!Digi!!250Kc 

STAGES OF DECOMPOSITION“Pile sof Rotting Flesh“sick slam death metal on Gore House recs!!250Kc 

HELLRAIZER“Disclosure of Cosmogony:Dawn to the Ruination“technical death metal!!!250Kc

INTERNAL AMPUTATION“Abortus Iminens“killer slamming guttural death metal from Indonesia!250Kc 

MEPHISTOPHELES“Eternal Suffering“indonesian guttural death metal on WAAR prods!!200Kc

GEGGAR OTAK“Avaricious Creature“killer indonesian brutal death metal attack!!250Kc  

SICKLES“Series Elite Disaster“killer indonesian brutal death metal attack !!250Kc

INFIDEL?/CASTRO“Case Studies of Bioentropy“experimental industrial noise attack!!Just one  copy!!300Kc

KRABATHOR“Lies“repress CD of cult CZ death metal legend back in stock with bonuses!!250Kc 

KRABATHOR“Orthodox“repress CD of cult CZ death metal legend with bonus songs!!250Kc

HYPNOS“The Revenge Ride“killer CZ death metal legend back in stock!!250Kc   

HYPNOS“In Blood we trust“killer CD death metal legend  back in stock!250Kc

EXMORTIS“Darkened Path Revealed“killer old school US death metal(demos 88/89,all Eps, and killer unreleased songs contains  20pages booklet !!Necroharmonic recs!!250Kc

SLAMOPHILIAC“Slam Obsessed“killer slaming brutal death metal attack from CDN recs!!250Kc 

GUTTED ALIVE“Culmination of Mutilation“killer brutal slaming death metal on CDN recs!!250Kc

SPILLING ENTRAILS“Slamosaurus Rex“killer slam brutal death metal with Slamophiliac members!250Kc 

CATHARSIS“Rhyming Life and Death“killer technical death metal ala Cynic,Atheist…250Kc

ATROCITY“Let War Rage“buldozering death komando for Napalm Death fans!!250Kc  

BE FADING FAST“Global Attack“czech brutal death metal attack on Mad Lion recs!!250Kc

NUCLEAR VOMIT“Koryto“killer  polish gore grind attack!!250Kc  

NUCLEAR VOMIT“Obora“sick polish extreme gore grind on Mad Lion recs!!250Kc

NAUSEA“World Struggle demos 88-93“killer crusty grind core on digipacks (FOAD)250Kc  

BULLDOZER“The Exorcism“legendary italian blacky metal on frepress digipack on FOAD!!250Kc

RAW POWER“Screams from the Gutter“killer legendary italian HC on digipack (FOAD)250Kc  

RAW POWER“You are the Victim/God´s Course“ killer legendary italian HC on digipack (FOAD)250Kc  

KHAOZ“Salvation Through Bloodshed“extremely psycho death of Sinister members!!250Kc  

PROFANATION“Contorted bodls in Pain“imposant Kipling brutal machinery on full CD!!250Kc

OFFENSE“R.A.W.“killer old school death metal ala Asphyx on Mad Lion!!250Kc   

INZEST“Grotesque New World“killer austrian death core  attack on Mad Lion!!250Kc

ANTHEM“Phosphorus“blasting death metal in the vein of Deicide, Morbid Angel..250Kc  

BESTIAR“Inferno Invert“barbaric death metal on Mad Lion!!250Kc

PARRICIDE“Just Five“killer polish grind core  death metal on Mad Lion!!250Kc    

PARRICIDE“Kingdom of Downfall“ killer polish grind core  death metal on Mad Lion!!250Kc

DARK DISCIPLE“Kill Everything-Worship nothing“killer  death metal from US!!250Kc  

GROINCHURN“Thuck – Grinding South Africore..“killer african grind core  legend attack!!!250Kc

SPOSA IN ALTO MARE“Nevergrind“killer italian fast  grind core  attack on first  full CD!!250Kc  

HUMAN CULL“Stillborn Nation“perfekt grind core manils on CD/LP too!!!250Kc

ATOMCK“Nev er Work“killer  UK fast noisy grind core attack!!250Kc  


BOMBS OF HADES“Aromic Temples“sweden crusty death metal on War Anthen recs!!250Kc  

IMMORTAL RITES“Art of Devolution“german black metal attck on Morbid recs!!Last copies!!250Kc

DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT“Necrovision“cult black metal !!250Kc     

DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT“Saldorian Spell“cult black metal !!250Kc

WARSORE/AUTORITAR split CD of  killer  aussie fastiest grind core vs grind core!!250Kc 

DISTUREBANCE PROJECT“Gritta Mierdas Puedas“spain kilem  fast  grind core new CD 2014!!!250Kc

HUTT“Sessao Descarrego“brazilian horror grind core attack with new  CD!!250Kc  

WARFUCK“Meantification“kilem fast  grind core  attack on CD!!SICK!!!250Kc

CEPHALIC IMPURITY“Eulogium for Incessancy“new killer ful Cd of  Ossian death metal ODS!!250Kc 

 PLACENTY POWERFIST“Parasitic Decay“raw brutality slam machine ala Cephalitripsy…250Kc

VOMIT GOD“Exuding Anal Pustule of Society“killer slam brutal death metal on Rising Nemesis!!250Kc 

THE INFINITY WITHIN“Bestial Void Inevitability“killer  technical death metal ala Nile!!250Kc

REPUGNANCE“Seeds of Oppression“killer brutal death metal from Malta on Anopsys recs!250Kc 

PAEDIATRICIAN“Surgical excoriation“brutal death metal on Ungodly Ruins recs!!250Kc

ENBLUDGEOMENT“Infinite Regress“killer brutal death metal US attack from Ungodly Ruins!!250Kc  

OSSUARY ANEX“Awakening“killer  brutal death metal on Souflesh Collector!200Kc

NUCLEUS“The Colony“brutal death metal on Anopsys recs!!250Kc   

PLAGUE“Abyssviver“killer brutal death metal on Anopsys recs!!250kc

ARCHIDEUS“Awakening of Sins“brutal death metal attack on Souflesh Collector!250Kc 

LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY – REST IN GORE – double CD of killer gore grind legend with thein  full collection of all releases!! Back in stock on limited double CD!!128 songs + 28 unreleased songs!!400Kc

HYMEN HOLOCAUST/NECROTAMPON/THE CREATURES FROM THE TOMB 3 way split CD of extreme buldozering  commandos on one CD!!SICK for brutal feasts!!250KC

IATROGENIA“Negligence…“killer slam brutal death metal on Coyote!!250Kc   

DATURA“Spreading the Absorption“killer brutal death metal new full CD on Coyote recs!!250Kc

POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER“Exhumation of Sacred Impunity“killer death metal on Coyote!!250Kc 

KEVLAR SKIN“Transmigrator“killer spain death metal on limited digipacks!!250Kc

VISCERAL DISORDER“Dead Body Party“Ossian killer slam death metal !!Debut full CD!!250Kc  

COGNITIVE“Same“killer death metal album on  Pathologically Explicit recordings!!250Kc

NEPHRECTOMY“Interspecies Bondage“killer new  full CD of slam brutality on Morbid Generation!!250Kc 

FEKAL GOD“Thee Flesh we Mutilate“sick groovy slam guttural death metal 250Kc

KORPSE“Same“brutal slam death metal on Morbid Generation recs250Kc      

MARASMO“The Emethic Tales“killer  extreme mexican gore  grind!First  full CD!!250Kc

GORESPLATTERED/ABRASIVE/RAPTURE 3way CD – gore  grind attack on one  CD!!250Kc 

PERVERTED DEXTERITY“Primitive Scene of Inhumanity“indonesian brutal death metal!!250Kc

PUKELIZATION“Mental Lords“old school japanese brutal death metal attack!250Kc  

DEATH VOMIT“Prophecy“asian killer  death metal attack, only last two copies left!!250Kc

ANTITHESIS“Subjugator of Machine“killer indonesian brutal death metal attack!!250Kc  

 KALUMAN“S/T“indonesian brutal death metal attack on seld released full CD!!!250Kc

RAPED BY PIGS“Squealing to the New World“killer brutal slamming colorado death on Ossuary industries!250Kc 

GOREPOT“All you can smoke“gore  slamming death metal from Asia!!250Kc

INCARNATED“Try efore die“killer  new  gore  death metal album on Selfmadegod!250Kc  

BRUTAL BLUES“Brutal Blues“revolutionary grind core  act on Selfmadegod!!200KC

MOVE THE MOON“Introduce to the Knowledge“killer  brutal death metal with jazz parts!!Digi!!280Kc 

CANCEROUS WOMB“Born of a Cancerous Womb“slaming brutal death metal on Grindscene250Kc

ACRANIUS“When Mutation Becomes Homicidal“masterpiece of slam brutality on Rising Nemesis!250Kc 

KOREOPSIS“Resin“brutal death metal with jazzy  inserts!!Fastbeast recs250Kc

INFERIA“Fistament“killer finnish gore grind core with new  full CD on Rising Nemesis!250Kc  

PUBLIKK ENEMY“Death Swag“non-compromising brutal death slam from Holland!!!SICK!!250Kc

ICHORID“Proces sof a Rotting World“killer german death metal act on Rising Nemesis!250Kc  

PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR“SAME“killer first  full CD on repress again in stock!!250Kc  

SYK“Atoma“killer italian new  project of Psychophagist members with woman vokills,DIGI 250Kc

DIPHTERIA“Kdo nasype ptáčkům“killer CZ death metal with new  songs!!200Kc   

DIPHTERIA“Same“killer cz death metal new  CD!!250Kc

GUTRECTOMY“Slamageddon“killer  slam death metal on Rotteroll!!250Kc      

FUNERAL RAPE“Sperm Overdose“killer italian porno gore  death metal on Redrum recs!!Sick and porn!!250Kc

SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION“Sheeps and  Guns“killer last selfreleased full album of french grind core legends on strictly limited edition on digipack!! 300Kc

FACEFUCK“Domain of Perverted Pleasures“killer  slamming  brutal death metal on Rotten Music!!250Kc

ABHORENT“History of the World´s End“south american trash/death with 89-98 releases!250Kc

BARBATOS“War, Speed and Power“killer japanese black/trash with punk influences!!250Kc 

BARBATOS“Street Metal gig in Ikebukuro“japanese black/punkies on live session, one copy!!250Kc

ENBILULUGUGAL“Noizemongers for Goatserpent“uf, really low-fi black metal with ultra harsh noise  and experimental album of US manils!!Best  release on limited double CD on Crucial Blast recs!!300Kc

SCOTT HULL“Audiofilm 2“project of Scott from Pig Destroyoer/Agoraphobic Nosebleed) with his electro harsh noise for fans of Bastard Noise mix  with japanese noisers!! 3“MCD on Crucial Blast!200Kc

T.O.M.B.“UAG“uf really depressive  harsh black metal noise on Crucial Blast recs!!DIGI!!300Kc  

T.O.M.B.“Pennhurst/Xesse“ really depressive  harsh black metal noise on Crucial Blast recs!!DIGI!!300Kc

EPISTASIS“Light through dead glass“avantgarde blackened jazz metal on Crucial Blast-digi!250Kc 

CLOAK OF ALTERING“Plague Beast“blackened chaotic noise fast drumming project!!DIgi 300Kc

THEOLOGIAN“Some Things have to be endured“NY industrial apocalyptic dark wave synth death master with new  kilem  atmospheric album on Crucial Blast recs on ltd digipack!!300Kc

MULK“Testo(Y)sterie“killer cyber extréme gore grind on digipsck!!300Kc 

MASSIV SEX TRAUMA/ASS DEEP TONGUED split digipacks of pure hateful potrap vs groovy pornogoregrind!!300Kc

SATAN REVENGE OF MANKIND/PULMONARY FIBROSIS split CD of two  extréme gore grind bands!!250Kc  

ROACH SODOMY/MULK split CD of cyber CZ gore grind vs extréme cyber gore!200KC

MINCER/FECAL BODY INCORPORATED/MENSTRUAL COCKTAIL/CANNIBE 4way split CD of  extréme gore grind bandswith new 26 extreme songs on one disk!!250Kc

MIND“Save Yourself from Hell“killer crust punk with ENT singer and othe r great person!!For fans of Disrupt, Extreme Noise Terror, Doom….Really bombastic CD full of hate!!!250Kc

PSYCHO“Chainsaw Priest“after long time silence new full CD of US horror grindcore punk attack!!250Kc 

FETAL BLEEDING“Basa Basi Busuk“killer slam death metal from Asia on first full CD!!250Kc

GAF“Mongofied“killer  finnish extréme gore grind on full CD back in stock!!250Kc    

GAF“Cultivate Disdain“ killer  finnish extréme gore grind on full CD back in stock!!250Kc

NEURO-VISCERAL EXHUMATION“The Human Society wnats more Gore“killer brasilian extréme gore grind on limited digipacks back in stock. 300Kc

BLOOD MORTIZED“S/T“killer sweden death metal cult with thein first full CD!!250Kc   

NECROTIC CHAOS/CARDIAC NECROPSY split CD of two  hyper death/grind bands on CD!!250Kc

CUMGUN“Suck the Guts from my Slut“sick gore  death metal from Canada back in stock!!SIck repase!!250Kc 

ENDOCRANIAL“Impact of Change“brutal death metal attack from Ukraine!!!Severad!!250Kc

EMBYONIC DEPRAVITY/GOREVENT split CD of gore  death metal on Sevared!!250Kc  

ABNORMALITY“Contaminating the Hive Mind“fiale vokals and  perfekt brutal death metal on Sevared!250Kc

FLESH CONSUMED“Collection“kilem  collection of „New Order..“+Fermented Slaughter“+“Inhuman Butchery“all on one disc!!Killer  collcetion!!250Kc

MANGLED ATROCITY“Grotesque Rituals of Mutilation“US sick gore death metal ala DEVO on Sevared!!250kc 

BREAST RIPPER“Depths of Inhuman Butchery“

BREAST RIPPER“Depths of Inhuman Butchery“new death metal act ala Devo,Int.Bleeding!!MCD 200Kc 

OMNIOUS GATEKEEPER“S/T“US dissonant brutal death metal attack on Sevared recs!!250Kc 

BIRTH THROUGH GORE“Reign of Depravity“ultra brutal death metal from Greece on Sevared!250Kc

7MON/TN666/SIST EN 343 3way split CD of grind/noise core bands on Ecocentric recs!!250Kc  

UNLEARNED“Pestilence from the West“killer fast power cruat violence of Mindflair member!250Kc

SERPENT EATER“S/T“fast hard core/grind core attack on Ecocentric recs!!250Kc   

HEXIS“XI“killer black metal/hard core modern post metal on Ecocentric recs!!250Kc

ROTTEN FAKE – AGATHOCLES/SCRAWL/7MON 3 way split CD with old school repase!!250Kc  

END OF SILENCE“Auditorium“experimental project of 7MON members!!Ecocentric recs!!250Kc

CAUSE FOR EFFECT“Fast Material“sick grind core attack with experimental sounds!!Ecocentric!!250Kc  

BASTARD PEELS“Keine Bilder“really sick fast  grind core with pig vocals!!!!Ecocentric!!250Kc

JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE“Live in Trier“killer live session of this grind  band on Ecocentric!250Kc  

ATKA/SHIMETSU split digi CD of top german grind core vs brutal death/grind!250Kc

AGGROTRONIX“Es ist Kraft“8bit digital grind core  from Ecocentric recs!!250Kc 

PYRAMIDO/GUN MOB split CD blasting crust core/D-beat massacre on Ecocentric!!250Kc

PYRAMIDO“Saga“sweden doomy sludge crust core on Ecocentric recs!!250Kc    

THIS GIFT IS A CURSE“I.Gvili Bearer“sweden doom/black metal HC/punksludge on Ecocentric!!25Kč

PLANKS“Let us as ghosts“killer  sludge core attack on limited CD on Ecocentric records!!250Kc  

BITTERNESS EXHUMED“Doomridden“killer HC/sludge core  on Ecocentric records!!250Kc

DEFEKTRO/TN666 split CD japanese vs german industrial harsh noise on ltd 300 edition CD on Ecocentric recs!!250Kc 

ZODIAK“Menschestaub“killer german HC/death metal on Ecocentric recs!!250Kc

SLUMP/LIFE ENDS split CD of fast german grind/crust core  attacks on Ecocentric recs!!!250Kc

EMBRIONIC DEATH“Regurgitated Stream of Rot“killer old school gore death metal on limited digipack on Pathos music finally back in stock!!Few copies!!300Kc

SLUP“Mimo Mísu“killer ne w CZ  gore  grind band on self released full CD!!250Kc     

EMBOLISM“Devillumination“killer slovak grind  core  legend on self released full CD 2013!!250Kc

CENTINEX“Malleus Maleficarum“killer old school sweden death metal with thein sekond  full CD + bonus demo“End of Life“ and cover vision of „Mutilation“!! Few copies only!!300Kc

NEW YORK AGAIN THE BELZEBU“Esfiha Bombs“killer last  full CD of brasilian N.D. grind core!!250Kc 

 DEAD“Hells Morbid Discipline of Hate“cult death metal from Florida, double CD collection!!300Kc    

 IMPALED OFFERING“Eternity Awaits“Us death metal combo on Pathological Explicit recs!!250Kc 

 LUGUBRIOUS“In Nomine Domine nostri, jesus Christi“side project of member from Haemorrhage!!KIller originál spain death metal!!200Kc  

LEVIAL“Possesion of a Divine Soul“cult spanish death metal attack on Pathological Explicit recs!!250Kc

SCENT OF DEATH“of Martyr´s Agony and Hate“spain fckg masterpiece of  death metal on Pathological Explicit recs!!250Kc

ABORTED“The Archaic Abattoir“killer brutal death grind core on limited digipack edition – Listenable recs!!300Kc

ABORTED“Goremageddon – the Saw and Carnage Done“killer gore death/grind attack on digipack –Listenable recs!300Kc

IMMOLATION“Unholy Cult + Bringing Down the World“CD+DVD  digipack edition limited on Listenable !!350Kc

JIGSORE TERROR“World End Carnage“grind core attack on Listenable recs!!300Kc  

TEXTURES“Polars“killer metal attack on Listenable recs!!Last copy only!!300Kc

IMMOLATION“Shadows in the Light“killer death metal album on Listenable recs!!300Kc

VILE“Stench of Deceased“killer old skul death metal legendary full CD back in stock!!300Kc  

GOROD“Proces sof a New Decline“killer metal attack on Listenable  recs!!300Kc

DYSMORPHIC“A Notion of Causality“killer  death metal attack on UNique Leader recs!!300Kc  

SOREPTION“Engineering the Void“killer  death metal album on Unique Leader recs!!300Kc

FAILED VIRGIN“Beheading Reception with Vaginal Blood“killer  slming brutal death metal!250kc  

CHELATION INTOXICATION“Dismemberment(XVIII)“killer slaming brutal death metal!!250Kc

TURBIDITY“Vomiting the Rotten Maggot“kilem slam death metal attack!!250Kc   

CANNABIES“Green and Noxious“kilem asian brutal slam death metal!!SICK!!250Kc

ABSOLUTE DEFIANCE“Systematic Terror Decimation“killer brutal death metal legend !!250Kc 

JUDECCA“Awakened by an Eternal Death and Beyond“old scholl death metal legend!!250Kc

PENCIL LEAD SYRINGE“Seffocated and Embalmed“death metal cult attack!!250Kc  

ABRASIVE“Awakening of Lust“killer brutal death metal attack !!250Kc

ABRASIVE“The Birth…Born in Sodm“ killer brutal death metal attack !!250Kc     

LYCANTHROPY“S/T“killer CZ fast core  attack on Bones Brigade recs!!250Kc

GRONIBARD“We are French fukk you“killer frenč gore  grind attack back in stock!250Kc  

AGUIRRE“Gueunna“killer  sludge core  on Bones Brigade  recs attack!!!250Kc

PURULENT SPERMCANAL“Legalize for Cannibalism“killer sekond full CD of CZ gore grind legend!250Kc

EXCRUCIATING TERROR“Expression of Pain“kilem full CD of US fast  grind core  attack“!!250Kc  

SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE“Drop your Pants and Grind“killer sekond full CD of aussie grind!!250Kc

POTENTIAL CITIZENS“Love songs to Ram your bitch to“killer grind core from aussie!!FAST!!250Kc

RIPPING ORGANS/NEPHYLA/CEREBRAL CRUSHER 3way split CD – mexican gore grind again rules!! New split Cd of perverse bands, gore grind girl band !!Few copies!!250Kc

HIPERMENORREA/CARNIVORE MIND split CD of gore grind bands from Brasil back in stock!!250Kc

TRAUMATOMY“Beneficial Amputation of Excessive Limbs“killer slam brutal death with new  MCD!!200Kc 

THE WHITE INDIAN“Sexy time“pro MCD-r – underground series of slam brutal death metal!150Kc  

GORE INSTINCT“Invasion of the Body Slammer“pro cd-r of UG series  - asian slam brutal death metal!!150Kc

GORGED BILE“Rotten Abys sof Time“sick extremely slam gore death on Morbid Generation recs!!Pro CD-r series!!150Kc

ENTWINED HUMAN REMNANTS 3 way CD with INTESTINAL ALIEN REFLUX/CUFF/ABORNING)  - brutalo slam death metal new song sof all bands on Morbid Generation recs!!250Kc


KYOJIN DAIGYAKUSATSU“Muhaka“texas slamming   death metal on Amputated Vein!!250Kc   ¨

DEVOUR THE UNBORN“Consuming the Morgue Remains“sick brutal gore death metal!250Kc  

MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION“Revitalization of Perniciousness“sick slam death on Amputated Vein250Kc

SANGRENTA/ANNIHILATE! Split CD of brazilian gore grind vs fast grind core !!Sick  brasil!!250Kc         

VOMIT YOUR BRAINS“Beauty of Morgue“killer brutal death deathn metal for fans of Waking the Cadaver,Devourment,Putrid Pile from Polland. Compilation of all their demos,EPs and CD!!250Kc

ACEPTIC GOITRE/THE ANAL TREATMENT XXX-PERIENCE split CD ultra brutal death metal vs death grind core bands from Greece. Sick attack!!!250Kc

ROTTEN PENETRATION“Pathologic Porn Gore Splatter“brasilian extréme gore grind with new full CD!!250Kc  

AGATHOCLES/PREGUAH/ARCHAGATHUS split CD – killer  grind core songs!!!250Kc

A BRAZILIAN TRIBUTE TO NAPALM DEATH comp CD with 21 cover songs of ND by Subcut,Plague Rages,Social Chaos,Expurgo,Deranged Insane,Expose Your Guts,Obitto, Orror…many others!!250Kc

ABORTED FETUS“Private Judgement Day“sick russian slam death metal on Comatose!!250Kc  

COLPOLSCOPY“Ready for Gore“sick slamming gore  death metal on Gore House!!250Kc

MASS INFECTION“For I am Genocide“killer sick death metal on Comatose recs!!!Killer!250Kc 

DOWN FROM THE WOUND“Violence and the Macabre“ killer death metal attack on Comatose!!250Kc

EXECRATION“Infernal Annihilation“sick death metal album on Comatose back in stock!250Kc 

DEHUMANIZED“Controlled Elite“killer US brutal death metal on Comatose back in stock!!250Kc

PUKE“Perversions of the Elderly“sick gore  death metal on Gore House recs!!200Kc    

BLEEDEAD“Mustma Durcheme“killer asian gore  death metal on Gore House recs!!250Kc

PULMONARY FIBROSIS/UxLxCxM split CD of two gore grind bands on RottenRoll!!250Kc  

TU CARNE/The CREATURES FROM THE TOMB split  CD of  horror groovy gore grind bands!!250Kc

ASS TO MOUTH“Degenerate“killer polish grind core  attack on Selfmadegod!!250Kc 

DECIBEL CHAOS INJECTION“S/t“killer grind core  attack on Eclectic  recs!!!SICK!!!250Kc

MASTER“The Witchhunt“kilem  CZ/US death metal legend back with new  CD!!250Kc 

GUTTURAL DECAY“Epoch of Racial Extermination“sick slamming  russian death metal on DIGIPACK!!250Kc

GRIDLINK“Longhen 4“killer grind core attack on Selfmadegod on digipacks!!250Kc  

STALINO“Conflict“russian grindcore  attack with new 5 tracks on limited digipack vision!!250Kc

MASSACRA“Final Holocaust“kilem  old school trash/death metal in stock!!300Kc  

DEFEATED SANITY“Passages into Deformity“german killer  death metal attack on Willowtip!300Kc

NIHILIST“1987-1989“killer old school death metal with early GRAVE members!!SWEDEN!!300Kc 

HARM“Cadaver Christi“killer  old school death metal on FDA Rekotz!!300Kc

DEROGATORY“Above all else“ killer  old school death metal on FDA Rekotz!!300Kc   

SLAUGHTERDAY“Nightmare Vortex“ killer  old school death metal on FDA Rekotz!!300Kc

MORFIN“Inoculation“ killer  old school death metal on FDA Rekotz!!300Kc

GULGUTA“S/T“killer  miss grind core attack on self repase pro-printed cover and CD-r!!SIck!!!150Kc

PERPETUAL“Grind your mind“killer malaysian fast intense grind core attack on full CD!!250Kc 

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DISCREATION“The Silence of the Gods“killer brutal german death metal on Revenge!250Kc

RADICAL CIRCUS TEAM- 3way CD with NUCLEAR VOMIT/FAM/GRINDBASHERS  - killer grind core attack on one disc!! SICK repase!!250Kc

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DESPISE THE SUN“Embers of the Almighty“killer slam death metal on Ossuary Industries!!250Kc 

OSSUARY INDUSTRIES –LIMB SPLITTER 5way CD with Ingurgitate,HOD,LOCUSTA,INIQUITOUS and DEMONIACAL GENUFLECTION) death metal comp with only new killer tracks!!250Kc

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MAUSOLEUM“Back from the Funeral“zombie horror death metal on razorback!!250Kc

REVOLTING“The Terror Threshold“killer  sweden 2nd full death metal commando!!!250Kc  

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ORLOFF“Apparitions among the Graveyard Skies“euthusiastic catchy horror death metal on razorback!!250Kc

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INHUMAN DEFORMITY“Servants of Decay“sweden brutal gore death metal, Sevared!250Kc    

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SUTURE“Prolific Inhuman Deformity“compilation of unreleased so gs of US death metal!!250Kc 

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SCALPEL“Sorrow and Skin“killer death metal act with mix of old school and new wave of death!!250Kc 

REST IN GORE“Culinary Buffet of Hacked Innards“japanese guttural slamming death metal!250kc 

ENJOY MY BITCH“A Bitch Romance“mexican ultra guttural gore death/grind on Sevared!250Kc  

SEVERED LIMBS“In each scenario you die“sweden death metal in US  death metal vein.Sevared250Kc

ANALDICTION“Sluts“singapore ultra guttural slam gore death metal on Sevared!250Kc    

BLOOD OF SEKLUSION“Caustic Deathpath to Hell“old school killer  death metal attack on Sevared!250Kc

ABDICATE“Fragmented Atrocities“NY slamming guttural brutality with new CD!!250Kc    

ABDICATE“Transcend though Sacrifice“NY brutal guttural slamming death metal on Sevared!250kc

COMBAT NOISE“Frontline Offensive Force“3rd full CD of brutal death metal combo from CUBA!!250Kc 

CARPATHIAN FUNERAL“The End of God“sick brutal death metal from US on Sevared250Kc

SEPLOPHILE“Mesonoxian“Buffalos death metal maniacs on Sevared!!250Kc       

CHRIST DENIED“Drink..Drink the Blood“spain satanic death metal on repress!!!Sevared!!250Kc

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MORTIFILIA“Embrace“Cz killer death metal attack on Mondongo Cannibale!!250Kc   

INCANTATION“Blasphemous Cremation“killer US brutal death metal on CD!!250Kc      

CREMATORY“Denial“cult doom death metal with demo collection on full CD!!Killer  release!!250Kc            

CORPSE MOLESTATION“Holocaust Wolves of the Apocalypse“killer australian satanic  death metal legend with cult demo from 1990. Necroharmonic recs !!!250Kc

WOMBATH“Internal Caustic Torments“killer sweden death metal with demo collection!!250Kc  

ANATOMIA“Dissected Humanity“japanese killer death metal of Transsgressor  members!!250Kc

CEPHALIC IMPURITY“Perverted Surgical Concept“killer slam gore  death metal on SoufleshCollector!!250Kc

PAINFUL DEFLORATION“Antihuman Antisocial“killer fast intense grind core ala Nasum!250Kc  

CREMATED LIVES“Demolition Overdose“killer brutal death metal on Souflesh Collector!250Kc

RECURSION“Transcedence in Impermanence“californian death metal attack on Souflesh Collector!250kc  

MONUMENTAL TORMENT“Element of Chaos“technical death metal ala Origin,Nile..250Kc

YACOPSAE“Discoregraphy #2 1992-2010“killer  double DIGIPACK version of  kilelr german grind core including all full albums,LPs and Eps, unreleased songs and demo tapes!!KIller  release!!450Kc

TUMOR“Discography 1987-1995“german killer  noise grind attack with limited 4CD DIGIPAK box , all their fats uncopromissing  grind core, all demo tapes, Eps, splits on this edition!!!550Kc

WEHRMACHT“Biermacht“killer cult release back in stock on limited DIGIPACK version with bonus demo and live session!!300Kc 


CRIPPLE BASTARDS“Misanthropo a Senso Unico“redux digipack edition of  italian fast grindcore!!280kc  

CRIPPLE BASTARDS“Live to Hate People“killer 3“MCD with bonus songs on digipack!!280Kc

ROGASH“Supremacy Undome“killer german death metal with melodic influences (mixed in mastered by Dan Swäno-Edge of Sanity)!Killer new wave of  death metal on War Anthems recs!!DIGIPACK 300Kc

PURGATORY“10 Years Undegrounds“killer limited noble digibook with all their EPs, unreleased songs, cover songs, rare  live sessions. 35 killer tracks out on War Anthems recs!!350Kc

WAKING THE CADAVER“Real-Live Death“killer slamming gore new full CD on Amuptaed!250kc    

PERVERSE DEPENDANCE“Teh Patterns of Depravity“brutal death  for fans of Devo,Disgorge!!250kc

EXTERMINATION DISMEMBERMENT“Serial Urbricide“sick belorus slam gore death!!250Kc     

SHATTERED EYES“Prey of Depravity“brutal death metal for fans of Condemned,Gortuary..250kc

CEREBRUM“Cosmic Enigma“killer technical death metal(NILE project!!)Amputated!!250Kc    

URETHRAL DEFECATION“High Human Feelings“slamming brutal death metal on Ghastly Music!!250Kc

PARASITIC EJACULATION“Ratoining the Sacred..“killer US slamming brutal death metal!!250Kc  

DISGRASEED“Flesh Market“killer  brutal death metal ala Kraanium, Severe Torture....250Kc

BIRTH ASPHYXIA“Human Obelisk“japanese brutal death metal with guttural femaly vokal!!Out on Bloodcurdling Enterprices!!!Sick release and  technical brutality!!250Kc

GLOSSECTOMY“Impediments from Dysplasia“ultra slam sick gore  death metal on Bloodcurdling Enterprices from JAPAN. Members of Viscera Infest!!!SLAM!!!!!250Kc

HOSTILE EYES“Disobediance“japanese sick inhuman guttural gore death metal in the vein of Dehumanized, Dying Fetus, Vomit Remnants!Out on Bloodcurdling Enterprices!!!250Kc

GOREVENT“Abnormal Exaggeration“sick slam gore death metal!!250Kc    

GOREVENT“Worship Paganism“sick ultra slam gore  death metal !!!!250Kc

SUICIDAL CAUSTICITY“The Spiritual Decline“brutal death metal ala Suffo, Nile on Ghastly Music 250Kc  

PUTRIFIED J“Devouring Rotten Viscera“slamming brutal death metal on Ghastly Music250Kc

UNBORN SUFFER“Unborn Suffer“polish brutal death metal on Ghastly musci!!250Kc 

GORATORY“Sexual Intercorpse“brutal death metal legendary CD with bonus!!Repress on Amputated Vein!250Kc

CRANIOTOMY“Supply of Flesh...“ slovak brutal death metal gods on Amputated!!250Kc   

UNBIRTH“Deracinated Celestial Oligarchy“italian brutal death metal for fans of Gorgasm,Suffo,Disawowed250Kc

APOSEPSY“Same“new groovy tech gore grind from Russia!!AMputated Vein!!250Kc  

RELICS OF HUMANITY“Guided by the soulem.“slamming brutality ala Disgorge!!250Kc   

SLAUGHTERBOX“The Ubiquity of Subjugation“technical deathgrind for fans Decrepith Birth!!250Kc 

CARNIVOROUS VORACITY“DebasementIncarnated“brutal death metal ala Disavowed!!250Kc 

CEASE OF BREADING“Sounds of Disembowelment“brutal death metal ala Severe Torture..250Kc

DISHAMMER“Under the Sign of the D-beat mark“killer crust /death metal back in stock!!250Kc

WOLFBRIGADE“Comalive“killer north crust/grindcore back in stock!!250Kc    

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INFEST“The Next will be yours“21 tracks of unrelenting fast grind core!!!250Kc

SCATTERED REMAINS“Sacrament of Unhol yCommunion“kilelr  death metal attack on digipack !!300Kc  

ROTTERVORE“Hung by the Eyesockets“killer brutal death metal on Xtreem recs!250Kc

ABSORBED“Reverie“killer brutal death metal on Xtreem recs!250Kc    

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DEMILICH“Nespithe“ “killer brutal death metal on Xtreem recs!250Kc

ROTTREVORE“Iniquitous“killer brutal death metal on Xtreem recs!250Kc

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AGATHOCLES“Black Clouds Determinate“killer  full album on repress!!New  cover!!250Kc

AZURE EMOTE“The Gravity of Impermanence“killer avantgarde death metal with female vocals and  many instruments like saxophon,harmonica, violins...!!!KILLER250Kc

CALM HATCHERY“Sacrilege of Humanity“death metal project Dead Infection members!!250Kc  

NASHGUL“Obey“their split LPs stuff on one CD!!!Never released on CD!!!Grind core!!250kc

USURPRESS/BENT SEA split CD  -swedish D-beat/death metal versus grind core unit with Shane Embury, people from Aborted,Soilwork!!!Killer  split  CD!!!250Kc

HAEMORRHAGE“Emetic Cult“killer spain gore grind back in stock!250Kc       

HAEMORRHAGE“Anatomical Inferno“killer spain gore grind back in stock!250Kc

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MINDLY ROTTEN“Effacing the Origin“killer technical fast death metal on Coyote!!250kc

IMMITATION“Rectificate“brutal death metal ala Int.Bleeding,Deeds of Flesh..on Coyote!!250Kc  

CHRIST DENIED“ what he deserved“killer spain death metal back in stock!!250kc

FUNEBRARUM“The Sleep of Morbid Dreams“horror death metal ala old Convulse,Incantation!!300Kc 

FLESHLESS“Hate is Born“killer full Cd of CZ  death metal legend!!250kc

KONFIDENT“My jsme ta příčina“killer CZ fast grind  core attack!!Selfreleased!!!250Kc

ESCHATON“Same“killer death/black metal attack on digipack!!250Kc¸  

PERIALNIE KONDOLOMI“Polymorphosis of Structural...“sick ultra russian gore grind on Coyote!!250Kc

PAGANIZER“Into the Catacombs“sweden killer  death metal legend!!Cyclone Empire!!300Kc  

BEHEADED“Never to Dawn“killer new full CD of  death metal cult on ULR!!300kc   

DECREPITH BIRTH“…and Times begin“CD of brutal death metal on Unique Leaders recs!!!300Kc   

HOUR OF PENANCE“Paradogma“killer italian death metal on URL!!300Kc         

HOUR OF PENANCE“The Vile Conception“killer italian death metal on URL!!300Kc

IMMERSED“In the Ire of Creation“brutal death metal on ULR!!300Kc      

KAMIKABE“Abberation of Man“killer brutal death metal on ULR!!!300Kc

MORTAL DECAY“Forensick“sick death metal on URL back in stock!!300Kc     

NEAR DEATH CONDITION“The Disembodied-In Spiritual Spheres“brutal death metal on ULR!!300kc

NECRONOMICON!Pharaoh of Gods“killer  death metal on ULR!!300kc    

OBLIVION“Called to Rise“killer death metal on URL , just few copies!!300kc

SERIAL BUTCHER“A Crash Course in Cranium Crushing“ultra sick brutal deathon ULR!!300kc  

THE ORDER“Kill the Betrayers“brutal death metal on ULR!!300kc

BENEATH“Enslaved by Fear“killer  death metal album on ULR!!!300Kc                

DEVOURMENT“Butcher the Weak“killer gore death metal on ltd digipack editiononBBrecs!!300kc

GUTTURAL SECRETE“Reek of Pubescent..“killer  gore death /grind on BB recs!!300kc 

INCINERATE“Anatomize“killer brutal death metal on BB recs!!300kc

RAMPANCY“Behind the mask..the Massacre“porn gore grind from Taiwan, SICK!!!250Kc  

RAMPANCY“The Contradiction between love and hate“porn gore grind from Taiwan, SICK!!!250Kc

ORPHANED LAND“The Beloweds Cry-20th anniversary edition“ killer old school doom metal on ltd digipack editionon Cyclone Empire recs!!DOOM METAL!!350Kc

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PANIC DISORDER“The Coming Sixth Age“killer  death metal on Rottrevore recs!!250kc 

DEMIGOD“Birth of the Damned“indonesian ¨death metal act on CD!!Killer production!!250kc

EXTREME HATE“Grindcoregraphy 1998-2013“indonesian brutal groovy  grind core!!250kc  

INTERFECTORMENT“Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian“killer slam brutal death metal250kc

USURPRESS“In Permanent Twillight“sludge doom death metal on Selfmadegod!250Kc   

USURPRESS“Trenches of the Netherworld“sludge doom death metal on Selfmadegod!250Kc

VERMINOUS“Impious Sacrilage“killer  death metal on Xtreem recs!!250kc  

ZOMBIE HATE BRIGADE“Same“colorado´s brutal gore  death/grind with fullCD!!250Kc

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WOJCZECH“Pulsus Letalis“poland trashing HC/grind core on Selfmadegod recs!250Kc

AGATHOCLES/CÜ SUJO split Cd of two mince core bands , limited last 2 copy!!250Kc

DECOMPOSING SERENITY/CREMATORY DIGESTOR split CD of hyper groovy gore  grind 250Kc 

HUMAN MASTICATION“Grotesque Mastication of Putrid innards“indonesian slam brutal death metal!!250Kc 

DEAD CRIMINAL“The Last Destination“sick slalm death metal attack!!SICK!!250Kc

FETAL DISGORGE“Rape,Degrade,Mutilate“sick slam death metal!!MCD200Kc   

IMMORTAL SUFFERING“Images of immortal Damnation“NY brutal death metal attack on new  full CD 250Kc

OXIDIZED RAZOR/OLOCAUSTO split CD of mexican gore grinders!!SICK new  songs!!250kc

SEMEN“Disminucion de la masturbacion con carne putrefacta“old school mexican gore grind legend!!250kc 

BRUTAL MORTICINIO“Despertar Dos Chacais..“sick death metal from Brasil!!250kc

TAPASYA“Unrelenting Terror 1997-2002“killer old school grind core from Brasil !!250kc 

AGATHOCLES/PREGUH/ARCHAGHATUS 3way CD of grind core  bands with new  songs!!250Kc

METASTASIS/FIBROGENOSA PUSTULOGRANULOMATOSA EXTERNA/HYDROPNEUMOTHORAX 3way Cd of hyper gore grind bands from Brasil!!SICK and perverse!!!CD-r150kc

SADISTIC ACTS OF DEPRAVITY – 4way Cd with(F.B.I./VAGINOTOPSY/VULGAROYAL BLOODHILL/GORGED AFTERBIRTH – all sick groovy gore grind bands with killer new  songs!!250kc

SPAWN OF POSSESSION“Incurso“killer death metal act on Relapse records!!280Kc   

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DEFENDERS OF THE NOISE-TRIBUTE TO ANAL CUNT – comp CD with many bands playing  AxCx like:Rectal Smegma,Cannibe,Pulmonary Fibrosis,Fecalizer,Bestial Devastation and others!!250Kc

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COMPOSTED“Sexual transmission.“brutal slam death metal on Cephalic recs!!200Kc 

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VULVECTOMY“Post abortion slut fuck“italian slamming brutal death metal ala DEVO!!!250Kc 

EXTIRPATING THE INFECTED“Vaginal Saw Entorturement“brutal guttural spain death metal!!MCD200Kc  

DECAYING PURITY“Phases of Dimensional Torture“turkish guttural death metal250kc

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LECHEROUS NOCTURNE“Behold Almighty Doctrine“brutal death metal on ULR!!300kc

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UNMERCIFUL“Unmercifully Beaten“brutal death metal on ULR!!300kc     

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ELEMENT“The Energy“killer death metal on Unique Leader recs!!300kc     

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FUMIGATION“Integrated pest management“sick brutal death metal on CDN recs250kc

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THY FLESH CONSUMED“Pacified by Oceans of Blood“killer  brutal death metal on CDN recs!!250kc

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BY BRUTE FORGE“Breakdown the Masses“german sick brutal death/grind commando!!250Kc

ENDEMICY“Epitome of Decadence“technical brutal death metal on Rottenroll!250Kc    alehammer“Barmageddon“crust metal songs on Selfmadegod recs!Cool CD!!250Kc

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FISTULA“Goat“ultra sick grind noise black chaos on digipack- Crucial Blast recs!!300Kc

THE MASS“City of Dis“unique brand of trash/grind core/ferocious math rock augmented by malevolent smooth jazz, ferocious sax explosions and  demented pop!!Digipack on Crucial Blast!!300Kc

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BIRTH OF DEPRAVITY“The Coming of the Ineffable“brutal death metal ala Suffo,Gorgasm..250Kc

CADAVER MUTILATOR“Murder Death Kill“sick brutal death metal attack!!250Kc     

SORDID CLOTH“Subspecies“sick gore grind from Russia third CD on Imbecil Entertainment  recs!!250Kc

DISGORGEMENT OF INTESTINAL LYMPHATIC SUPPURATION/HIPERMENORREA split CD of two  hybrid gore grind bands with unhuman music for true  gore  fanatics!!250Kc

BRUTAL BRAIN DAMAGE“Brain Soup“portuguesse brutal gore death/grind!!250Kc    

7H. TARGET“Electric Tools for Electric Human/Japan body hammer“death metal act from Russia!!250Kc

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GENITAL NECTAR“Spermatozoa Extreuterine Slam“sick slam gore attack!!150Kc

CUNT CARNAGE“World Cock“sick porno gore grind as fuck!!150Kc      

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NOCTURNUS“Ethereal Tomb“cult band with their  full CD death metal!!300Kc   

MEDECOPHOBIC“Pandemic of Existence“pure  death metal attack on full CD250Kc

GRIND STONE“Same“pure  grind core  German maniacs!!Sick!!200Kc        

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MACHETAZO“Live at CBGB“live session of  spain killer  horror grind core  fanatics!!250Kc

TERMINATE“Ascending to red Heavens“old school illinois death metal in the vein of Bolt Thrower and Autopsy with touch of Dismember and Grave sounds!!Killer  CD250Kc

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DEMONICAL“Darkness Unbound“killer  sweden death metal new full CD300Kc

DYING FETUS“Destroy the oposition“cult death/grind album on Relapse!!250Kc

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NEPHRECTOMY“Geriatric Coprophilia“ultra groovy slam gore death!!250kc

CUFF“Forced Human Sacrifice of the new..“killer full CD of punishing slam massacre!!250Kc    

SWINE OVERLORD“Anthologies of Abominations“killer EP of this slam attackers from US !!200Kc

ROOT“Kärgeras“killer CZ black metal with their one of the best balad CD on repress!!250Kc  

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KRAANIUM“The Art of Female Sodomy“denmark ultra slam gore  death metal !!250Kc   

GUTTURAL SLUG“Megalodon“guttural slam death metal from Denmark!!SICK!!200Kc

SLOWLY ROTTEN“Human Misery“pure brutal death metal from Germany(Rottenroll)!250Kc  

RAZOR RAPE“Slaughter Sluts Supremacy“sweden sick gore grind back with new 11 songs!!200Kc

DEVOURMENT“Conceived in Sewage“US brutal gore  death metal on Relapse!!300Kc    

CRITICAL MADNESS“Deadline“new full CD of CZ grind core manils!!250Kc

GUTSLIT“Skewered in the sewer“indian brutal death metal act on Coyote!!250Kc    

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ZOEBEAST“Same“sekond album of grind´death metal manils!!250kc

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TRAUMATOMY“Transformation into a Putrid Mass“sick slam death metal attack!!150Kc CD-r series

DRAGGING ENTRAILS“Landfill of the Butchered“buldozer slam from Kraanium members!!250Kc  

VORACITY“Same“killer brutal slam death metal from Ukrajina!!CD-r demo serie!!150Kc

FLESH THRONE“Onslaught“deeds of slm death metal from ex Dehumanized members!!200Kc  

ENVENOMATION“Pyogenic Harvest“pure  technical death metal!!200Kc

AGENTS OF ABHORENCE“Relief“aussie fast grind core ala Hatre Surge,The Kill!!250Kc   

THE KILL/ANTIGAMA/NOISEAR 3way split CD with new  killer  grind core songs from all bands!!250kc

ANAL SUPERSONIC SEX“Same“porn gore grind attack from Russia!!SICK!!!200Kc    

MEAT CUTTING FLOOR“Rectal Quest“slamming brutal death metal/grind core attack!!250Kc

GORELUST“Reign of Lunacy“canadian old school death metal alaGorguts, Obituary..250kc  

SECURITY THREAT“The Truth is out“political grind core ala ND.!!!Sick!!250Kc

ANTIGAMA“Meteor“poland grind core masters back with new  CD!!250Kc         

HYPNÖS“Demons“CZ old school death metal attack!!150Kc

HUMAN HUMUS“Dirty Filthy Mess“fucking political grind core from Slovakia!!GREAT album!250Kc

PERFECITIZEN“Through“perfekt grind core ala Alienation Mental!!!Full CD 2013!!250Kc 

GORE“Stand Up sexy ladies, the Boogie Band ..“czech gore death/grind´n´roll are back with DIGIpack!!300KC

FORNACE“Pregnant is th Night“brutal satanic death metal on Digipack !!250Kc    

WAKING THE CADAVER“Perverse Recollection of a Necromangler“ultra brutal sick slamminf death metal!!250Kc 

MORTICIAN“Re-Animated Dead Flesh“killer full CD of US band!!250Kc

CARNAGE“Dark Recollection“old school death metal on Earache recs!!300Kc

EVILE“Skull“killer trash metal attack from Earache recs!!300Kc      

FUDGE TUNNEL“The Complicated Futility of Ignorance“killer exp. grind on Earache  recs!!!250Kc  

FUDGE TUNNEL“In A Word“ killer exp. grind on Earache  recs!!!250Kc

FUDGE TUNNEL“Creep Diets“ killer exp. grind on Earache  recs!!!250Kc              

FUDGE TUNNEL“Teeth“ killer exp. grind on Earache  recs MCDs 200Kc

FEARER“Descent“killer death metal for old school fans of Cannibal Corpse,Obituary!250Kc  

FEARER“Backfire“ killer death metal for old school fans of Cannibal Corpse,Obituary!250Kc

FEARER“Confession to Hate“ killer death metal for old school fans of Cannibal Corpse,Obituary!250Kc 

CARNAL GHOUL“The Grotesque Vault“killer sweden death metal ala Grave,Entombed!200Kc

DEFLORATION“The Bone Collection“brutal death metal ala Suffo,Cannibal Corpse!!250Kc    

DEFLORATION“Necrotic Nightmares“ brutal death metal ala Suffo,Cannibal Corpse!!250Kc

NECROTIC DISGORGEMENT“Documentaries of Defilement“killer new full CD of  gory death/grind on Comatose recs!!250Kc 

PRION“Impressions“killer death metal full CD on Comatose  recs!!250Kc       

PATHOLOGY“Age of Onset“killer brutal death /grind on Comatose  recs!!250Kc

ANDROPOFAGUS/PUTRIDITY/PRION/INFECTED FLESH/MASS INFECTION 5way CD of  killer bands, unreleased songs!!!250kc

SINISTER“The Carnage Ending“killer new full CD of death metal legend!!250Kc

SPLATTERED ENTRAILS“Depths of Obscurity“sick brutal death metal on Nice to eat you recs!!Killer CD!!250Kc

MALIGNANT TUMOUR“Overdose and Overdrive“cult czech grind rock´n ´roll fanatics back with 12 new killer tracks in the vein of Motorhead!!SICK, MUST!!!LIMITED DIGIPACK !!280Kc

PURGATORY“Deathkult Grand Ancient Arts“german death metal combo on ltd DIGIPACK!!280Kc 

LIVIDITY“To Desecrate and Defile“sick US gore death/grind on limited DIGIPACK!!280Kc

WACO JESUS“Receptive hen beaten“sick US  gore  death/grind in stock again!!250Kc    

DARKENED NOCTURNAL SLAUGHTER“Necrovision“full CD of  satanic  death metal act on War Anthem!250Kc

DECOMPOSING SERENITY/DISGORGEMENT OF INTESTINAL LYMPHATIC SUPPURATION split Cd of two hyper cyber gore grind!!Only for sick people!!250Kc

DISMEMBER“Like an everflowing stream „killer full CD of  cult  sweden death metal!!300Kc 

GRUESOME STUFF RELISH“Sempiternal Death Reign“killer new full CD of Spain gore  grinders!300Kc  

REVEL IN FLESH“Manifested Darkness“killer death metal in Entombed,Grave  vein!!300Kc

LIFELESS“Godconstruct“killer death metal ala Entombed,Grave,Dismember!!Sweden rules!!300Kc  

SKELETAL REMAINS“Beyond the Flesh“killer old school death metal ala Pestilence, Gorguts!!!300Kc

SPLITTER/FUBAR  split CD of  killer  grind core  bands!!250kc

WIRED ANXIETY“The Eternal Maze“sick death/grind from INDIA on digipack !!GREAT!!!250Kc

VOMITOMA“The  Abortuary“100tracks of disgusting gore grind massacre!!250Kc  

THANATOPSIS“Stages of Decomposition“sick brasilian 38 gore grind tracks inferno!!250Kc

OLAPARÚN/PIEL DE CADÁVER split CD of two  hyper  gore grinding  bands from Brasil!!250kc  

NASTY PIG DICK“Flesh for the worms“sick gory grind brasilian attackers with full CD!!250Kc

EVISORAX“Isle of Dogs“british blistering pure grind core ala AxCx!!250Kc

BOLT THROWER“Realm of Chaos“repress of  cult  CD with DVD  bonus on Earache!!300Kc    

GODFLESH“Godflesh/Selfless/us and  them“ killer  3 album on 3CD set box for  really cheap price!! Buy or  die!!350Kc

CEREBRAL TURBULENCI“Segregace k nule“killer  last full CD of CZ grind core!!DIGI250Kc   


DEATH VOMIT“Eternally Deprecated“sick indonesian bruatl death/grind!250Kc

DEMON DOG SPERM“Hopeless“Us  stoner death metal act !!Last  copies!!250kc     

DIPHTERIA“Claustrophobic“CZ massive metalcore with death/trash metal influences!!250Kc DIGI!!

EPÄJÄRJESTYS“Early demos,Early demons“killer finnish crust core attack with collection of old  songs!!250Kc

SQUASH BOWELS“Tnyribal“killer poisch gore grind on DIGIPACK!!250Kc

SCORN“Evanescence/Ellipsis“kilem  two album of  this  band on rare double CD box from Earache  records!!!Killer repase for  fan of  this  band!!300Kc  

CLIT EATER“Cliteaten Back To Life“dutch gore  grinders back with new CD as parado to Cannibal Corpse!!Sick release on War Anthems recs!!!Buy or  die!!250Kc

CLIT EATER“Eat Clit or Diel“new full CD of  dutch  gore grind maniacs!!250Kc

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NOISEAR/DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION split CD of two political grind core  bands!!250Kc

MALIGNANT TUMOUR“Overdose and Overdrive“cult czech grind rock´n ´roll fanatics back with 12 new killer tracks in the vein of Motorhead!!SICK, MUST!!!250Kc

DUODILDO VIBRATOR“Acockalypse Now“sick porno gore grind on digipack!!280Kc   

SPERMBLOODSHIT“The Tourette´s Syndrome“italian sick porno gore grind on Digii!!280Kc

GRAVEYARD“The Sea Grave“horror death metal on digipack version!!250Kc   

MASSGRAVE“5 years of grinding crustcore“collection all vinyls on one CD, Canadian CRUST!!250Kc

SMES“The way we roll“ killer new full CD of tekkno gore grinders!!250kc              

NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666“The Legacy“killer full CD of  german sickos!!250Kc

PURGATORY“Deathkult Grand Ancient Arts“german death metal combo with new CD!250Kc  

SAGRADO“Mass Suffering of a Hman Being“phillipinean slamming death metal !!!250Kc

SICKNESS“Necrosymphonies of Necropsy“sick

 patho gore grind from Malaysia!!250Kc  

ANAKSETAN“Cyclonic Depression“indonesian grind core  with fiale vokills!!Sick!!250Kc

TUSSCOK“Out of Rhyme“malaysian true political grindcore ala Napalm Death!!250Kc      

ABHORSICK“Grindonesia“indonesian grind core attack with maximum brutality!250Kc

DISEMBOWEL ROTTEN BODIES 4 way CD with(Torture the Mass/Extinctioners/No one gets out alive/Sepulture of Silence) –brutal death slamming inferno from all bands!!250Kc

UNNATURAL“Life“ old school dech metal!!Few  copies!!250Kc

MASS INFECTION“The Age of Recreation“brutal death metal on Comatose recs!!250Kc    

LOGIC OF DENIAL“Atonement“ brutal death metal on Comatose recs!!250Kc

CHOCKED BY OWN VOMIT/NARCOLEPTIC split CD of two CZ band!!grind core vs death/grind!!250Kc 

MAKATTOPSY“Putrified Zombie Cadaver“slamming  brutal death ala Devo!!250Kc

FEAST FOR THE MAGGOTS“Waiting for Cadaver“sick slammming deathj!!250Kc  

WEAK ASIDE“Ghostleader“killer death metal on rewmission recs!!GREAT!!250Kc

SOUL DEMISE“Sindustry“killer german death metal on Remission!!250Kc     

SOUL DEMISE“Acts of Hate“ killer german death metal on Remission!!250Kc

SUFFERAGE“Death Nation Anarchy“killer death metal act on Remission recs!!250Kc    

CHAOSREIGN“Spredaing Death“ killer death metal act on Remission recs!!250Kc

EMPEROR“Emperor/Wrath of the Tyrant“black metal Nr.1 first time in distro!!300Kc      

MORTIIS“The Stargate“killer avantgarde black metal in BLP distribution!!300Kc

CATHEDRAL“Soul Sacrifice-Statik Majik“old school albus on reedition!!300Kc

I SHIT ON YOUR FACE“Defecation Domination“new killer brasilian pure fekal gore grind!!250Kc  

PSYCROPTIC“The Isle of Disenchantment“killer  death metal on repress on chinese label!!250Kc

MASTER“On the seventh day god created..“killer  CZ  old schooldeath metal!!digi!!250Kc   

MASTER“Master“killer  CZ  old schooldeath metal!!digi!!250Kc

AVENGER“Bohemian Dark Metal“CZ black metal gods on DIGI edition of  thein 2012 CD!!250Kc

AVENGER“Feast of Anger, Joy of Despair“killer  full CD of CZ black metal horde!250Kc  

NOMINON“The Cleasing“killer  swedish death metal in the vein of  old school bands!!250Kc   

NOMINON“Monumentomb“ old skull sweden death metal ala Entombed,Dismember!!250Kc

NOMINON“Diabolical Bloodshed“ old skull sweden death metal ala Entombed,Dismember!!250Kc 

MALEVOLENT CREATION“Retrospective“collection of  thein best songs!!250Kc    

MORDBRAND“Necropsychotic“old skull sweden death metal in the vein of early Entombed!250Kc

BLASPHERIAN“Infernal Warriors of Death“cult satanic death metalon Deathgasm!250Kc  

BLASPHERIAN“Allegiance to the Will of Damnation“ cult satanic death metalon Deathgasm!250Kc

CONTORTED“Clinically Dead“US brutal death metal on chinese label!!250Kc     

AGATHOCLES“Hunt Hunters/Robotized“AG old releases collection!!Sick mince  core!!150Kc 

FACADA“O joio“brasilian pure grind core  ala PIG DESTROYER!!Killer CD!!250Kc

FREDAG DEN 13“Tjugohundratretton“swedish D-beat crusty attack!!250Kc

SEPTICAEMIA“Dead body everywhere“gore death/grind ala DEVO from China!!Sick!!!Asia rules!!250Kc

CANCER“Corporations“ death/trash old school metal attack!!Great!!250Kc

ARCHAGHATUS“Mincecore Fever“killer grindcore 7“EPs anthology!250Kc

NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU“Retrato do Brasil“brasilian grind core attack!!250Kc     

TRITUTADOR/INSEPSY split CD of  two hyper gore  grind bands!!250Kc

HERMAFRODIT“Planet of Sexual Originality“new CD of  Czech band!!250Kc                                      

HERMAFRODIT“Out of ying yang“ “new CD of  Czech band!!250Kc                                       

JACK SLATER“Blut/Macht/Frei“german sick deathers!!250Kc

TU CARNE“Mondo Carne“kilem  last  full CD of spain gore  grind  legend!!250Kc

ABNORMYN DEFECT“Curtes Supreme“killer new grind core attack on digipack!!!250Kc  

CARNIVORE DISPROSOPUS“Filled my Stomach..“killer  gore  death/grind from Colombia!!SICK!!250kc

CORRUPTED“Warten der Unbewusstheit“Japance sludge  core attack on CD!!250Kc    

DECOMPOSITION OF HUMANITY“Sadistic Fetal Extraction“russian killer slamming  brutal death/grind!250kc

PARASITIC EJACULATION“Sickening Conduct“sick slamming  brutal gore  death!!250Kc    

KRAANIUM“Post Mortal Coital Fixation“northern slamming brutality on Comatose!!250Kc  

INFECTED FLESH“Concatenation of Severe Infections“killer US slamming  brutality on Comatose!!250Kc

EXPURGATE“Dementia Tremens“brutal death metal on Comatose music!!250Kc   

BEING KILLED“Kill Yourself“brutal death metal on Comatose  music!!250Kc

EXTREMELY ROTTEN“Grotesque Acts of Humanity“US brutal death metal ala Devourment!!250Kc  

HUMAN INFECTION“Infest to Ingest“killer  brutal death metal ala Devo,Vulvectomy…250Kc

ORPHALIS“Human Individual Metamorphosis“technic death metal ala Deeds .., Spawn of..!250Kc 

FFECALIZER/SEMEN split  CD of two hyper groovy  gore  grind  bands from Mexico!!250kc


WARSORE“Violent Swing Discography“killer compilation of aussie fast power grind core attackers with thein  complette 1995-2001 discography on double CD on Blastasfuk recs!!300Kc

THE KILL“Make ´Em Suffer“killer new  full CD of  aussie hyper speed grind core!!250Kc   

FUCK… I´M DEAD“Another gory mess“new killer  full CD of  aussie gore/grind core  band!!250Kc

HATRE SURGE“Collection 2008-2009“power violence collection of LPs,Eps!!!250Kc   

BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTA“2007-2010“dark punk/HC/grind core  attack on Blastasfuk recs!!250Kc

ROSKOPP“Mutation Voodoo deformity or dinase“aussie pure  grind core  madness !!250kc 

CHAINSAW TO THE FACE“Agonizing Pain and Perpetual Misery“64tracks power violence in 34minutes!!250Kc

WHITE EYES“Beastmode“31 blasting  grind core  attacks ala Discordance Axis!!250Kc  

PATHOLOGIST“Re-Regurgitation over Fuckin´pathological …“killer old skull gore grind!!200Kc  

BLOOD“Christbait“old skull german grind  core  legend, Rostock!!250kc                     BLOOD“O Agios Pethane“ old skull german grind  core  legend, Rostock!!250kc

PUTRID PILE“Blood Fetish“killer  new  full CD US bloody death/grind!!250Kc      

PUTRID PILE“The Pleasure in Suffering“killer fullCd of  Us  death/grind  one man project!!250Kc

EMBALMER“THE COLLECTION OF CARNAGE“double CD of most  sick US death/grinders collection of  demos,13faces  remixed album and totally new promo2012 songs!!MUST!!!280Kc

BAPHOMET“Death in the Beggining“really cult  death metal band on reissue  thein  first  full CD, remixed and  with bonus  live remastered songs!!SICK for all death metal fans!!250kc

DECEASED“The Blueprints for Madness“kilem new  full CD of  US  death metal legend!!250Kc 

AMPUTATED“Gargling with Infected Semen“gore  death/grind new fullCD for  Sevared !!250Kc

DECREPITH CADAVER“The Beggining of Depravity“chilean brutal death metal on Sevared!250kc

EXTIRPARTING THE INFECTED“Beheading the Dead“sick guttural gore  death metal!!250kc

CYSTIC DYSENTERY“Culture of Death“crushing brutl death metal!!250kc

HABITUAL DEFILEMENT“The Redemption of Past.“ultra guttural death metal!!250Kc  

CARNAL DECAY“On top of the food chain“ultra brutal death metal piece!!250kc

SYPHILIC“A Composition of Murder“sick brutal death metal on Sevared!!250Kc 

INSISION“15 Years of Exaggerated Thorment“double CD of cult sick death metal maniacs on Sevared!!250Kc

GORE INHALER“Welcome to Zombieland“brutal death metal from Ukraine!!250Kc  

ROTTENNESS“Die Wege der Lust“mexican ultra gore guttural death metal sickos!!250kc

GASTRORREXIS“The Dark World of Parasitic Infections“ecuador sick death meta 2nd CD!!250kc  

DISFIGUREMENT OF FLESH“Psychotonic Abnormal..“sick brutal death metal(Sevared!!)250Kc

SARCOPHAGY“The Summoning“ultra sick death metal on Sevared!!250kc      

SARCOPHAGY“The Onset of Torture“all demo sof  this death metal sickos on 1 CD!!250Kc

BEGGINING FOR INCEST“Orgasmic Selfmutation“sick brutal death metal inferno!!250Kc 

INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY“Decadent Orgy in Atrocious Suffering“killer album back in stock“250Kc  

INFERNAL REVULSION“An Epic Conviction“ultra brutal japan death metal on Sevared!250kc 

SEXUAL ATROCITIES“Planet of the Rapes“Screaming Afterbirth members gore  death project!!250kc

FORMLESS TERROR“Sovereign Chaos Authority“macedonian ultra sick guttural satanic death metal!!250Kc

HUMAN MASTICATION“Persecute To Bloodbath“new full Cd of death/grind monster!!!250Kc  

HUMAN MASTICATION“Driven to kill“new full Cd of death/grind monster!!!250Kc  

HUMAN MASTICATION“Grotesque Mastication of putrid Innards“new full Cd of phillipinean death/grind monster!!!250Kc  

PROVOCATION“Forging the Gods“brutal german slamming death metal act!250kc

ANIMAL KILLING PEOPEL/ANDROMORPHUS REXALIA split CD of two  hyper groovy  guttural death/grinders on one disc!!SICK!!!250Kc

REST IN GORE“Culinary Buffet of Hacked Innards“japanese guttural slamming death metal!250kc  

PULMONARY FIBROSIS/HYPERMENORREA/HYPEREMESIS 3way pathological split  CD with new  killer  patho gore  grind  songs!!200Kc

PANKREATITE NECRO HEMORRAGICA/BONEACHE/INSEPSY/FETAL DEFORMITY 4way CD of  ultra brutal gore grind  bands  from Mexico, Brasil…!!200Kc

BRUTAL BRAIN DAMAGE“Brain Soup“portuguesse brutal gore death/grind!!200Kc

DEEP THROAT“Until it stops“czch extreme depp throats porno gore grind!!SICK!!!!250Kc

HIDEOUS REBIRTH“Partially Devoured“brutal Us  death/grind on Gore House  recs!!250Kc

P.N.I.B.P.“Necro Fisting Mania“ultra sick perverse  grind!!Gore  House  recs!!250Kc  

LOATSOME“Born from Rot“sick  trashing  grind from Spain!!Killer fast  trash mascone!!250Kc

BOLT THROWER“Realm of Chaos“killer  album on reissue with DVD bonus on Earache!!300Kc

RAZOR RAPE“Revenge of the Hermaphrodite Whores“sweden gore grind Nr.1!!250Kc    

PIGHEAD“Cadaver Desecrator“sick gore guttural slamm deat/grind on digi!!250kc  

IMPULSIVE EVISCERATION“Kot Fresser“ultra slamming death/grind from Germany!Digi!250Kc

EPICARDIECTOMY“Abhorent Stench of Posthumous..“czech slamming brutal death metal!250Kc  

SPANAKITH“Collapsing of Immoral Traditins“brutal guttural death metal from LAOS!!250kc

PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT“Embalmed Madness“pure dutch death metal, reissue!!250kc  

WACO JESUS“Filth“reissue  of  this cult  US gore  death/grind maniacs!!250Kc

MUMMIFIED“Embalming the Nazarene“satanic horror death metal fro CostaRica!!250kc

HORRORGOD“Planet of Ruins“sick death/grind on Eclectic  recs!!250Kc

TSUBO“..Con Cognizione di causa“italian pure  grind core  attack!!250kc

BLOODSOAKED“The Death of Hope“killer new full CD of  death metal maniacs!!250kc   

DYSENTERY“Internal Devastation“killer Massachusetts brutal death metal!!2012CD 250Kc

PROPHECY OF DOOM“Total Mind War“old skull death/grind with old unreleased songs, live  sessions, splits and  othe r songs!!Killer  raritie collection!!250Kc

DECREPITAPH“Forgotten Scriptures-Collection“all old  releases on collection CD for all Asphyx,Rottrevore, Derketa fans!!250Kc 

MASSGRAVStill the Kings“scandinavia punk/trash/grind!250Kc

UNBURIED“Murder 101L“old skull death gore  metal for Onbituary,Repulsion,Grave  fans!!250kc

CRANIOTOMY“Catharsis“slovakia death metal Nr.1 on Forensick music!!250Kc   


MEGASCAVENGER“Descent of yuggoth“killer  death metal with stars of Pestilence, Edge of Sanity, Asphyx,Puteraeon and others!!KIller  old  skull death metaol!!250kc

VIRULENCY“Unbearable Martyrdom Landscapes“KILLER  BRUTAL DEATH/GRIND ON Grotesque Music!!250Kc

ANTIMASTER“Same“killer  crustcore attack on Mierdas recs!!250Kc                 

SEPTICAL GORGE“Growing Seeds of Decay“killer  brutal death/grind on Comatose!!DIGI repress!!250Kc

SPINELESS FUCKERS“Funny Games“sick funny grind  core  from CZ!!GREAT!!250Kc   

ANTROPOFAGUS“Architecture of lust“ killůer new  full Cd on Comatose!!250Kc

KRAANIUM“Post Mortal Coital-Fixation“groovy gore  death metal ala DEVO!!250Kc  

ENGORGEMENT“Excrutiating Intestinal Lacerations“sick gore  death metal!!250Kc 

EXECRATION“The Acceptance of zero Existence“Sick death metal on Comatose Music!!250Kc

PULMONARY FIBROSIS“Interstitial Lung Diseases“french groovy gore  grind!!250Kc   

MIXOMATOSIS/PIEL DE CADAVER split  CD of gore grind  bands!!SICK!!!250kc

PULMONARY FIBROSIS/NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM split CD of gore grind  bands!!Killer  stuff!!250kc 

OLOCAUSTO“Sadistic Violation of Human Rights“extreme gore!!!250kc

ZUBROWSKA“The Canister“french avantgarde grind core maniacs are back with new  full CD out on limited digipack vision!!Killer new  songs  will kick your  ass!!250Kc

HAEMORRHAGE“Punk Carnage“new full CD of this spain legend  with many spain punk avers songs!!Old school punk legend play Haemorrhage  in thein own way!!250Kc

COPROPHILIAC“Whining Bitch Treatment“ultra guttural slamming  death/gore ala Torsofuck!!250Kc 

CRIPPLE BASTARDS“Desperately Insensitive“brutal HC/grind new CD!!200Kc

CSSO“Are you extrements?“japanese sick gore grind , rare last copy CD!!250Kc

CUTTERED FLESH“Tortur eis Medicine“czech brutal death/grind  as  fuck!!Sick!!!!200Kc

BULDOZERS UNITED –TRIBUTE TO CBT double digipack compilation cover songs (Oxid.Razor, Mucupurulent,Carne,Stickoxydal,Pulmonary Fibrosis –about 48 killer bands!!350Kc

THE BLACK COFFINS/INFAMOUS GLORY split CD of two  cult horror death metal bands!!200Kc

RANCID FLESH“Pathological Zombie Carnage“ patho gore grind from Brasil!250kc  

SLAVEBREED“Dethrone the Architect“greek grind core are back with new full CD!!250Kc

INTRORECTALGESTATION“Hoover of Human teeth“blasting  brutal death/grind as fuck!!250Kc  

RELICS OF HUMANITY“Guided by the soulem.“slamming brutality ala Disgorge!!250Kc

PUTREFIED J“The Last Harvest“ultra brutal death/grind for fans of Kraanium,Abominable Putridity..250Kc

CYANIC“Litanie sof lust Unholy“blasting death metal ala Cannibal Corpse!!250Kc   

REMNANTS“Instrumentals Unleashed“sick death metal for fans of Gorguts,Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse..250Kc

ROTTEN SOUND“Consume to Contaminate“scik MCd of  this  finnish grindcore  maniacs!!200Kc

DEAD“Hardnaked..but DEAD“ new  killer  full Cd of  german sick gore  bulldozers!!250Kc

ENTRAILS“Tales from the Morgue“sweden killer  death metal ala old Entombed!!DIGI..250Kc  

REVEL IN FLESH“Deathvokation“killer  sweden death metal!!Old SCHOOL!!250kc  

BLOOD MORTIZED“The Key to a Black Heart“ killer  death metal finland!!250Kc 

PYREXIA“System of the Animal“killer  cult  death metal act on repress!!250Kc   

VIRULENCY“Unbearable Martyrdom Landscape“killer  brutal slamming  death/grind!!250Kc

EXTIRPARTED“Decomposition and  decay“killer slam death/grind from Sweden!!250Kc     

ANTRAKS“Spewing Wrath Blood“sick brutal death metal on Pathological Explicit  recs!!250Kc

CUMBEAST“Recycled Nastiness“extreme finish death/grind metal, new full CD!!250Kc  

HATE DIVISION“Strategy of Obsolescence“canadian slam brutal death metal on Pathological Expl. Recs!250Kc


RAPED BY DOGS“Gushing Orgasms 2“ peruvian slamming  brutal death metal!!Killer!!200Kc

MONIGA“Coprometidos noc la causa“killer spain buldozer gore grind!!250Kc     

MINCING FURY..“Devolution“killer new  fullCD of  CZ  grind core killers !!250Kc

PUTRID PILE“Collection of Butchery“kilem  CD of  US killers with sick music!!250Kc       

ABOSRANIE BOGOM“COPROcessor“new full CD of  mexican gore grinders i sout now!!250kc

FECAL BODY INCORPORATED/T.P.F./COCKLUSH 3way split Cd of  iller  gore  grind bands!!SICK,SICK!!250Kc  

TRIBUTE TO GUT Nr.2 comp CD with new  cover song sof GUT from: Spasm,Cliteater,NWC666,Oros,SCAT,Razor Rape,Mucupurulent,Glut,EGC,Ebenath,Pulm onary Fibrosis…..42bands!!250kc

BOUNDED BY BLOOD“The Aftermath“new full CD of  trash metal gods from Earache!!300Kc        

THE BROWNING“Burn This World“ne w modern power death metal act from Earache recs!!300Kc

ROMPEPROP/GUT split 3“MCD of this cult gore grind gods!!150Kc         

INTERNAL DAMAGE“Age of Violence“fast  grind core from Poland!!Killer CD250Kc

SAKATAT“Bir Devrin Sonu“ turkish grind core  in ND vein!!Killer first fullCD 250Kc   

HAEMORRHAGE“Loathesongs“repress this cult master piece of spain gore grind legend!!250Kc

CAPTAIN CLEANOFF“Discography 1998-2001“collection all release of aussie band!!250Kc      

NOISEBAZOOKA“Humped World“great grind core massacre  with noise touch on new full CD 250Kc

MASSGRAV“This war will be won by meat eaters“grind core holocaust !!250Kc  

MASSGRAV“Napalm Över Stureplan“grind core holocaust!!250Kc

CANNIBE“The Min dis collapsed“killer new  full CD of  extreme gore grind!!250Kc  

PSYCHOPHATIC TERROR“Revolt“killer finnish grind core !!Digipack!!250Kc   

PSYCHOPHATIC TERROR“230204“killer full Cd of  finnish grind core!!!250Kc

HUTT“Monstruario“brazilian horror grind core  with touch of old Napalm Death!!250Kc 

SHREDDED CUNT“Whore Dump“brutal porno gore  grind!!200Kc

SIMBIOSE“Evolution“crusty  grind core on CD vision!!Killer!!200Kc

INTESTINAL DISGORGE/SMALLPOX AROMA split Cd of two noise gore grind bands!! 200Kc 

AFFLICTIVE EMUSCALATION“Obscure Slam Vomition“killer slamming death/grind from Russia!!200Kc

INOPEXIA“Myocardical Biopsy Hada Lethal..“killer noisy grind core on Coyote recs!!200Kc  

HELLSKUAD“Knife of perfekt Mutilation“slamming bruttal death metal on Coyote!!200Kc

GORE INHALER“Welcome to  Zombieland“russian bruatl death/Grind core on Coyote!!200Kc

NUCLEAR MONSTROSITY“So Let´s Nuke´m First“german gore grind ala CBT!!KIller!!250Kc  

BOILER“DMUPZEM“ new full Cd of sicko german gore grinders!!250Kc

CUTTERED FLESH“Cause the Apocalypse“CZ death/grind  band are back with new  full CD!!250Kc

INTESTINAL DISGORGE“Dripping in Quiet Place“new killer gore grind fullCD!!250Kc 

DROGHEDA“Thug Anarchitect“Us grind core  legend with new CD!!200Kc

HAEMORRHAGE/GRUESOME STUFF RELISH split MCD with new unreleased songs from bath bands!!Killer split CD of this year!!!200Kc

MEAT SHITS“Violence Against Feminist Cunts“US  porno  gor e grind noise!!250kc    

MEAT SHITS“Gorenography“US  sick porno  gore  grind noise!!250Kc

PHOBIA“Loud,Proud and Grind as fuck“live session of cult  crusters!!200Kc

BLOODY GORE“Stench of YOur Perversion/Blood Driven Vehemence“killer asia brutal gore death metal ala Devourment!!200Kc

LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER“Split the Suffering split the Pain“killer  grind core band with all EPs and unreleased songs on one  com pilation CD!!200Kc

PURGATORY“Necromanteon“killer german death metal with last new  full CD!!200Kc

NUNSLAUGHTER“Hells Unholy Fire“cult release of black death killers on double CD!!250Kc  

NUNSLAUGHTER“DemoSlaughter“all demos and  unreleased songs on double CD!!250Kc

DISHAMMER“Vintage Addiction“killer punky sweden grind with new  CD!!250Kc

ZOMBIFIED HUMANITY6way CD with(Rancid Flesh/Hierarchical Punishment/mas sof shit/mithrubick/tritutador/Syphilic Abortion) brasilian compilation of gore and grind core bands!!150Kc

MESRINE“Obsessive Com pulsive“canadian extreme grind core  legend with new  Fulb!150Kc 

HAEMORRHAGE/DISGORGE split MCd  of two   gore  grind bands on Power i tup recs!!150Kc

CIANIDE“Gods of Death“killer full CD of satanic  death metal legend!!250Kc

TRASHING LIKE A MANIAC komp CD with(Waste,Evile,SSS,Toxic Holocaust,Violator,Deadfall,Merciless Death,Dekapitator,Fueled by Fire,Gama Bomb and more others on Earache).300Kc


GODS OF GRIND 4way CD – cult old release or Earache with Entombed, Carcass,Cathedral and  Confessor bands on one disk. Kult  release!!150Kc

WORLWIDE METAL COMP CD + PC GAME-all Earache bands on 5 disk box + killer first metal PC game with your  favorite bands!!250Kc

AKERCOCKE „Words that go unspoken/CHoronzon..“killer satanic death metal from Earache , two  full CDs in limited 2CD set box are available!!350Kc

AT THE GATES“PurgatoryUnleashed“18 tracks live CD , photo booklet + bonuses woven patch, citar pick!!Great production on Earache  recs!!!KILLER!!300Kc

AT THE GATES“Slaughter of the Soul + Purgatory Unleashed live at Wacken“2xCD value set box limited edition on Earache!!350Kc

AT THE GATES“Suicidal Final Art“retrospective look a tone of death metal  finest acts, top album tracks + rarities spanning the bands carem to date!!Peaceville recs!!250Kc

BRUTAL TRUTH“Need to  Control“killer  old  skull Earache digipack edition with 5 bonus songs with interview with Kevin Sharp!!!New!!!!!!300Kc

BRUTAL TRUTH“Extreme Conditions..“killer repress of  this  cult  repase on limited  digipack edition with 3 bonus videos and interview with Kevin Sharp!!!Earache  recs!!300Kc

BERZERKER“Animosity“killer new hyper fast extreme metal on Earche recs with bonus CD with 21live songs from London live!!!250Kc      

BERZERKER“World of Lies“killer full dual disc on Earache recs!!fast as fuck on DVD bonus documentary +clips!!250Kc   

CARCASS“Wake U pand smell ..“new  repress with  classic CD with free DVD  bonus as present!!Limited double  disk edition!!Order it  now  or  die!!!250Kc

CATHEDRAL“The Etereal Mirror“ cult metal on Earache!!!Limited digipackCD+DVD!!300Kc   

CEREBRAL BORE“Maniacal Miscreation“technical brutal death metal on Earache!!250Kc  

CATHEDRAL“Forest of Equilibrium“cult metal on Earache!!!Limited digipackCD+DVD!!300Kc 

DEICIDE“Scars of the Krucifix“limited CD + DVD edition on Earache recs!!250Kc  

DEICIDE“Stench of Redemption“killer box of this new really great CD with poster, photos!Earache!!380Kc

DEICIDE“Till Death do us part“really the best CD of this satanic death cult band!!!Limited edition with presents  with patch and dress shield!!THE BEST SELLING CD!!!300Kc

DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN“Same“killer full CD on limited digipack edition!!300Kc

DECAPITATED“Winds of Creation“killer new CD of this cult death metal legend!!+ bonus  DVD live!!300Kc  

DECAPITATED“Organic Hallucinosis“new fullCD+DVD brutal death polance!!Earache!300Kc  

DECAPITATED“The Negotion“great  killer  poland death metal on Earache!!250Kc     

DECAPITATED“Nihility“poland  best  death metal on Earache!!250Kc

EVILE“Five Serpents Teeth“killer trash metal on Earache!!250Kc       

EVILE“Infected Nations“trash metal cult band under Earache!!250Kc

THE HAUNTED“One Kill Wonder“killer  death metal on Earache  recs!!250Kc  

THE HAUNTED“Warning Shots“ killer  death metal on Earache  recs!!250Kc  

THE HAUNTED“Made Me do it“ killer  death metal on Earache  recs!!250Kc  

HATE ETERNAL“Conquering the Throne“cult release of death legend on Earache!!250Kc               

HATE ETERNAL“Monarch“legendary death metal with new  CD!!250Kc    

HATE ETRENAL“King sof all kings“legendary  death metal on Earache!!250Kc

INSECT WARFARE“World Extermination“killer fast grind core on Earache!!250Kc   

IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION“Of winter born“brutal  death metal  on Earache  recs, delux digipack““300Kc, really new  wave of  death metal!!!

LAWNMOWER DETH“Billy“ funny trash metal on Earache recs!!Kult release!!250Kc    

LAWNMOWER DETH“Return of the fabulous Metal…“! funny trash metal on Earache recs!!Kult release!!250Kc                     

MASSACRE“From Beyond“killer old skull death metal back on digipack format!!300Kc 

MORBID ANGEL“Domination“cult old skull death metal CD 250Kc/digipack 300Kc

MORBID ANGEL“Altars of Madness“cult old skull death metal CD 250Kc/digipack 300Kc 

MORBID ANGEL“Blessed are the sick“cult old skull death metal CD 250Kc/digipack 300Kc

MORBID ANGEL“Entagled in Chaos“cult old skull death metal CD 250Kc     

MORBID ANGEL“Formulas Fatal to the flesh“cult old skull death metal CD 250Kc

MORBID ANGEL“Covenant“cult old skull death metal CD 250Kc                

MORBID ANGEL“Getaways to Annihilation“cult old skull death metal CD 250Kc

MORBID ANGEL“Heretic“cult old skull death metal double CD 250Kc    

MORBID ANGEL“Abominations of  Desolation“cult old skull death metal CD 250Kc

MUNICIPAL WASTE“The Art of Partying“trash metal act on Earache!!!GREAT!!!!CD250kc   

MUNICIPAL WASTE“Hazardous..“killer old skull trash CD on Earache recs!!!250Kc

MUNICIPAL WASTE“Hazardous Mutation“Earache recs with thrash –old skull grind US band!!CD 250Kc/BOX 300Kc

ORDER OF ENNEAD“An Examination of Being“project of Deicide members, satanic death metal!!250Kc 

OCEANO“Contagion“new Earache star on power death metal scene!!250Kc

NAPALM DEATH“Inside the torn appart/words from the exit../breed to breathe – 3CD set box of long sold out CDs!!350Kc 

NAPALM DEATH“Bootleg in Japan“rare CD with killer live!!Earache!!250Kc                       

NAPALM DEATH“Utopia Banished“killer repress of their CD with bonus DVD!!!300Kc                

NAPALM DEATH“Diatribes/greed killings/Bootleg in Japan“  – 3CD set box of long sold out CDs!!350Kc 

NAPALM DEATH“Scum“ killer grind core album !Earache!!CD-250Kc/digipack 300kc    

NAPALM DEATH“Smear Campaign“killer new full CD cul grinders!!!300Kc                          

NAPALM DEATH“Inside Torn the Appart“kiiler full Cd on Earache 1997!!300Kc DIGI!!        

NAPALM DEATH“Death By Manipulation“old skull cult CD on Earache!!Original!!300Kc       

NAPALM DEATH“Leaders not followers II“killer compilations of cover songs!!250Kc      

NAPALM DEATH“Leaders not followers I.“cover songs made by ND!!Killer!!150Kc                         

NAPALM DEATH“The Code is Red .. Long Live The Code“killer new full Cd this england grindcore masters with 15 new ultra songs!!!Century Media recs!!!!300Kc

NAPALM DEATH“Scum“first full album of cult  grinders!!CD250Kc/Digi 300Kc  

NAPALM DEATH“From Enslavement to Obliteration“first full album of cult  grinders!!CD250Kc/Digi 300Kc  

NAPALM  DEATH“Harmony Corruption“one of best album of ND!!CD250Kc/Digi 300Kc  

NAPALM DEATH“Fear,Despair,Emptiness“cult  album of ND on Earache!!250Kc

NAPALM DEATH“Noise for music cake..“double CD with  unreleased songs, and  non official releases!!350Kc

NAPALM DEATH/COALESCE split  MCD of two  grind core  legends!!250Kc      

WORMROT“Dirge“killer  grind core  CD on Earache with DVD  bonus!!250Kc   

WORMROT“Abuse“killer first grind core band from asia!!250Kc

VADER“Ultimate Incantation“old CD of this cult Poland death legend!!250Kc               

AVULSED“Nullo“repress of  this  cult  release on digipack edition!!250Kc     

CARDIAC ARREST“Haven for the Ivane“brutal gore  death/grind, ltd CD+DVD edition!!250Kc 

VOMITOMA“Coagulated Dialysis of Partially…“ultra sick gore  grind on digipack!!Ltd. edition250Kc

THE JULIET MASSACRE“Pray for an afterlife“italian modern  fast  death metal on DIGI!!250Kc 

EXEGUTOR“Cure for Dull“fast  grind  core  from Italy  with grea  sound!!!ltd. digipacks!!250Kc

FECALIZER/PARACOCCIDIOIDOMICOSISPROCTITISSARCOMUCOSIS  split CD with  many new songs of pure gore grind attack!Ask for your  copy asap!!150Kc

VAGINOTOPSY“Bizarre Vaginoplastic Accidens“killer extreme gore grind with perverse thema!!150Kc 

DEMIURG“Bastinado“russian death metal !!100Kc

AVULSED“Cybergore“brutal death metal from Spain, old  release!!!150Kc    

MEMBRO GENITALI BEFURCATOR“Human Destruction“russian bruatl death/grind  with new  songs!!150Kc

PURUNLENT JACUZZI“Vanishing in the Cosmic Futility“russian slamming gore grind!!150Kc  

TENSION PROPHECY“Riot of Sacrificers“russian death metal ala Immolation!!!150Kc

SKULLHOG“The  EVIL DEAD“sludge gore death metal for Autopsy fans!!!200Kc  

ZOMBIE DEATH STENCH“Here i die..zombified“old skull death metal for Obituary fans!!200Kc

RAZOR RAPE“Revenge of the Hermaphrodite Whores“sweden gore grind Nr.1!!150Kc    

PALKOSKI“Random Antagonist Complex“ultra sick US slamming  death/grind on digipack!!250Kc

THE MUNG“Showering in shit“aussie extreme gore grind with new album!!150Kc    

CHORODOTMY“The Precious Ideal“slamming  brutal death metal on Rotten Roll!!150Kc

SINISTER“Legacy of Ashes“new full CD of dutch death metal legend!!200Kc      

SINISTER MIND“The Mansion“MCD of killer  death metal band from Brasil!!150Kc

AGATHOCLES“Kanpai“new fullCD + DVD bonus live from Japan!!36songs!!350Kc  

CATHETER“Southwest doom violence“new full CD of  US grind core  maniacs!!150Kc

ENSCOFFINATION“Ritual Ascention beyond flesh“US sludge  doom/death ala Incantation!150Kc 

ENCOFFINATION“…O´Hell, Shine in thy Whited..“ “US sludge  doom/death ala Incantation!150Kc

SATANIC MALFUCTION“Disgrace to Music“old UK noisecore/HC band withcomplete  discography on two  discs on Selfamdegod recs!!Really killer release!!!250Kc

SCAREMAKER/CRYPTICUS split  CD of two  horror bands (US vs Sweden)!!150Kc  

MUCULORDS“Lethal  Laxative Power“italian gore  grind  back with new  27 songs !!150Kc

APOKEFALE“Revelation“brutal death metal on Sevared  recs!!150Kc      

LARDON“Special Barbeque“french gore  grinders with new  fullCD 150Kc

CORRUPTED“Garten der Unbewussheit“japan sluge core attack!!Killer!!250Kc    

PAGANIZER“Basic Instuction for Dying“sweden cult death metal with new CD!!150Kc

PRINCESS ARMY WEDDING COMBAT“Same“japanese grind/noisecore project 150kc  

NIHIL“A-moll scherzoso“CZ grind core new  killer band!!Self release!! 50Kc

HIGH PURITY“A Boring Life in Nice Shit“ CZ grind core new  killer band!!Self release!!

DISACT“Grind Breed“killer grind from Russia on SFC recs!!23 songs of grind!!150Kc

SUTURE“Skeletal Vortex“killer death metal are  back with new CD!!150Kc    

PERVERSE DEPENDANCE“Gruesome Forms of Distorted Libido“sick ultra  brutal death  Disgorge 150Kc

HUMAN PARASITE“Proud to build the insidious..“Internal Bleeding meets Dying Fetus!!150Kc      

GUTTED“Mankind Carries the seeds..“hungary  death metal band with new  CD!!150Kc

SOUTHERN DRINKSTRUCTION“Drunk till death“italian rock´n´roll band ala Blood Duster!!150Kc  

GELGAMESH“Last Breath of the Dying One“technical death ala Disgorge,Brodequin!!150Kc

GHOULS“Until it Leeds“technical death metal from Italy ala Morbid Angel, Immolation!!150Kc 

TOOLS OF TORTURE“Faith-purufication-execution“slamming brutal death metal!!!150Kc

EXHUMER“Bllodcurdling Tool of Digestion“italian brutal death metal from Natron members!!150Kc

TORMENTED“Graveyard Lust“horror sweden deathmetal on War Anthem recs!!digi!!200Kc   

PANDEMIA“Feet of Anger“czech cult  death metal band!!150Kc

ENGORGED“Same“US horror trash/grind  core ala Necroharmonic releases!!200Kc

VENEMOUS CONCEPT“Poisoned Apple“cult  grind core from Napalm Death memebrs!!250Kc 

ARCH ENEMY“Revolutions Begin“cult  death metal act first  in stock!!CULT!!250Kc

EXPURGO“Burial Ground“brasilian gore grind ala RGTE,D.I….!!GREAT!!150Kc  

UNLEASHED“Warrior“cult release on limited brasilian vision!!250Kc

CLAWN“The Great Excuse to Domination“brasilian death metal ala Sinister!!150Kc

PIGTO/FECALIZER split CD of two  hyper brutal gore  grind bands from Mexico!!200Kc

DIABOLIC“Chaos in Hell/Possessed in Death“two killer album on one disc!!150Kc   

DIABOLIC“Excisions of Exorcism“full CD of  this  cult  deathers on Deathgasm!150kc

NOMINON“Terra Necrosis“old skull sweden death metal ala Entombed,Dismember!!200Kc  

FECALIZER/GORESPLATTERED/RIPPING ORGANS 3way CD of all perverse gore grind bands with sick prono gore  grind  Picture and  lyrics!!SICK!!!!!!!200Kc

GRINDING YOUR BARAIN 3way CD with(GURGLECTOMY/Desviginizagore/Inhumation) ultra sick bands on one disc!!Extreme!!!!150kc

SOCIAL SHIT“LSD Sexxxperience“argentina´s sick grindcore with new CD!!150Kc  

EMPIRE OF LIES“Same“mexican grind core  madnes finály on CD!!150Kc

BOKRUG“El Matamuertos“argentina gore grind legend back with new  full CD!!150Kc

VAGINAL CHICKEN“Hangover Chicken“ultra gore grind from France!!150Kc   

NECROABORTION“Brutal Misanthropy“argentina´s brutal gore death grind!!150Kc

FINAL EXIT“Seasons are going and going“japanese cult noise core!!3“MCD 200Kc  

FESTERING EARTH“Same“brasilian cult  death/grind on Sonic Death recs. 150Kc digipack version

VIOLATING THE SOUNDS..4way CD with(Necromucosafalica/Comandocalavera/Fecalizer/Interorectogestion) extreme gore grind bands on one disc!!150Kc

CANNIBE/MIXOMATOSIS split CD with new gore grind songs!!200Kc                      

CANNIBE/ TUMOUR split CD with extrem gore grind new  songs from both bands!!200Kc

SVIN KILLER“Drowning into the Green Mass“killer brutal blasting  slam grind!!150Kc  

SMASHING DUMPLINGS“Gastrogrind“Czech dumplings grind core with first  fullCD!!150Kc

SEPTORY“Seductive Art Profane“russian slamm death metal!!150Kc      

BIG END BOLT“Mechanical Race Creation“brutal death metal massacre on Coyote.150Kc

MORTAL TORMENT“Resuscitation“greece brutal death metal on Coyote!!150Kc

ONICECTOMY“Drowning for Salvation“italian slamming death metal act!!150Kc              

FEAST OF CORPSES“Sudden Death“canadian perfekt brutal death/grind!!!!SICK!!!150Kc

CEMETARY RAPIST“The Smut Circus“ Illinois slam brutal death metal on Rottenroll!!250Kc 

NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE“Like a lamb to the Slaughter“brutal slamming death metal on RottenRoll250Kc

SLAUGHTERBOX“The Ubiquity of Subjugation“technical deathgrind for fans Decrepith Birth!!250Kc 

SICKENING“Against the Wall of Pretence“CD of italian brutal death metal in the vein of Suffo..250Kc

CARNIVOROUS VORACITY“DebasementIncarnated“brutal death metal ala Disavowed!!250Kc 

CEASE OF BREADING“Sounds of Disembowelment“brutal death metal ala Severe Torture..250Kc

ENMITY“Vomit Forth Intestinal Excrement“re-release of cult  death/grind CD on AVR!!250Kc

BIRDFLESH/CATHETER split CD of grind core  legends on Civilisation recs!!250Kc    

CRANIAL OSTEOCTOMY“Victims of Wicked Sickness“brutal slamming death/grind on Coyote!250Kc 

SLAKTRENS“Stralande Tider“crusty grind core  from France!!150Kc

CASTRATED SENILE BASTARDS“Tout a Le egout“french extreme gore grind attack!!150Kc   

FATAL NUNCHAKU“Paving Stone under the beach“powerviolence from France!!150Kc

CANNIBE“Hideosu Human Vintage“ultra  gore grind with first full CD!!250Kc      

MUMAKIL/OBTUSE/THIRD DEGREE 3 way split CD of grind core  bands, new  songs!!250Kc

GORETRADE“Mistaken Conception“colombian gore  death/grind with new CD!!250Kc    

SUPPURATION“A River of Sorpses“new full Cd of colombian gore  death/grinders on Brutalized recs!!250Kc

CHAOS INCEPTION“Collision with Oblivion“US death/grind band out on Brutalized recs!250Kc

PYPHOMGERTUM“Gorific Carnal Confession“cult mexican gore grind on repress!!250Kc    


MUCUPURULENT“Horny like hell“cult germen gore grind roll on repress!!250Kc    

RAW DECIMATING BRUTALITY“Obra ó Diabo!!!“ spain brutal gore  death/grind               

NEUROSIS“Verdun 1916“full CD of cult metal band!!250Kc

BLOOD RED THRONE“Brutalitarian Regime“cult dutch death metal with new songs!!250Kc    

DERANGED“Gut carve rip serve“new full Cd of sweden gore death/grinders !!250Kc  

HUMAN MASTICATION“Persecute To Bloodbath“new full Cd of death/grind monster!!!250Kc

PENTACROSTIC“The Pain Years 1989-2010“collection of all releases this cult death metal band!!250Kc

M.D.K./EXPURGO split CD of two  hyper gore grind bands!! New songs!!250Kc

AGATHOCLES/KAZAMATE split CD of grind core legend with italian band!!200Kc

OXIDIZED RAZOR/OROS split CD of two  hyper gore grind  bands with new  songs!!250KcDIGI

DEICIDE“To Hell with God“new killer full CD of satanic death legend!!300Kc                   

S.T.N./CRISICHRIST split digi CDof mexican crsut D-beat bands from Oxidized Razor members!!200Kc

RECTAL SMEGMA“Because we care“sick dutch gore grind with  13new songs!!250Kc    

PSYCHOTIC HOMICIDAL DISMEMBERMENT“Displying her decapitated corpuse“ulstra sick gore!!250Kc

K.S.K“Bouncecore from the hood“old skull grind noise band from Germany, for fans WBI,Anal Massaker…200Kc 

NICE IDIOT“This is no party“old trashcore/Hc of General Surgery members!!250Kc

OXIDIZED RAZOR/GUTSAW/ROTT 3way CD of extreme gore grind bands with really great sound and unhuman arrangements. Few copies!!250Kc

GRIDE“Zaskuby Chaosu“new full CD of the best  CZ  fast core!CD kill as all thein releases!!250Kc 

ISACAARUM“Vaseline“new full CD  of CZ SM grind core  band!!Fucking amazing!!250Kc

SPASM“Taboo Tales“new full CD of CZ groovy gore grind maniacs with Taboo lyrics!!250Kc 

GROG“Scooping th Cranial Insides“portuguese gore  death/grind with new  full CD!!200Kc

TU CARNE/NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM  split  CD with new songs of Gore grind bands!250Kc

SYNERGISM OF HUMANITY“Incantated self destruction“brutal death metal for fans of Misery Index250Kc  

DISARTICULATING EXTINGUISHMENT“Psalms of Wrath“ultra sick grind core with new CD!!250Kc  

THE WRECKAGE“Uncalled Vengeance“malaysian brutal grind core CD!!200Kc     

DISGORGE“Parallels of Infinity Torture“Unique Leader death metal release!!300Kc   

BEHEADED“Ominous Bloodline“ Unique Leader death metal release!!300Kc

FLESH CONSUMED“Ecliptic Dimensions of Suffering“new full CD of cult death/grind!!300Kc  

SARCOLYTIC“The Arcane Progeny“brutal death metal on Unique Leader!!300Kc    

DISAVOWED“Perceptive Deception“dutch brutal death metal on Unique Leader!!300Kc

INHERIT DISEASE“Visceral Transcendence“brutal death metal act on Unique Leader!300Kc  

PYAEMIA“Cerebral Cereal“ultra sick death metal on Unique Leader!!300Kc

RETALIATION“Seven“new death metal band on Unique Leader!!300Kc   

DECREPITH BIRTH“Diminishing between Worlds..“cult death metal act on Unique Leader!!300Kc

APOSEPSY“Same“new groovy tech gore grind from Russia!!AMputated Vein!!250Kc  

SEVERED CROTCH“The Nature of Entropy“new band on  Amputated Vein recs ala Suffo, Gorguts…250Kc

DIFTERY“Trepa-Nation“new band on Amputated Vein ala Decrepith Birth,Nile…250Kc

VISCERAL DISGORGE“Incesting Putridity“brutal gore death metal on Amputated Vein!!250Kc  

AWAITING THE AUTOPSY“Could not tell the bodies apart“brutal slam death metal on Amputated..250Kc

GUTTURAL ENGORGEMENT“The Slow Decay of Infested Flesh“brutal gore death grind repress on digipack with multimedia bonus and  live session!!KIller!!250Kc

PULMONARY FIBROSIS“Interstitial Lung Diseases“sick groovy gore grind from Spain with thein new full CD,19 sick tracks!!250Kc

UNHOLY GRAVE“Blast Mayhem“japanese grind core with collectionof all raw rehearsal tracks from 1994-2010. Digipack edition!!!Few copies limited!!300Kc

MAGISTRAL FLATULENCES“Under sign of the V“ ultra sick gore grind , new full CD250Kc  

SUFFOCATION“The close of a Chapter-live in Quebec“live session of cult band!!Relapse 250Kc  

PARASITIC“Poison Minds“Relapse grind core  attack on full CD!!250Kc

NOISEAR“Subvert the Dominant Paradism“fucking  fast  grind core  on Relapse!!250Kc  

VIOLADOR/SMERSH split CD of two gore grind bands, mexico mens Ruska!!200Kc

PUTRID PILE/VIRAL LOAD split CD of Relapse serie!!Killer brutal death/grind!!250Kc

ROTTEN SOUND“Napalm“finnish fastiest grind core back on MCD!!200Kc            

VELOCIDAD ABSURDA“Reborn for the Extermination“spain brutal grind core back with new CD 250Kc

PSYCHO“Pain Addict Pigs“horror US grind core  legend back on Moribund recs!!250Kc

DEMONICAL“Death Infernal“new full CD of  swedisch best death metal on Cyclone,DIGIPACK ltd. Edition. Really killer release with thein typice sweden sound! 350Kc

METHADONE ABORTION CLINIC/BIOLOGICAL MONSTROSITY split CD of two hyper groovy gore grind bands!!Really great release for only true extreme fans of gore grind!!250Kc

CUNTSRAPE“Thrush Bang Mania“aussie sick porno gore grind!!2011 – 250Kc  

CUNTSRAPE“Papsmear Campaign“aussie older porno gore grind as fuck!!250Kc

CUNTSRAPE/DEATH FUCKING CUNT split CD of two  perverse porno gore grind bands!!250Kc 

SPLIT MY BITCH-UP 4way CD with CUNTSRAPE/GORESLUTS/REZUME/MORBID VISION bands- porno gore grind vs grind core  bombs!!250Kc

BROKEN GRAVESTONES“Let sleeping corpus lie“cult release on Comatose!!200Kc

DISFIGURED“Amputated Gorewhore“ultra sick gore death/grind!250kc       

ABUSE“Like a Virgin“brutal death metal on Comatose recs, reedition of thein  long  sold out release!!250Kc

QUATTRO STAGIONI“Discography“really the fastest grind core from Germany with thein collection of all releases on one CD!! For fans of fast grind noise  bands!!250Kc

NAPALM DEATH“Insiude th torn appart/words from the exit../breed to breathe – 3CD set box of long sold out CDs!!350Kc

NAPALM DEATH“Diatribes/greed killings/Bootleg in Japan“  – 3CD set box of long sold out CDs!!350Kc 

MORTIIS“Eras – 3CD set box with Fodt til a herske/the staráte/Crypt of the Wizard“!!Cult 350Kc

ORDER OF ENNEAD“An Examination of Being“project of Deicide members, satanic death metal!!300Kc 

EZOPHAGOTHOMIA“Instinct of Inhuman Devourment“sick ultra gore  brutal slammy death/grind!!Killer CD  with really cool cover from Jon Zig!!250Kc

DISGORGE“Gore Blessed to the Worms“killer album back in stock,mexican gore 250Kc 

INHERITED SUFFERING“The Empty Tomb“brutal slamming death metal!!200Kc

S.C.A.T.“Apopatophobia“ultra sick gore grind from Russia!!SICK!!250Kc       

HAEMOPHAGIA“From sickness to cult“groovy gore death/grind as fuck!!250Kc

PESTA PORNICA“Tots Trempas!!“ ultra sick gore grind ala Impetigo..250Kc         

PESTA PORNICA/CRANISEPTIC split CD of two hyper gore grind bands!!SICK!!250Kc

TORTURE KRYPT“Ressurecting the Krypts“old skull US death/grind with demos and MCDs!!250Kc  

ORRIFICE“..Better than Sex“uf, really orgy gore grind on Redrum recs!!250Kc            

BOWEL STEW“Mondo Morbo“ultra sick gore grind  with all demos and video!250Kc   

ANTRAKS“Spewing Wrath Blood“brutal sick death/grind on Sevared!!250Kc

CARCASS“Live at St. Georges Hall“ live session of cult grinders!!200Kc      

RENCHEI“Same“ new wave of gore death grind from CHINA!! Really great production and amazing.!!200Kc

PUTRID PILE“The Pleasure in Suffering Revisited“reedition of cult killer  album!!200Kc 

HAEMOPHAGUS“Slaves to the Necromancer“sick gore death/grind on Sevared!!200Kc

INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY“Decadent Orgy in Atrocious Suffering“killer album back in stock“250Kc  

GASTORREXIS“Grotesque Human Disfigurement“ultra sick gore death grind on Sevared!250Kc


JOE PESCI/ONANIZER split Cd of two fats grind core bands!!Mexican dressing!200Kc  

NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM/REPTILE split CD of two  gore grind bands!!200Kc

MASS GRAVE CIRCLE JERK 6way CD with Magistral Flatulence/M.D.K./Diseased maggotectomy/P.U.S./Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering/Cativeiro – gore grind split!!200Kc

PLAGUE RAGES“Subordinados Pela Peste“sick brasilian grind core!!200Kc        

PROYECTO TERROR“Shitcography“peruan true political grind core with all releases on one disk.200Kc

INFEXION“The Reality blond the Pain“gore grind core  from Peru!!Sick!!200Kc        

CONFUSION“Demo´s lition“true colombian grind core attack!!Old skull freaks remember this band!!200Kc

TIEMPOS DEL HORROR 4way CD with Carnivore Mind/Hemacromatosis Genital/Casasonica/Psychotic sufferance bands from Equador, Brasil and Malaysia!!.150Kc

HEADROT“Gulping the Remains“sick death/grind from Pathos!!Digipack250Kc       

ETERNAL SUFFERING“Recollection of Tragedy and Misery“ brutal death/grind from Pathos!!Digipack!250Kc

CBT/LIBIDO AIRBAG split MCD of extreme gore grind legends!!MCD 150Kc        

ERYTHRIOBLASTOSIS FETALIS“Fetal Stench“groovy gore grind with medici perverse thema!CD-r 100Kc

NEUROPHATIA/PUTRESCENCE split CD of two  grind core  bands!! New  songs!!250Kc

TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION“Hater“ new killer  full CD of grind core gods!250Kc  

EMBALMER“13 faces of Death“cult death metal legend on repress!!250Kc

LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER“Buscando una resquesta“ spain grind core gods!!250Kc   

APPÄRATUS“Hardcore Religions!“sweden crust core attack ala ENT.DOOM.....GREAT!!250Kc

WASTEFORM“Designed by Disgust“US cult  brutal death/grind with new songs§!250Kc  

PESSIMIST“Evolution Into Evil“satanic death metal from US!! New  release!!200Kc

WORMROT/ABHOR split grind core bands with new songs!!Killer!!200Kc

CRIPPLE BASTARDS“Framenti di Vita“italian grind core legend are back with new CD with many cover songs (Bulldozer,Necrodeath,Schizo,Raw Power,Wretched,Impact…..)!!GREAT!!250Kc

GHOSTRIDER“The return of the ghost“uuaarrgghh, old skull horror trash/grind!!250Kc

OXIDIZED RAZOR/VULGAROYAL BLOODHILL split CD extreme gore grind !!!Digipack!300Kc

SATAN´S REVENGE OF MANKIND“Supreme Malicious Necro Terror“ultra sick german gore grind out on Rotten roll rex and limited on digipack!!!300Kc

TU CARNE“Mondo Carne“spain sickos are back with new full CD on digipack format, 17 new unhuman songs maded from Spain!!!Killer release!!300Kc

NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666“World Wide War“ germany most brutal tekkno  gore grinders are back with new CD!!!SICK ,SICK……250Kc

I SHIT ON YOUR FACE“Anal Barbeque“brasilian sick gore grind back in stock!!250Kc         

CHOCKED BY OWN VOMITS/S.C.A.T. split CD of two   hyper groovy gore grind bands!!250Kc

VULGAROYAL BLOODHILL“Muerteatroz“ sick gore grind ala Rompeprop!!SICK!!250Kc    

THE MUNG“The Splatter Session“aussie sick slam gore grind out on RottenRoll!!!250Kc

RANCID FLESH/PANKREATIC NECRO HAEMORRAGICA split CD of two   hyper groovy gore  grinders!!Brasilian ultra sick masterpiece!!!250Kc

PESTA PORNICA“Ultimo Mondo Rurale“ spain sick ultra  gore grind ala Impetigo!!!!Sick!!250Kc  

HEDONISTIC EXILITY“Deevolutional Stasis“brutal death metal ala Pyrexia!!200Kc

DISTURBANCE PROJECT/RAST split CD of  true grind core madness!!Old skull GRIND!!250Kc  

DISFLESH/SLUGFEAST split  Cd of two grind core  bands on Hecatombe recs!!!200Kc

VAGINAL JUICE/ULTIMATED MADNESS/EBENATH  3way CD split of gore grind bands from russian block!!Sick as many russian bands!!!!!!200Kc

VAGINAL JUICE/ULTIMATED MADNESS/EBENATH  3way CD split of gore grind bands from russian block!!Sick as many russian bands!!!!!!200Kc

FETID ZOMBIE“Vomiting in the Bapstismal Pool“really sick CD with bonus of the book from Mark Riddick, tons of master splatter Picture and history  of  Fetid Zombie!!Sick!!!300Kc

NEEDFUL THINGS“Tentacles of Influence“sekond full CD of CZ true grind core!!!250Kc     

SKINNED“Contortion of realiyt“US sick death/grind are back with new full CD!!250Kc  

EXTREMINATION DISMEMBERMENT“Butcher Basement“sick groovy gore  death/grind ala Mortician!250Kc

VAGINAL CHICKEN/DEFECAL OF GERBE/BESTIAL DEVASTATION 3way CD of brutal gore death/grind bands in the vein of Mortician, LDOH,… out on Inhuman Homicide recs!!250Kc

VENERAL MESSIAH“Decoration of Decapitation“ultra groovy gore  death/grind core ala Devo….250Kc   bbarbapapa butchery“Jetons JB sous..“french extreme gore grind!!Sick!!100Kc CD-r

CAKEWET/YATTAI split CD-r, swiss extreme grind cores on one CD-r!!!100Kc                 

URGL“Aiku“ french punky gore grinders  with their 16 attacks!! CD-r with pro printed cover!!100Kc

NIRVANASS           „Desir Macabre“french insane  grind gore with touch of rock!!100Kc             

BORDEL SONORE“ The Ultimate Symphiny + Cacophonic Tornado“ sick brutal grind  gore  from France!!100Kc

INFECTIOUS CATHETER THERAPY“Incredible Stories …“ultra sick gore grind!!!!!!!250kc  

MASS MASSACRE“Repentance in Gangrene“grind massacre ala Mortician!!Sick250Kc

DOMINATION THROUGH IMPURITY“Masochist“ Us brutal death/grind!!New  CD!!250Kc 

HATEPRISON“Rise of the Dead“brutal death metal on Rising Nemesis Recs!!200Kc

GRIMNESS 69“The Bridge“italian grind core  are back with new CD!!200Kc

7MON“Das Ablenker“new MCD of hic cult  german noise core band with new songs and new sound!GRIND/NOISE RULE!!200Kc Special packaging!!

EVOCATION“Apocalyptic“sweden cult death metal ala Entombed!!Killer!! Digipack 300Kc     

EVOCATION“Dead Calm Chaos“ sweden cult death metal ala Entombed!!Killer!!250Kc

EVOCATION“S/T“ sweden cult death metal ala Entombed!!Killer!!digipack 300kc

DEMONICAL“Hellsworn“ sweden cult death metal ala Entombed!!Killer!!250kc                        

DEMONICAL“Servant sof the Unlight“ sweden cult death metal ala Entombed!!Killer!!250kc

CATHEDRAL“Forest of Equilibrium“cult metal on Earache!!!Limited digipackCD+DVD!!300Kc 

CATHEDRAL“The Etereal Mirror“ cult metal on Earache!!!Limited digipackCD+DVD!!300Kc 

ANNIHILATOR“Waking the Fury“killer old skull trash metal on Earache!300Kc                   

ANNIHILATOR“Carnival Diablos“killer old skull trash metal on Earache!300Kc                    

BOUNDED BY BLOOD“Exiled to Earth“killer thrash metal on Earache!!limited low price250Kc 

EPICRISE/VULVULATOR split CD of russian gore grind bands!!Extreme!!250Kc

ANAL GRIND“Born to Porn“ sick new full CD of extreme gore grind band!!250Kc               

DEHYDRATED GOAT“Genocide against the brain..“extreme gore grind in the vein of JIG-AI,Rompe…250Kc

PERVERSE MOLESTATION“Sadistic Way of intense Perversion“ phillipines brutal death metal in the vein of Devourment, Suffocation…..Sick music from Coyote!!250Kc

BOWEL STEW“Necrocoital Amputoorgy“italian gore grind, new CD!!Killer!!250Kc      

INTRACRANIAL BUTCHERY“Keepiń it grind“ultra slamming brutal death ala Devo, Mortician..Coyote recs!!250Kc

GODFLESH“Crush my Soul“ cult metal CD on  Earache release!300Kc              

DEMIURG“Slaghtus Gamblery“killer brutal death metal ala Dismember, Grave..“250Kc          

KILLING ADDICTION“Fall of the Archetypes“killer old skull death metal are  back, new CD250Kc   

RATO RATO“Acideth“ultra grindcore attack from Xtreem rec!250Kc                              

FRACTURED INSANITY“Mass Awakeless“brutal death metal on Xtreem recs!!Sick!!250Kc

BOWEL FETUS/OFFAL split MCD of two  hyper gore grind bands!!150Kc

BROKEN BONES“Fuck you  and all you stand for“legendary cult HC/TRASH metal are  back with thein  7th album on Xtreem music and this album kill!250Kc


MALEBOLGIA“Requiem for the Inexorable“brutal death metal on Comatose!!Killer band!!250Kc

BLOODSOAKED“Sadistic Deeds..Grotesque Memories“ultra brutal death metal on Comatose!250Kc 

EXECRATION“A Feast of the Wretched“killer groovy death metal on Comatose!250Kc  

SIKFUK“Shitfisted Superman..The Man..“new full CD  US  extreme death/grinders!!250Kc 

DISFIGURED“Blistering of the Mouth“sick brutal death metal on Comatose!!250Kc    

ENGAGED IN MUTILATING“Population: ZERO“sick brutal death metal on Comatose“250Kc 

TARD“Disgorging Guttural Regurgitations“canadian brutal groovy death/grind on Comatose 250Kc

NIKUDOREI(a.k.a.MEAT SLAVE)“Chain of Evil Dead“japanese noisy grind anti hero  band ala GBN,Gerogerigegege..,ANAL CUNT!!Really sick new  full CD!! 250Kc 

JESUS OF NAZARETH“The Shame of Being a Child“US electro machine noise/grind!!KILLER!!250Kc  

THINK SHIT“Discography“killer noise  grind(early band of Dahmer, Messrine members!!). 150Kc

BEAST IN HEAT“The Real Fonzie“punky grind  noise on Mortville recs!!200Kc  

GUS CHAMBER AND THE RAPE APES“18 Satanic Banan Benders“killer funny noise grind on Mortville!!150Kc

OXIDIZED RAZOR“Rise of the Worms“ mexican gore grinders are back!!Full CD 250Kc 

VIRULENT GESTATION“Drenched in Sickness“mexican gore  grinders youngers!!Full CD 250Kc

CLIT EATER“The Great Southern Ciltkill“new full CD of  dutch  gore grind maniacs!!250Kc 

INSANE CONSANGUINEOUS FARMER/VIANDE CHIMIQUE split  CD-r  extreme grooovy gore  grind¨mixing with perverse  elektro, tekkno!!!Really  hard music  only  for  true  extremist!!150Kc

BOGGY BONG“Industrial Muto-Weed groovy goregrind anthology“ cult  french extreme tekkno groovy  gore grind!! SICK and only  for hardiest extremist!!!150Kc

4way CD SONGS FOR THE DEAD(CARNE DE PUTA/BOGGY BONG/GOREJAH/WIOLENCE CONJUGALE) really sick extreme sick split in the vein of tekkno gore grind!!!!!!!!!!!!!150Kc

K-NIBAL PROCTOLOG/SPIRAL WORMS –Digital Deviance – split  CD-r with two digital electronic tekkno gore  groovy grind!!!SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!150Kc

MONDO TRASHO-3WAY CD WITH FEROXFECAL/INSANE CONSAGUINEOUS FARMER/ZOMBI GANG BANG  split  CD extreme groovy  gore  grind with tekkno infulences!!!150Kc

ULTIMO  MONDO  CANNIBALE/FACIAL ABUSE split  CD of groovy gore  grind bands!!250Kc  

FUCK THE FACTS/NARCOSIS/MIDGET PARADE/ARCHER split Cd of grind core  attcks!200Kc

EMBALMING THEATRE“Jane Saw Me“ back in stock!!Killer  CD!!250Kc

TRIBUTE TO NASUM comp CD  with bands likeAfgrund,Rotten Sound,D.I.,Rompeprop,Blockheads,Sanitys Dawn,Collision,Misery Index,Kill the Client…and many more!!250Kc

NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM/SLOTH split 3“mcd of two   hyper gore  grind bands!150Kc  

FITCAGE“Pigumanity“modern grindcore  ala  Mumakil,Rotten Sound!!!Kick ass CD!!250Kc

CEPHALIC IMPURITY“Unique Brute Revival“excelent mix of inhuman guttural grind core/death!!250Kc 

LEPTOTRICHIA“The Repository“brutal death metal ala Suffo,Aborted….250Kc

HUMAN PARASITE“Proud to build the insidious..“INternal Bleeding mens Dying Fetus!!250Kc

NONSENSE PREMONITION“Communion of fears..“technical  death/grind  release250Kc

GOREOBSCENITY“Macabre Violent Instinct“sick gore death/grind from Colombia!!250Kc  

CARNAGIA“Blood Machine“ ultra  sick  brutal colombian death metal!!250Kc

FLESH GRINDER/LIVIDITY  split live  CD  of  both  killer  gore  death/grind bands!!250Kc  

AGATHOCLES“This is not a Great,Its a promise“ new full lenght  album of  belgian mince core!!27 new uncompromising  songs  in buldozering way!!Sick!!250Kc

WOJCZECH“Pulsus Letalis“killer new full CD  of  this  crusty  grind core!!!Really COOL!!250Kc  

AGATHOCLES“Peel Sessions 1997“15 rare  songs  of  mince  core  gods!!!250Kc

COLONIZE THE ROTTING“Composting the Masticated“ultra sick death metal!Sevared!250Kc  

PARASITIC EXTIRPATION“Caketless“ sick brutal death metal on Sevared!!250Kc

VULVATHRONE“Bukkake“sick gore  grind from Slovenia!!Do you liek piss???!!!150Kc 

VULVATHRONE“Passion of Perversity“slovenik brutal gore  death/grind are  back!!250Kc

INTESTINAL ALIEN REFLUX“Illegal Aliens“sick brutal death metal on Sevared!!250Kc  

GUT/SATAN ´S REVENGE OF MANKIND split CD of  two   hyper gore grind bands with new  songs and some rereleased songs!! 250Kc

ULTI MONDO CANNIBALE“Pornokult“sick gore  grind from Italy ala Impetigo…!250Kc  

EYETOFUCK/PUTRID WHORE  split CD of  hyper  extreme gore grind with electronic influences!200Kc

HYMEN HOLOCAUST“Hot Love“new killer  sick gore grind CD from Holand!!250Kc     

EYETOFUCK“Orgazmik Holofukout“full CD of  lithuanian  extreme gore grind including electronic attack!!150Kc

MUCUPURULENT“Monster sof Carnage“ultra  sick groovy  gore grind  with 13 new famous sick in the horror clothes and on limited digipack edition!!!250Kc

DEAD INFECTION/HAEMORRHAGE split MCD of two   hyper  gore  grind  bands!!150Kc  

INFERIA“NO Sperm shall by spared“ finnish gore grinders with  thein  new  full CD!!Sick!!!250Kc

GUTTURAL DECAY“Epoch of Racial..“ultra slamming brutal death metal masterpiece!!250Kc

SANITYS DAWN“Chop Copper“cult  gore grind repase on repress !!Killer!!!250Kc

NASUM“Helvete“cult  grind core  again in stock!!250Kc

BLOODY PHOENIX“Death to  everyone“cult fast  grindcore with new  full CD!!250Kc  

THIS COMP KILLS FASCIST comp CD with many  bancd  on Relapse!!250Kc

SAYYADINA“The Great  northern revisited“fast grind core  ala Nasum on Relapse!!250Kc

OBSCURA“Retribution“new style of  death metal on Relapse!!!250Kc

OCEANO“Depths“kilr new  death metal new  wave!!300Kc

ODIOUS MORTEM“Cryptic Implosion“killer dech metal act on Willowtip recs!!300Kc

CAULDRON“Chained to the Nite“greatt death metal on Earache!!250Kc

IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION“Of winter born“brutal  death metal  on Earache  recs, delux digipack““300Kc, really new  wave of  death metal!!!

RAW NOISE“Systém Never“ultra  old skull repase for  noise  freaks only!!250Kc 

DIORRHEA/AHORKADO split Cd of two  hyper  grind core  political bands!!150Kc

AGATHOCLES“Obey thein rules“songs from 2007-2008 +  video session!!200Kc    

PISSCHRIST“Nothing has changed“political crusty grind core!!200Kc

ULTIMO RAUSEA“Melhen girl Merikan boy“japanese ultra punk grind core!!150Kc

BLOODY PHOENIX“Death to  everyone“cult fast  grindcore with new  full CD!!250Kc

MALIGNANT TUMOUR“..and some sick parts..“double  CD with collection of  all releases between 1992-2002 with  killer  matering, great  repase!!!!!300Kc

ARCHAGATHUS“Atrocious Halitos from Nauseated Disgorging“ultra  sick grind core!!250Kc 

D.I.S.“Critical Failure“sweden D-beat  crust core  with  punk vocals!!TRash em all!!250Kc

MAGISTRAL FLATULENCES“Pussyfist“sick french gore  grind with new full CD!!!250Kc   

LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER“Extinction“spain speed grind core  holocaust!!250kc

WORMROT“Abuse“57 songs of Singapure grind attack on Earache recs!!Double  CD with  manaics grind core!!!250Kc

NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM“True Bondage“rerecorder studio session from 2004!!Killer gore  grind  with  DVD format  cover!!!Perverse!!!250Kc

EBENATH“Amoral Glamour“ sick russian gore grind ala CBT,LDOH!!250Kc       

AGATHOCLES“Senseless Trip“belgian mincecore with 1993 studio  session!!250Kc

INTESTINAL DISGORGE“Depravity“uuaarrgghh, new  full CD of sick porno   gore  grinders with 60 new ultra  brutal songs!!!Sick perverse  cover and  presing from Brasil!!!250Kc

EXHUMED/MASTICATION split CD of  sweden cult  death metal  legend!!!250Kc   

CHOCKED BY OWN VOMIT“Shit Autopsy“sick  gore  grind  from CZ  with first  full CD!!200Kc 

REPULSIVE DISSECTION“Cut open the  Aberation“crusking brutal guturál death grind!!250Kc

PUTRID PILE“House of Dementia“new full CD  US  guttural death/grind!!250Kc                

DIMINISHED“Chainsaw Cunt“texas guttural death/grind!!!250Kc

ARTERY Eruption“Limbless Splitting Spewage“compilation of  first CD+split CD and  demos!!!250Kc

VULVECTOMY“Post abortion slut fuck“italian slamming brutal death metal ala DEVO!!!250Kc   

ARTERY ERUPTION“Driving my first  fist through her chest“fans of  Devourment – new fantastic full CD after  years of silence with thein most brutal repase!!!!250Kc

INTESTINAL DISGORGE“Sociopath“new full CD of US splatter noisy gore grind2008!!250Kc           

INTESTINAL DISGORGE“Vagina“killer  full Cd of  US  hyper  gore  grinders2007!!250Kc

INTESTINAL DISGORGE“A Cockwork Whore ..“killer extreme gore grind from USA2005!!250Kc   

INTESTINAL DISGORGE“Drowned in Reptal Sludge“  extreme gore grind as fuck!!First full CD1999!!250Kc

GAMA BOMB“Tales from the Grave in Space“trash metal  killer on Earache!!300Kc  

THE BOY WILL DROWN“Fetish“killer digipack edition of  modern  death metal on Earache!!300Kc

MISTRESS“II:the Chronoviser“ new full CD this grind like Brutal Truth,ENT..Earache250Kc      

ROTTEN SOUND“Naplam“new  MCD + DVD  bonus featuring a full live set from Obscene Extreme festival!!Relapse repase  on digipack vision!!Few copies!!!250Kc

BURNT BY THE SUN“Heart of Darkness“new killer  full CD  this  Relapse band!!!250Kc  

MUMAKIL“Behold the Failure“great  grind core  attack on Relapse  recs!!Crust kill!!250Kc

SUFFOCATION“Souls to Deny“us  death metal legend!!250Kc                                           

BRUTAL TRUTH“For Drug crazed..“full CD old  skull extremists with  lot of  marihuana!!250Kc

GADGET“Funeral March“crusty  grind core  from Sweden on Relapse!!250Kc          

MISERY INDEX“Discordia“US  death/grind  bombardments on full CD!!250Kc

VAGINAL DIARRHOEA“Well Fuck Me Dead“first Cd for  fans Libido Airbag,SMES..250Kc 

GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS“Hail the new Storm“sweden crusty  punk/grind from Nasum members!!250Kc 

EROTIC GORE CUNT/ANUS TUMOR/SPERMSWAMP 3way split CD of  extreme porno  gore grinders!!250Kc 

VISCERA INFEST/PARACOCCIDIODOMICOSISPROCTITISSARCOMUCOSIS split CD of  two   hyper  extreme  gore  grind  bands!!SICK,SICK!!!Japan vs  mexican gore GODS!!250Kc

TRIBUTE TO  LDOH“comp CD with  33 bands  like Gronibard,Lymphatic Phlegm, Oxidized Razor,Sperm of  Mankind…….Cult  repase !!!SICK 250Kc

VISCERAL GRINDER“Cannibal Massacre“sick ultra  gore  grind  from Mexico!!250Kc  

VOMITOMA“A Liquid Harvest of Putrefied …“new  killer  extreme gore  grind band from Mexico!!!250Kc

GORE AND CARNAGE“Ruidos Para Descurtazor..“sick  massacre  gore  grind  from Mexico!!250kc  

2MINUTY DREKA/OXIDISED RAZOR  split CD of  two  hyper  extreme gore  grind  bands!!!250Kc

M.D.K.“Cuntanasia“new full CD of  brasilian extreme gore  grinders!!250Kc     

SUPPRESSION“Amputated Brain Stem 1993-2000“collection of  grind noise songs  from 93-2000!!SICK!!!250Kc

ALTAR OF GIALO/PROCTALGIA  split  CD of  gore  grind vs horror death/gore!!250Kc   

EXTREME vaginal“Anthem for  Every kill momonts“sick death/grind ala Dying Fetus,Skinless…!250Kc

SICKCUNT“Same“ sick gore  death/grind  on Coyote recs!!250Kc                             

GLUT“Transtorno-Depresivo-Perpetuo“sick grind core for  fans  of  Haemorrhage,Dead,Mixomatosis…“Extreme!!250Kc

VISCERA TRAIL“Humilation-Ridden Evisceration“sick grind/death bastard  with new  CD!!250Kc  

BEHEADED“Recounts of Disembodiment“brutal death metal the  best  quality!!!250Kc 

REPROBATION“Colour of Gore“sick ultra  gore  death/grind as fuck!!250Kc

LEUKORRHEA“Hatefucked and Tortured“sick gore  death metal from US!250Kc   

PUTRILAGE“Devouring the Gutted“Us gore  death metal  on Forever Underground  recs!!250Kc

EARDELETE“Scalpelogy“brutal gore  grind attack from CZ  bastards!!250Kc           

BEYOND TERROR BEYOND GRAVE“Our Ashes built Mountains“aussie  fast  grind core  on Obscene!!250Kc

SEVERE TORTURE“Misahtropic Carnage“ holland  death metal masters!!!250Kc             

DEAD FOR DAYS“Disassociated fromReality“new  full CD of  US  death/grind  bastards!!250Kc

ANAL VOMIT“Welcome to the Slow Rotten Pregnancy Putrefaction“ultra  sick porno gore  grand from Peru!!!Uf, new  wave of  gore grind  is  on the  scene!!250Kc

MEAT SHITS“Violence Against Feminist Cunts“US  porno  gor e grind noise!!250kc    

BOWEL STEW“Necrocannibalistic Rites – The Primitive  Sessions“repress  of  first CD  with all demos+EPs and  unreleased songs!!Sick  gore  grind  from Belgium!!!Great  repase!!250Kc

FEEBLE MINDED“Pernicious Intergrowth“czech  grind core  new  full CD!!!200Kc            

MIZAR“Emotherapy“ultra  fast  grind  core  ala  Agoraphobic  Nosebleed, Maruta…..“Power  violence!!!200Kc

CUTTING EMBRYO“Fekal Apettite“ czech prono  gore  grind  death!!Sick!200Kc            

SUPREME CONCEPTION“Liturgy of  spiritual disturbance“brutal death metal project  member of  Despise150Kc

BEYOND DESCRIPTION/JILTED s plit  crust  grind  core  CD!!Japan grind  core!!!250Kc   

ABORTION/DAMAGE DIGITAL split  MCD  of  mince  core  vs  japan fast  grind  core  with fenale voc!!200Kc

NECROCANNIBALISTIC  VOMITORIUM“Rest´N´Piss“cult  extreme  gore  grind  on Dii, new  CD!!250Kc

WADGE“Double  Také Hawaiian..“harsh grind core from US  maniacs“!!RSR  repase!!250Kc

UNHOLY GRAVE“Grind Killers“new  full CD  of  japan cult  grind cores!!!DIGI!!250Kc  

AGATHOCLES“Peel Sessions 1997“new CD with  tons  of  song sof  mince  core!!Selfmadegod!!250Kc

PSYCHO“The Grind Years“cult  grind  with  collection Cd of  all releases!!250Kc  

BLOOD I BLEED/MASSGRAW split  CD  of  two  hyper  core  bands from Selfmadegod!!250Kc

SANITYS DAWN/MINDFLAIR split  MCD of  grind  core  bands!!150Kc           

JAPANISCHE KAMPFHORSPIELE/EISENVATER split  MCD of  untraditional  grind  core!!!150Kc

KRUSH“Same“really  fucking  extreme  crust  core  ala Disrupt..Digi!!300Kc     

NASHGUL“El Dia Despues..“killer  grind  core  act  of  this  band  on Power It  Up!!250Kc

DITCHCREEPER“Rotting  Repugnance“grinding  bruatl deat metal from England!!250Kc  

KRAANIUM“The Art of Femaly Sodomy“great  death metal from Norway!!!!250Kc


INHUME“Moulding the Deformed“ultra  sick  dutch gore  death/grind!!!250Kc          

D9“Same“ killer fast power/violence  with  grind  and  punk influences!!ISRAEL  band!!!Really  originál!!!250Kc

THE  DECAPITATED MIDGETS“30Ways to Die“ultra  sick finland gore  grind!!250Kc  

THE  DECAPITATED MIDGETS“Shit Ceremony“Dii of  finland sick  gore  grinders!!250Kc

BOUND AND GADGET“Refornicated“ultra  sick jazzy  death grind  from US!!digi!!250Kc  

TENTACLES“Same“finland  sick  death metal!!250Kc

DEAD“In the  Bondage of Vice“sick  german porno death/grinders are  back  with new  CD!!250Kc

LIVIDITY“To Desecrate and Defile“new  killer  full CD of  US  porn sickos!!250Kc    

DISASTROUS MURMUR“Marinate  your  meat“cult  deathers are  Baku  with  death metal  attack!!250Kc

MALIGNANCY“Intrauterine  Cannibalism“sick brutal US death/grind!!250Kc    

MALIGNANCY“Motivated by Hunger“sick US  death/grind  in stock  again!!250Kc

NECROVILE“The Pungency of Carnage“sick ultra  brutal death/grind on UG recs!!250Kc   

VIU DRAKH“Death Riff Society“brutak death/grind  core  from Germany!!200Kc

NECRO STRIKE“Re dis out“ estonian killer  grind  core!!Self released CD!!Great!!250Kc

KORADES“Acoustic  Warfare“grindcore as  fuck on War Athem recs!!250Kcdigi  

ACQUIRE“Calwaire“sludge  core  ala Corrupted on Bones Brigade!250Kc         

JOE PESCI“At our expense!“ really fast  grin noise in the  vein of Anal Cunt,Agoraphobic. ….250Kc

INTESTINAL DISGORGE/RxPxAxE split  CD „Anti-Female  Orchestra“ kille r split  CD of  two  hyper  gore  grind  bands!!Out  on Alarma  recs!!!SICK!!!250Kc

TUMOUR“Haematological Enlargement“dutch  sick  extreme gore  grind,44new  songs!!250Kc

RAZOR RAPE“Unleashing Shemales..“killer  groovy  gore  grind/SWE!!250Kc     

ANAALIA“Mind Monstrosity“czech  new  gore grind  in the  vein of  RGTE,PIGSTY…250Kc

FERMENTO“Recipe for Cremation“killer  spain brutal dech/grind, new  full CD250Kc  

SEVERANCE“Progression towards purgatory“sick US  brutal dech metal!!250Kc

INFECTED PUSSY“Gynecrology“sick  noisy  france  gore  grind!!!SICK!!250Kc  

BONGZILLA“Nuggets“cult  CD of  this  experimental marihuana bands!!!250Kc

MURDER INTENTION“A Prelude to Total Decay“belgian young  dech-grind core with HC  elements!!250Kc

SCRAMBLED DEFUNTS“Souls Despising the God“russian best  dech metal  band!250Kc  

SICKENING HORROR“The Dead End Experiment“greece  brutal dech metal  with new  CD!!!250Kc

PERVERSE DEPENDANCE“Gruesome Forms of Distorted Libido“sick ultra  brutal death  Disgorge 250Kc

CUNT GRINDER“Escaped from Madhouse“sick porno  gore  grind!!250Kc          

CUNT GRINDER“Funny Games“sick porno  gore  grind!!250Kc

CUNT GRINDER“Only  one  Face  of  Reality“sick porno  gore  grind!!250Kc      

CUNT GRINDER“Reign is continued“sick porno  gore  grind!!250Kc

CARNIVOROUS VAGINA“Strage Cannibale“sick gore  grinders are back!!250Kc   

ZOMBIE DEATH STENCH“The Redeadening“sick ultra  gore  dech/grind ala Autopsy,Impetigo!!250Kc

CARCASS“The  Gore  Gallery of  Demos“cult  band  with first  demos!!200Kc      

MESRINE/PLAGUE RAGES split  CD  of  two hyper  grind core  bands!!200Kc

FUNERAL RAPE“Porn Afterlife“italian sick porno gore  grinders!!!250Kc       

RANCID FLESH“Festering  Gore-Repulsive Stench“sick gore  grinders with really  cool music!!!180Kc

SWALLPOX AROMA/PHLEGM THROWER split  CD-r  with  killer caber  gore  music!!180Kc

COFFINS/GRUDGE/ANATOMIA  3way CD  of  japanese  cult  bands PLAY  SLUDGE  DOOMY  DEATH METAL, GRIND  CORE……..Really  great  repase!!!250Kc

BLASTOMYCOSIS“The Putrid  Smell Within“brutal gore  grind from Ontario-Canada!!One  of  the  most  brutal releases in recent years from Canada!!!250Kc

HYMEN HOLOCAUST/CUNT GRINDER/SATANŚ REVENGE OF MANKIND 3way CD of all groovy gore grind frok Europe with really sick perversions!!!Rotten Roll recs!!250Kc

HELLNATION“Thrash Wave“power  violence of cult  band!!!Killer  CD 250Kc

SEVERE TORTURE“Fisting the  Dead“ in stock  again cult  dech metal  act!!300Kc

INFEST“Onward to Destroy“satanic  brutal dech metal  from Serbia!!Great production!!200Kc

AGATHOCLES/GENERATION SPASPOM split  CD of  two   great  mince core  bands!!250Kc

PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR“Personal Identity“new full CD of  this  CZ  grindcore  band on Dii!!200Kc



SINISTER“The  Blood Past“all demos and  EPs on one disc!!Cult  repase!!250Kc

HYMEN HOLOCAUST/BLOOD  BASTARDS split CD of  two  hyper  gore  grind  bands!!250Kc  

GORESLUTS“Cumshot Kamikaze“extréme gore  grinders with new  full CD!!250Kc

SQUASH BOWELS“Grind virus“extréme grind  core  from poland with new CD!!250Kc 

NEUROPHATIA“13“new  full CD of  polish grind rock n roll fuckers!!!250Kc

HELLBASTARDS“Eco War“ UK trash/crust  crossover maniacs are  back!!250Kc          

HELLBASTARDS“The Need to kill“ UK trash/crust  crossover maniacs are  back!!250Kc          

BBYB“Debbybut“prono  gore teccno attack  from czech!!250Kc

RUBUFASO MUKUFO/DEAOG split  CD of  two   hyper  gore  grind  bands!!!250Kc      

PHOBIA“Return to  Desolation“cult  grindcore  album!!!250Kc                                             

ENEMY SOIL“Casualties in Progress“fast  core  attack on Relapse!!250Kc                          

SKINLESS“Trample the Weak..“killer  death/grind  on Relapse,250Kc

FLESH PARADE“Kill Whitey“extreme  grind  core  MCD on Relapse!!200Kc

RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER“Living for  Death,Destroying  the  Rest“cult  trash/grind  on Relapse!!250Kc

PSYCHOPHAGIST“Same“italian  psycho   death/grind!!!250Kc                                           

DEMONICAL“Hellstorm“cult  sweden  death metla!!!!350Kc                                                   

DEMONICAL“Servant sof  the  Unlight“cult  sweden death metal2007  350Kc

PAGANIZER“Scandinavian Warmachine“2009 album cult  death metallers!!350Kc            

EDEN BEAST“Passivity  causes  Genocide“sick  death metal on Amputated  Vein!!250Kc

DYSENTERY“From past suffering..“death metal  on Amputated Vein!!250Kc                     

TRUCULENCY“Eviscerate the Paraplegic“uuaarrgghh,death/grind on Amputated Vein250Kc  

DEFORMED“Project Torture 005“poland  grind  core  legends!!150Kc

SUPREME CONCEPTION“Same“great  death metal new  band of  singer  from Despise!!MCD 120Kc 

ARTERY  ERUPTION“Gouging out  eyes..“brutal death/grind  as fuck!!200kc

DISMENORRHEIC  HEMORRHAGE“A Tapeology of Grievous Traumas“2001-2003 – compilation of  all shits  of  thesi  cult  extreme gore  grind  band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SICK!!!250Kc

THE DECAPITATED MIDGETS“30 ways to die“coll grind core  ala Nasum,ND…..250Kc

SPLATTER WHORE“City  of the Sleazehounds“killer  new  gore  grind  CD !!Sick!250Kc  

HYPNÖS“Demons“the collection 1999-2003 CD on Metal Age!!250Kc

ROTTENNESS“Sickening Chronologies“mexican ultra  gore  death metal!!!SICK!!250Kc    

VOMEPOTRO“Liturgy of Dissection“sick  brasil death/gore  grind  !!Really Kipling  CD!!250Kc

DECREPIDEMIC“The  Void of Un Existence“brutal death metal ala Decrepith Birth..“250kc 

EBENATH“Amoral Glamour“ukraine  gore  grind  massacre!!!Coyote  recs!!250Kc

LORD  FUCK“Exquisite Guttural“old skull gore  grind  like Frightmare,Ghoul from US!!250Kc 

ANAL GRIND“Anal Cannibal“sick  extreme  gore  grind from Belgium!!250Kc                  

40% GRADI“Hi-Tech  Research“sick brutal grind core  in the  vein of  CZ bands!!200Kc

EPITOMITE“Super-O-tic Experiance“old skull gore  grin d like RGTE,Dead Inf…!!250Kc 

PAINFUL DEFLORATION“Esthetic Research..“ukrain old  grind  core  attack!!250Kc

RAPE PILLAGE AND BURN“Song sof Death..Songs of Hell“member of Divine Eve, Dismember and  General Surgery  play old  skull death metal  music !!!Cool recollection of  old  metal!!200Kc

ION DISRUPTION“Troops of Eternal War“death metal ala Cannibal Corse, Immolation!!!250Kc

NECROPHAGIA“Season of the Dead“killer  double  CD  with all demos, unreleased songs!!!!300Kc

GRIND BASTARDS comp CD2009 with japan grind core  bands: U.G.,Magnicide,Fartitude,DIE,Brob,Mangirl,Butcher ABC,Mortalized….and  many  others with unreleased songs!!250Kc

DEAD“In the Bondage of Vice“new  killer   full CD of  german gore  death metallers!!250Kc      

ANAL NOSOROG“Gazavat“new  full Cd of  Ossian gore  grinders!!Digipacks!!!300Kc

SQUASH BOWELS/FLESH GRINDER split Cd of two gore  grind  bands!!!!250Kc                    

IRRITATE“The Stabs of Demented Violence“finnland  grind  core  masters  are  back  with new  CD!!250Kc

AVULSED“Nullo(the Pleausere of  Self-mutilation“new full Cd of  spain death/grinders!!250Kc 

MORBID SAVOURING“Morbid Crimes1999-2006“compilation of  all stuff  finland grind core maniacs!!250Kc

ABORTED“Slaughter and  Apparatus…“new  full CD  of this  cult  death/grind  bands!!!300Kc  

AGORHY/RUPTURE   split  CD  of  two  grind core  bands!!250Kc

DISTURBANCE PROJECT“Mediogridad Extrema“spain brutal grindcore  combo  with all EPS !!250Kc

DEMENTED RETARDED“Sisters Menstruation“new  killer  full CD of  CZ  gore  grinders!!!250Kc 

INFERIA“Fucking is  a great way toget  to know..“finland  gore  grinders with  full CD!!250Kc

ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN“Scumdogs of the  forest“killer  german grindcore!!300Kc 

WORMROT“Abuse“buldozer  grind core  on Brock Scrotum recs!!250Kc

FLESHCUT“Gruesome and Vile“sweden death/grind on Goregeous recs as fuck!!250Kc    

CARNALIST“Genocide and  Supremace.“sweden brutal death/grind on Goregeous  recs!!250Kc

FERMENTO“Murder All“collection of  EPs,demos and  Cds  on one CD!!250Kc                  

HORDE CASKET“Landscape of Cadavers“new  CD on Sevared recs!!Brutal death/grinders!!250Kc

HUMAN REPUGNANCE“Post Mortal Rot Pile“brutal sick  death/grind ala Devo!!250Kc      

RESSURECTED“Endless Sea of Loss+Bloodline“cult  german deathers  with new CD+ bonusdemo!!250kc

NECROABORTION“Brutal Misanthropy“sick brutal gore  death/grind!!!250Kc

BLOOD RED THRONE“Soul sof Damnation“killer new full CD of dutch  brutal death metallers on Earache  with  2 bonus  songs and limited  bonus  DVD!!!!GREAT!!!330Kc

ANATA“Under the Stone without..“death metal on Earache  recs!!!300Kc                             

EXTREME NOISE TERROR“Law of Retaliation“comeback of  crust ODS with new  full CD!!300Kc 

BRUTAL TRUTH“Evolution throught Revolution“new full CD of  US  extremists!!Relapse!!SIck!!250Kc 

DISMENORREA“…..“sick ultra  brutal gore  grind from Mexico!!!SICK!!250Kc

FUCK THE  FACTS/MINCING  FURY split CD of  two  grind core  bands!!!200Kc

BLOOD DUSTER“Fisting The Dead“old skull gore grind CD!!Repress!!250Kc                   

BLOOD DUSTER“Str 8 outta  north cote“sick album of aussie  band!!!250Kc

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED“Agorapocalypse“new full extreme grind CD!!250Kc            

THE COUNTY OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS“Olidous Operettas“killer gore grind  on Relapse!!After thein first full CD  is here second with Carcass sound and really sick artwork!!250Kc

CEREBRAL TURBULENCE“Segregace k nule“last  full digiCD of  this HC/grind core  band!250Kc  

NECRONOMICON“Revenge of the Beast“old skull death metal legend with new CD!!!Xtreem recs!!250Kc

CEPHALIC CARNAGE“Conforming to Abnormality“repress cult  death/grind CD!!250Kc   

MENTAL DEMISE“Final Step to Future Madness“ new full CD of  Ossian brutal death/grinders!!250Kc

IN DISGUST“San Jose Oldies..“grindcore  massacre!!250Kc

EXALTATION“Tales of total Sickness“brutal death metal on Sevared!!250Kc                        

MODUS DELICTI“Clitoridus Invaginatous“sick brutal death metal on Sevared!!250Kc

RED HOT PIGGY  PUSSIES/69SQUAD/ENJOY MY BITCH  3way split  CD of  mexican extreme gore grind  bands!!!!Out on 666string recs!!!200Kc

PHOBIA“22randoms acts of violence“killer  grind  core  new  full CD from US !!250Kc              

KILL THE  CLIENT“Cleptocracy“ultra  fast  grind  core  massacre from US on Willowtip recs!!250Kc

MARUTA“In Narcosis“ultra  fast  speed  grind  core from US on Willowtip recs!!250Kc              

SEVERED SAVIOR“Servile Insurection“brutal death metal act on Willowtip with new CD!!250Kc

SPOONFUL OF VICODIN“Same“killer NY extreme  fast power violence full CD!!!250Kc

SEDATIVE“Lobocaine“sick  brutal death metal of  MULK  members!!!200Kc

MULK“Putriologie“hyper  speed  aggresive grind core  with  death metal from France!!250Kc  


DROWNING IN PHEMALDEHYDE“Blistering  Corpse..“sick ultra  hyper  death/grind!!250Kc   

NUNSLAUGHTER“Sin sof Father“cult  satanic  death metal (only last two  copies!!)300Kc

ABORTED  FOETUS“Goresoaked clinical accidents“NEW TEXAS STYLE  BRUTAL DEATH LIKE  Cephalotripsy,Devourment,…with cover art of M.Majewski!!250Kc

SICKBAG“Destructure and  Disgrace“ groovy grindcore attack on DAC productions!!250Kc   

CARNAL DIAFRAGMA“Preparation of the Daddyś Steak“1ST full album + mini  Daddyś Steak !!250Kc

STICKOXYDAL/SEPTICOPYEMIA/EBENATH  3way split CD of  extreme  UG  grind core  and gore  grind  bands!!250Kc

IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION“Of winter born“brutal  death metal  on Earache  recs, lux digipack““300Kc

PUSSYVIBES“Pussy Gore Galore“really sick perverse  gore grind from Portugal!!250Kc

SQUASH  BOWELS“The Mass rotting- the  mass sickening“sick poland  gore grind from 2001!!200Kc

RECTAL SMEGMA/NAMEK  split CD of  two  hyper  gore  grind  bands!!!Really sick repase on 666String reces with new song sof  both  bands!!!BUY OR  DIE!!!250Kc

MISERY INDEX/MUMAKIL split MCD of  two grind  core  bands!!New songs  of  both bands!!220Kc

THE  ARSON PROJECT“Blood and Locusts“sweden  extreme grind  ala Nasum,Gadget!!220Kc   

LENG TCHE/FUCK THE FUCTS split  MCD of  two   grind legend!!!Ep  vision is  available  too!!220Kc

UZOMI“Same“really  killer  trash/crust/crsoosover  ala Municipal Waste,SOD,Cryptic Slaughter..“250Kc

GENERAL SURGERY/BUTCHER ABC split CD of medical gore grind with sick gore grind!!250Kc  

LECHEROUS NOCTURNE“Adoration of the Blame“supreme  dech metal 2006,200Kc                     

DAWN OF DEMISE“Hate takes its form“technical death metal ala Suffocation!!!Deepsend!!200Kc

EMBRYONIC  DEVOURMENT“Fear of Reality,exceeds Fantasy“pure  technical  death metal!!!200Kc

PORKFARM“Blood  Harvest“infected  death metal mens Carcass from UK!!Deepsend!!200Kc

NUNSLAUGHTER“Hex“US cult satanic death metal are back with this masterpiece!!300Kc              

ULTIMO MONDO  CANNIBALE“Pornocult“sick gore grind ala Rompeprop!!Italian mafians!!250Kc  

IMPETIGO“Live total zombie gore holocaust“sick live session of cult gore masters!!250Kc

AGATHOCLES/WORLD DOWNFALL split CD of two  grind core bands!!Mince core rules!250Kc

PARENTAL ADVISORY“The Wither Process“sick brutal death/grind on Sevared!!250Kc

CORPORECTOMY“Within the Weak and the Wounded“fucking sick guttural brutal death!!250Kc  

BLAZE INSIDE“Pure Potenciality“ultra guttural sick death/grind from Columbia  full CD!!250Kc

SEPTICEMIA/ANTRAKS  split CD of two hyper brutal death/grind bands!!!250Kc

INTESTINAL ALIEN REFLUX“Exogenocide“ultra sick brutal US death/gore death!!250Kc       

AD/BETON split CD of two  grind core band!Slovakian UG scene are back!!200Kc               

CUMDIVISION SPERMANY/R.A.P.E. split CD-r with extreme porno gore grind bands!!150Kc

3:15AM/TRANSEXUAL PREGNANCY split CD-r extreme gore noise with splatter vokills…!!150Kc  I WILL GUILLOTINE YOUR CHIHUAHUA“Pandatration“pure nose fucks for anal freska!!150KcCD-r

SPERMHOLOCAUST 4way CD with:Spermswamp,Spermbloodshit,Sperm of Nankine, Sperm Overdose – really sperm extreme gore grinders on one CD!!!!250Kc

UNASSISTED HOMEBIRTH 10way CD-r with:Rotten Brain in the Sphincter,Eyetofuck,Absurdgod,Rxaxpxex,Gangbang Gestapo,Dr.Corpsefucker,SMES,Euphoric Insanity,Deranged Shit,Sperm Overdose -150Kc

DEAD INFECTION“Corpses of the Universe“kilelr new full CD of poland gore grind masters!!250Kc  

INTESTINAL DISGORGE/MOTHERPIG split CD-r of pist grind core bands!!Sick!!150Kc   

VISCERAL GRINDER“Gore Cannibal“extreme gore grind from Mexico on Alarma recs!!250Kc      

KLISMAPHILIAC/MAGGOTS split CD of extreme gore grind bands on Alarma recs!SICK!!250Kc

DISGORGEMENT OF INTESTINAL LYMPHATIC SUPPURATION/MALIGNANT GERM INFESTATION split CD-r with profi  cover –really sick extreme gore grind!!!!150Kc

SSS“The Dividing Line“killer new full CD of hardcore legend on Earache recs!!250Kc                    

FLESHLESS“Hate is born“new full CD of CZ legend brutal death metallers!!!Out on Metal Age recs!!200Kc

ANATOMY“Over Threatment“sick gore grind in the vein of CARCASS!!!SICK!!250Kc                

BELCHING BEET“Out of Signy“german old skull grind core attack!!!Really groovy grindcore!!250Kc

EXIT WOUNDS“Same“ new ful lCd of aussie extreme grind core on NO Escape recs!!250Kc         

PUTRESCENCE“Sledgehammer Holocaust“new killer CD of grind core fanatics on NO Escape recs!!250Kc

LONG PIG“Barven“slucdgy downtunned grind core on Greindhead recs!!250Kc                             

BEYOND TERROR BEYOND GRACE“Extinction/Salvation“extreme grindcore in the vein of Rotten Sound!!Grindhead recs250Kc 

GUTTED WITH BROKEN GLASS“Bratem To A Bloody Pulp“sick death/grind ala Fuck I´m Dead…!!!SICK!!!250Kc   

ROADSIDE BURIAL/EXHIBIT A  split CD of skull kicking aussie grindcore as fuck!!!250Kc

SOUND OF DETESTATION“Same“modern grind core in the vein of Skit Systém mix NAsum,Gadget..!!250Kc  

MAXIMUM PERVERSION/EBOLIE split CD of groovy grindcore ala Carcass,Macabre vs alcoholic power grindcore!!250Kc

MANGLED WHORE FLESH/MALIGNANT GERM INFESTATION split CD of sickening and extreme gore grind vs cyber Aires death/grind!!Out on Grindhead recs!!!250Kc

EYETOFUCK/PUTRID WHORE split CD of cyber prono gore grind bands!!!!SICK!!!250Kc        

100WAY SPLATTER FETISH  vol.2(comp CD with 100 bands like-SPASM,Dead Infection,Stickoxydal,Dismembered Fetus,Anal Birth,Rompestropmper,Anal Gut Haemorrhage……250Kc

BIOSICK“Oneeleven“sick brutal death metal from Switz!!Sick release!!!200Kc 

REGICIDE“Extreme Intent Fatal Efekt“chinesia brutal death metal ala Suffocation!!!Really great!!200Kc   

SUFFOCATE“Dead Wind Rosiny“chinesian brutal death metal ala Deeds,Buffo….!!200Kc

UNFORGOTTEN PAST-IN MEMORY OF CHUCK SCHULDINGER comp CDwith(Insision,Massmurder,Suffocated,Gory Blister,Dugortheb,Hyponic,Moonskin and many more!!200Kc CHINA label!!!!!

UNDERGROUND METAL ATTACK FROM CHINA(comp CD with chinesian abnds like: Holy Wings,Gorgasm,Out of Whist,Attacker,Breaking of Tragedy,Falling and many ore!) – 200Kc cult china bands for introducing you chinesian scene!!

SPASM“Paraphilic Elegie“new ful lCD of this CZ extreme gore grind !!Really sick CD!!!!250Kc      

UNBORN SUFFER“Desecrate/Retaliate/Obliterace“new full Cd of thsi brutal death/grinders!!250Kc

CEPHALIC IMPURITY“Perverted Surgical Concept“brutal death metal ala DEVO!!!250Kc           

SEPTICOPYEMIA/FORMALIN split CD of two  hyper extreme gore grind bands!!250Kc

PURULENT JACUZZI“Strench of the Drowned Carrion“extreme brutal death metal!!250Kc

FLESHBOMB“At the first Stage of Perversion“russian gore death/grind band!!250Kc                      

DEEDS OF FLESH“Of Whats to come“ new killer death metal ful CD of this US legend!!Really killer music!!250Kc 

LECHEROUS NOCTURNE“The Age of Miracles has passed“killer death metal on Unique Leader recs!!250Kc

CARNOPHAGE“Deformed Future/Genetic Nightmare“sick death metal on Unique Leader!!250Kc

DESOLATEVOID“No sign of Berger times“killer crusty grind core from CAH recs!!250Kc                  

FACEDOWNSHIT“Shit Bloody Shit“extreme power fast grind on CAH recs with crust influences!!250Kc

UPRICE“Iconoclasm“pure CZ fast grind core, the maximum drum speed as is possible!!200Kc             

DEGENERATE“The End has just neguj“extreme grind core on EBM recs!!200Kc

GENOCIDE“Blood Spoilled“Mexičan pure grind core as fuck on EBM recs!!200Kc                                

CACOFONIA“Oh No,Please Not Again“Mexičan pure grind core as fuck!!200Kc

BOLESNO GRINJE/MERCENARY COCKROACH split CD of two  grind core bands!!200Kc             

HOUWITSER“Rage Inside the Bomb“killer last full CD of holland death legend!250Kc                         

HOUWITSER“Damane Assasment“full CD of holland master sof death!!Really cool!250Kc

INHUME“In For the Kill“brutal death/grind gore on last full CD(Osmose prod!!)250Kc                         

TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION“Peace,Love and TFD“ killer new full CD of this cult grind core!!250Kc  

MASTODON“Call of the mastodon“energy metal on Relapse, only 2 copies!!250Kc

BLOCKHEADS/MUMAKIL split MCD of two  fast grindcore bands on Bones Brigádě!!200Kc

AGATHOCLES/THE VANISHING ACT  split CD of two  killer grind core bands§!250Kc

INFINITED HATE“Orchestra of Sickness“dutch brutal death metal (Sinister members!!) with new uncompromie CD!!SICK!!250Kc

FRACTURED INSANITY“When Nankine becomes Diseased“death metal ala Buffo,DEeds..“Goregiastic250Kc

PSYCHOBOLIA“Fisting Yu all“ultra brutal death metal on Xtreem recs!!250Kc

KATAPLEXIA“Supreme Autority“brutal death ala Gorgasm,Deeds …!!Xtreem recs!!250Kc                  

PUTREVORE“Morphed from Deadbreath“Dave Rotten project, death metal old skull!!!250Kc

MAGGOT SHOES“/f)ear Terrorism“explosive grindcore , harts massacre ala N.D. or old AG!!250Kc   

MEINHOF“The Rush hour of Human Misery“politoval crustcore with female vokalc!!Excelent!!250Kc

EPICRISE“Twin and Contraception“gore grind from Russia with  kilelr sound!!250Kc                          


ACETONIZER“Don´t be menace to..“russian extreme gore grind!!250Kc

VAGINAL SCROTUM“Love the fuck me“extreme gore grind from DAC production!!!250Kc               

DUODILDO VIBRATOR“Zed and two noughts..“extrenme gore grind from Russia!!Sick!!250Kc

CRIMINAL ELEMENT“Guilty as charged“killer new full CD of this death metal ligue!!!250Kc             

ENTROPIC DEGRADE BEHIND PHYLOGENY/THANATOLOGIST  split CD of two  italian legend of gore grind bands!!Rare killer release of Thanatologist from 1996!!!KILLER DIGIPACKS!!250Kc

SUBTERRANEAN FECAL ROOT“Antheme of the antisocial Underground“sick extreme gore/grind/noise/industrial ala ANALCUNT,MEAT SHITS,IMPETIGO,more extreme intres,voices,,really COOOOOLLLLLLL!!!250Kc

HAEMORRHAGE/DEAD split killer CD of two  pioneers of grind core !!Rotten Roll recs!!250Kc            E            

MBALMING THEATRE/HACKSAW SURGERY split CD of two grind core bands!!GRINDHEAD recs!!250Kc

DARK LEGIONS“Satanic Destroyer“sweden cult black/death maniaci back with new full CD!!!250Kc

CUNT GRINDER“Funny Games“ full CD of german sick prono gore grind!!250Kc

CUNT GRINDER“Regin is continued“ full CD of german sick prono gore grind!!250Kc

AGATHOCLES/WORLD DOWNFALL split CD of two  killer grindcore bands!!!Only few copies!!250Kc

ORDER OF ENNEAD“Same“new project of Steve Asheim from Deicide, Earache recs new CD+DVD edition!!300Kc

GRINDER MAFIA“The first Reich“fast grind noise core in the vein of SORE THROAT,ANAL CUNT,Merciless Noise……200Kc

BLUSTERYS CAVAETŮPayback in Brutality“brutal killer death metal on Regente prod!!250Kc

HYBRID VISCERY“Regression“killer brutal gore death/grind from Belgiím!!250Kc                

DIORRHEA“B-XVI“really fast grind core in the vein of Terrorizer,Repulsion,old Napalm Death……..Really FASSSSSTTTTTTT!!250Kc

100WAY SPLATTER FETISH(100 bands –all knot perverse bands play one song of their gore music!!really killer comp!!SMES,PLASMA,ANAL PENETRATION,SPERMSWAMP,…)250KC

3:15AM/SOCIAL SHIT/CATIVEIRO 3way split CD of gore grind bands!!Pro done CD-r!!150Kc              

3:15AM“Walls close in..“really extreme mix of tekkno  and gore/experimental noise!!SICK!!!!150Kc    

7MON/BLOODRED BACTERIA  split CD of two grind noise legends!!!250Kc              

ABACINATE“Ruination“ full CD killer US brutal death metal band on Epitomite recs!!200Kc

ABNORMAL“Shifted the Shape“brutal death metal attack from St.Peterburg!§really great prods!!200Kc  

ABNORMY/DEFECT split CD of two hyper brutal death metal bands!!Sick!!200Kc

AFGRUND“Svarta Dagar“repress their firsl full CD with 8 bonuses, sweden grindcore as fuck!!!!250Kc

AGORHY“Ruptura“really killer grind core ala Napalm Death with touch of HC, really agressive!!250Kc

AMENTIA“Burn To Hate“technical death metal ala Hate Eternal,Immolation,Korbic Angel..!!200Kc

AMOK“Lullabies of Silence“modern extreme metal + grind elements ala Cephalic Carnage,Ion Disonance!!250Kc

AMPUTATED/LEPTOTRICHIA  split CD of two sick brutal gore death grinders!!Few copies!!250Kc

ANAL BLAST“Battered Bleeding Bitch“killer full CD with 5bonus songs!!!Sick!!!!!250Kc

ANCIENT NECROPSY“Apocalyptic empire“brutal death metal from Columbia with new CD!!200Kc        

ANDROPHAGOUS/TOXIC REVOLUTION split CD of two pure grind core bands like Terrorizer,Repulsion!!200Kc

ANONIMA SEQUESTRI“Undace,Insane and Forced“extreme gore grind ala CBT!!Really sick250Kc  

ANTIGAMA/NYIA split CD of two  poland grind core  band ala Relapse expe.grind style!!250Kc      

ANTIGAMA/NYIA split CD of two grind core  attck from Selfmadegod recs!!250Kc                           

ANUS TUMOR/VAGINAL INCEST/TEEN PUSSY FUCKER/SCUMFUCK  4way extreme porno gore grind bands on Fecal Junk records!!!Sick cover, megabrutal music of all bands!!!!Few copies!!250Kc

ART 238“Empirte of the Atom“brutal grinding death metal with industrial sounds!!Open Grave recs!!200Kc

ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY“Echoes of the Roting“Karolina sick brutal death metal,Comatose!250Kc 

ATROCITY“Contaminated“fucking old skull band with old songs from era „Infected“CD!!250Kc

ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN“Grind the Enimal“fast grind core  to fast core from Germany!!Really very FAST!!!250Kc

AUDIO COLLAPS“Music from an extreme scik world“kilelr grind core from CAH recs!!200Kc

BALLGAG/EPICRISE splti CD of two crust/grind vs brutal death/grind  from Ukradne!!200kc

BEGGING FOR INCEST“Awaiting the fist“brutal death grind metal!!!200kc                                                            

BESTIAL DEVASTATION“Your Vagina is Sick“italián porn gore grinders on first full CD!!Cool!250Kc  

BEYOND FATAL“The Demon Eulogy“killer full CD of death metal gods on forever Underground!!250Kc

BLOCKHEADS“Shapes of Misery“killer extreme grind core with new songs !!Bones Brigade250Kc   

BLOOD FROM THE SOUL“To Spite..“Shane Embury with SICK OF IT ALL project of HC/industrial!300Kc

BLOODBOIL“Festering Fornication“sick brutal death/grind on Amputated Vein!!250Kc                 

BLOODSOAKED“Brutality Butchered“killer death metal on Comatose ala Broken Hope,C.C.!!250Kc 

BODIES LAY BROKEN“Discursive Decomposing…“ultra sick US gore grind core!!!GREAT!!250Kc

BODIES LAY BROKEN“Eximinious execration..“sick US gore grind core!!!250Kc                  

BOHEMIAN GROVE“The Eternal Search..“slammy brutal death/grind as fuck!!!200Kc

BOKRUG“Ancienit Horrors and Bloody Visions“ extreme guttutal death/grind !!Disembodies recs!!200Kc

BOMBSTRIKE“Born into this“killer sweden crusty HC/grind with new songs on Power i tup recs!!250Kc

BOUND AND BLASPHEMY“Apokalypse is Night“brutal death metal ala Pyaemia,Disgorge on Grotesque!!250Kc

BOUNDED BY BLOOD“ Feed the Beast“killer trash metal on Earache!!!Double CD with bonus!!300Kc 

BOWELS OUT“Enlightement Through Dismemberment“sick death/grind on CDN recs!!250Kc

CANNIBE/EGO DEATH split CDr of two grind noise band on SEWER recs!!!100Kc

CAPTAIN CLEANOFF“Discography 98-2005“ compilation  all releases of this aussie grind core!!250Kc  

CAPTAIN CLEANOFF“Symphonies of Slackness“killer aussie grind core attack!!!200Kc    

CARCASS“The Gore Gallery of Demos“demo from 1987“Flesh Ripping Sonic..“ and „Symphonies of Sickness“demo  from 1989 on one disc from USA!!Really last copies in stock!!200Kc

CARDIAC ARREST“Cadaverous Presence“ really sick gore death combo from Illinois!200Kc      

CENTINEX“Diabolical Desolation“old skull sweden death metla!!2002Ful CD 250Kc

CENTINEX“Hellbrigade“old skull sweden death metal band!!!250Kc

CENTINEX“Prophecies of Osmic..“old skull sweden death metal!!!2004Full CD 250Kc        

CIANIDE“Ashes to Dust“killer Chicago doom death on repress double CD!!!250Kc                         

CLIT EATER“Scream Bloody Clit“extreme holland grind core with new killer CD!!250Kc